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Your Spirituality IS NOT Supposed to Make You Feel.. (Part 1)

Jul 2024 06
Your Spirituality IS NOT Supposed to Make You Feel.. (Part 1)


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    This is so deeeeep!!!!

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    Yes! Oh My Goodness! I was just connected to This Channel & OH MY! It's The Next Part Of My Journey! 💖 Thank You Beautiful Queen! I Am So Very Glad To Be Here! 💖💖💖💖💖

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    Absolutely 💯 Correct.
    Thank You for sharing this video.

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    I'm an Atheist and that's exactly how I feel. I feel like when Black people hear you're an Atheist we make the assumption that you're close minded and ignorant, when in reality I can't unsee reality for what it is. Religious and "spiritual" people haven't been helpful for me at all, I feel lonely and trapped often, like I'm in a cage on an island by myself, mentally speaking.

    I'm sure by now a God or Goddess would've spoken to me by now, I didn't ask to be born.

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    So crazy thank you

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    You people are lost , Christianity is about relationships and endurance , what y’all seem to forget is that Jesus is not a genie , it takes genuine relationships and repentance like how y’all deities expect y’all to be strictly consecrated.
    Don’t think you can live anyhow you like and expect God to answer your prayers when you don’t obey his commands and use him as a transactional tool for your problems to be solved. God demands your whole being everything. May The good lord open your eyes to see that you people are being deceived and that these Orishas are not be messed with.
    May God give you understanding and pour out his undying love to you.
    I am an African and I know what worshipping these deities have brought to my family and our generation.

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    Please help me, how do I connect to source/Most High? I have left organised religion and feel very lost.

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    Soooo true !!!

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    Appreciation Ase Queen

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    I agree 💯

    With Deep Gratitude! ! !❤⚜️❤
    Blessed Be! ! !❤🙏❤

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    🌷💚💚💚🌷thank u for the remainder 💎

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    aww i missed your voice

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    I call church the "mean girl clique" full of mammy spirits 😂.

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    When you know you know

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    I can relate to this so much. I've found a more compassionate path. ❤

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    Well said, Divine Feminine.❤🎉🎉

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    Thank you! You are so creative in showing visually what you are trying to communicate. A true teacher.

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    Walking away from religion was like walking out of a toxic home. They tried to make me believe that only God is in that house. But God is everywhere and the light in my heart

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    This right here!!! 🔥

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    Thank you 🙏🏾

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    sounds like RELIGION

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