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Jul 2024 08

is how we communicate with our ancestors, its important to take into consideration that spirituality is sacred and its important to understand that how we communicate with our elders is very important and let us respect having umsamo. Enjoy this part1 of


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    Thokoza gogo where to find you for consult

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    Thokoza gogo what happens if you don't have a home

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    Your video makes so much sense gogo.

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    "When the student is ready …the teacher will appear" and honestly this is a true definition of the aforementioned statement..you are a powerhouse indeed …thank you

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    Thokoza gogo.👏👏👏..ubusisekile ngokukhuluma iqiniso.

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    Thokoza Gogo,Sikholelwa ekutheni ehlane,Noma emanzini akhona amadlozi,maybe if besho isganga they mean that.Yes isganga just yes sincolile futhi asinakho ukuthula.ukuphahla it allows anyone onganayo imvume yokusondela emsamo ukuba axhumane namathonga akhe cz ekhaya impepho,umsamo akunganyelwa yiwo wnke umuntu.Thokoza Salukazi

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    Thokoza Gogo. What happens if your family does not believe in traditional things and they will not allow you to set up Umsamo at home? Can I do it where I live although I’m renting? Who do I ask for references

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    thokoza gogo …kukhanye njalo gogo

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    This is totally confusing some of us are renting and ngeke uphahle emziniyabantu. Then now you are saying isiganga is not okay then thina esingenawo amakhaya senzenjani?

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    Where have you been 🤔🌹🙌, Thank you for for this explanation of ukuphahla👏

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    Thank you….it is never to late to reconnect with your being….thank you Gogo

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    What is umsamo???

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    Gogo I'd like to know…what does it mean to always dream about school…when you're a person who is no longer in school,even when I dont dream about school there is a specific girl I see every day in every dream I have what could that mean

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    Thokoza Gogo ngiya bonga

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    "Isiganga singcolile" the way as umfula or ulwandle kungcolile……what do you have to say about that?

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    thokoza gogo…how does one get in contact with you?

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    If many of our people watched this video they'd understand why our elders discouraged the idea of going around having babies with just anyone! It's important to know our lineage.

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    Thokoza gogo how can I get hold of you? I need your help agently

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    Thokoza gogo. Asibonge umlayezo namakhehla nezalukazi. So what happens uma unganayo indawo yakho. What happens uma u homeless. If ungakwazi ukuphahla ehlane.?

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    Apparently one shouldn't phahla emsamo… heard from Gogo Bathini Mbatha. He says you may use your bedroom or kitchen but not not where your family burns impepho

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    Awesomeness Gogo!

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    Thokoza gogo, love this. Your spiritual team is always around you 24/7, there are not in the bush/grave/cross roads BUT if you go there they come with you. You go to the grave yard uyophahla, they GO with you its not like you going to them. You already with them. Now as we humans, we love to create rules/traditions/laws to follow when doing certain things, that is our own down fall. We create negative energies unknowingly during the process and as you say, coming to trouble us again. We are energy creators, we should keep that in our minds. Akwande

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    thanks for the video gogo. … let's say gogo you have discovered that you have a gift and amadlozi that are guarding you akutshele which side you belong to and they tell you uyohlez ucela kbona coz bakuphathele intozakho…. do you call laba abanye the other side of the family abangakuphethe?

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    Thokoza gogo. Thank you so much…

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    Thokoza Gogo like how many times in a day a person must do ukuphahla, is it daily or when u need to communicate with the ancestors important things only so that u don't find yourself repeating one thing , may God bless u Gogo

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    Thokoza Gogo! A great video once again. Thank you.

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