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A Lawyer Died And Her Near Death Experience (NDE) Showed No Religion & No Hell

Sep 2023 11

A Lawyer Died And Her Near Death Experience (NDE) Showed No Religion & No Hell

Nanci is a retired attorney and current spiritual author who has written 5 books on her near-death experiences (NDE) and the information she received in the afterlife. Nanci holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in biology (anatomy & physiology) and chemistry, a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, and a doctorate in jurisprudence.

She has also had 3 NDE-OOB experiences during which she got out of her body in hospitals during surgery or when very close to death. Nanci has had what she calls 2 “pop-in” NDEs, where I popped into the afterlife for a particular purpose while still alive. During one, I had a life review. During the other, she received a huge download of information about everything that has ever been written in Earth’s history.

Lastly, she was privileged to share her mother’s out-of-body adventure and death via an empathic NDE. For a number of years, Nanci was the group leader of Central Ohio IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies), a chapter she founded. She has spoken at an IANDS Conference and various IANDS chapter group meetings over the years.

Please enjoy my conversation with Nanci L. Danison.

Some People dismiss near death experiences (NDE) as dreams or the hallucinations of a dying brain, people generally do not have the same kinds of hallucinations. In contrast, the descriptions of near-death experiences are remarkably consistent across culture and time. Many people do think when they do had their Near death Experience, they saw past life regression, out of body experience, angels, heaven, met jesus, afterlife and testimony of jesus e.t.c..

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    Your NDE IS A DREAM! 😂

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    The room we see behind you is not really there behind you. You videographer has set the stage which is somewhat disingenuous.

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    That’s interesting. So religion was created out of fear

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    Somehow, the YT algorithm started to recommend these kind of videos to me. I've heard many stories since, but this is by far, the most impressive and vivid. Thank you very much for sharing it.

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    Nancy your descriptive expression was a reminder of the expression,‘I am’. Thank you for your story a very inspiring message.

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    God is love.

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    So beautiful….thank you.

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    Most people call it quantum foam…

  9. #9

    To know ones self…

  10. #10

    Knowing is what i call it too.

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    What an amazing account. I really liked that she remembers the creation of the universe. Her account, and many others, have led me to the conclusion that everything in our physical universe was first imagined in the spiritual domain. This little old lady has a better grasp than most physicists.

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    wow. beautiful. thank you so much for sharing. ❤

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    This is 👏🏽brilliant!!!

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    I realize everyone’s experience is unique but, the 98% of NDE’s, actually not NEAR death, it’s after death, but the others are at least relatable to each other. So, although I really do respect her outlook on it, it sounds too far fetched to me. New wave-ish. Most importantly, I find it TOTALLY disrespectful when you call Him “source”…. How cold is that. He is so many beautiful things, instead of source, Creator of All is more appropriate. He is Life, Love, Light, God, Father, Savior, Jesus. Lord, King of kings

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    Thank you for this. Wow, what an experience and what a fantastic explanation of the afterlife. I really appreciate this and understand it better than I have ever heard before.

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    Her religion didn't lie to her. Her idea of what religion teachs did. If you think that the bible teaches us when we die we go straight to heaven or hell, this is false. This what culture and tradition teaches. The bible says that our final destination is resurrection not a disembodied eternal existence. The judgment is not at death. Its after the dead have been raised on the last day. I don't trust these NDES.

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    All religions were made up, and created to enslave the human mind and divide people. They have separated the god that is within all of us and created an image of a dysfunctional father who punishes his children. It was created as such so people would align themselves with that image and become dysfunctional as well. The worst thing that happened to humanity and the single cause of all that is evil in this world, is religion, and middlemen interpreting the word of god for profit and control. It is the reason we have so many "mental disorders" while the truth is that it is not mental as people are experiencing parts of their true personality mixed with the personality they have been programmed with. That's why the language is a mental disorder. Essentially these people are experiencing their personality in disordered fragments because they have been forced to compartmentalise who they are for so long. The voices they hear are essentially just variations of themselves.

  18. #18

    But what about the NDE where they do see hell? Like Buddhist monks that die and meet Jesus and are told to go back and accept Jesus and spread the word or they will go to hell.

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    Beware of Satan's deceivers.

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    I couldn't understand why we choose to incarnate, so stupid. Incarnation is so suffering. Why we choose suffering? Is it we are forced to incarnate?

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    Ms. Danison, I LOVE listening to your NDE accounts. I am so grateful. But I am compelled to respond to your statement about "ladies getting (mammograms) (breast x-rays)". Simian-Virus-40 aka SV-40, a potent DNA tumor virus extracted from the pus of diseased African green monkey renal glands, was purposefully added to the polio vaccines administered to hundreds of millions of people. The seeds of this virus were also added to other vaccines through about 1999. Most recently, the deadly SV-40 platform was adopted for the CV vaccines. SV-40 created the cancer crisis. SV-40 favors soft tissue cancers, like breast. This monkey virus is also transmitted from mother to fetus, so it is a forever poison. Breasts are part of the human immune system/lymph system. The wise body "throws" the poison into the lymph system so that its "special forces" can attack and destroy it there. Mammograms compress the breast, so that the lymph system is immobilized. The cancer flourishes. X-rays create the perfect environment for the cancer to flourish too while also grossly weakening the body's immune system via deadly radiation. If you do not wish to experience your own NDE, research other protocols. Cancer aka SV-40 causes complete immune collapse because it perpetually ping-pongs within the body – thusly eradicating it. Additionally, cancer is systemic. Maiming, nuking, and carving it out does not abolish the root cause. Thank you.
    Vilchez, R. A., & Butel, J. S. (2004). Emergent human pathogen simian virus 40 and its role in cancer. Clinical Microbiology Reviews, 17(3), 495-508.

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    What did the Knowings say about UFOs?

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    Wow, this account was really fascinating! I watched the first half this morning, including the bits about fear, both Nancy's first part of life and the history of human fear. In conjunction with another video I watched about being aware of the present moment, I was able to experience the day with more presence and awareness.

    I would mentally sit up and take notice when fear based thoughts would arise, stay present, not get drawn in. My thoughts would instead turn to how massive creation is, and align myself with a mindset of divine love. An insightful and empowering day.

  25. #25

    My favorite video so far. I can 100% relate and understand
    I have had beautiful experiences and learned so many things but when I awake, I know what I felt but I can't remember what I learned. That'd my goal

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    Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. No one comes to the Father but by Him. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Believe in Jesus Christ and make Him your Lord and Savior today. 👑❤️

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    This is the Biggest load of B.S. I’ve ever heard!

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    This is one of my favorite NDE videos of all time. 👍🏻👍🏻

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    This is spectacular! Thank you for sharing ❤

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    if i understand it correctly, the reason WHY all this is here is not "so that the souls develop" or something similar, but simply "boredom of the source".

    the source created the universe, so that it can let parts of itself, deprived of their memory, participate in it, to experience things unfiltered, like: tension, action, pain, happiness, sorrow, joy, danger, fear of death etc…

    ok. 🙂

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    She is sincere, but like many NDEs, she went to the Astral Plane and the "light beings" were Fallen Angels/Demons. They have IQs of 8000 and are MASTERS OF DECEPTION. They monitor us and make us believe we were reincarnated. They influence our thoughts, feelings, what we see, hear….They pull us away from Jesus Christ, they don't want us to make Him our Lord and Savior. I pray that she come to know this truth❤

  32. #32

    This is better. This is MUCH better. It is far closer to what I had expected was going on.

  33. #33

    inspiring me to love…

  34. #34

    😂….i liked her!

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    Wait. Why shouldn't there be a hell, when there are people doing the absolute unthinkable to children and society

  36. #36

    9:45 she’s describing the 4th dimension

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    Hello Nancy, I'm Sophie from So. California. Thank you for sharing your NDE . What a beautiful experience you shared. ❤ There are many commonalities within so many NDE, we cannot deny our spirits, our inner beings continues on.. ❤

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    Nancy, your explanation of truth is the best I have ever heard. You are eloquent, and included all the information needed for those of us who never had any kind of near death experience. Thank you so much for agreeing to come on this channel and tell us. I knew most of what you said because I have been searching for truth for most of my life. I was also raised Catholic, and in my youth, swallowed the tale of heaven and hell, sin and what it took for redemption hook, line and sinker. I came to think that God was mean, though not as mean and harshly judgmental as my friends who were also Christian but of another faith believed of God. So, phase two -I became an atheist. Then I read Raymond Moody's book, "Life after Life" in 1976, and realized that I might be wrong about my atheism. That started my third phase of my spiritual journey. However, just listening to these NDE stories did not make me own them. I heard recently that we are Source, and I felt that little sandpaper scrape that this is blasphemy. Your story put to rest the 'blasphemy'. I deeply felt your account and can own the truth as my own also. I am Source having an experience. That is who I am. That is who every body is and all animals, plants and rocks are also. That includes politicians I do not like! And Gaia is Source. I am a retired geologist and am delighted to know that even when I was an atheist, I loved Source. Thank you, thank you, thank you, lovely lady and co-Source (co-me). ❤️🌹🌈🌺😘

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    Very powerful. Thank you, Nancy ❤

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    Excellent video of Nancy. Thank you!

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    Probably one of the best descriptions of the afterlife and understanding our role in it. Wonderful! Thankyou!

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    I always love listening to your story Nancy. I’ve listened to you tell it many times and I find it so comforting. I also pass it along for others to learn from. Thank you so much for sharing🙏🏻

  45. #45

    Right …. I was also lied to about religion as a teenager … anyways … as a young adult I realized, felt the purpose of life is experience …. I've done what I can to experience and feel as much as possible …. I'm going to be ramping that up after listening to you …. since that's what creation wants …. come on !!! let's do this !!!!

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