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Top 5 Terrifying Cults That Work For The Devil

Apr 2024 10
Top 5 Terrifying Cults That Work For The Devil

That Work For The
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There are a lot of cults around the world and some of them are Satanists that belong to neo-Satanic churches. Some of these cults advocate and practice violence and have unorthodox beliefs. In this video, we take a look at the cults around the world. This is Top 5 That Work For The !

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Time Codes:
0:00 – Happy Science
1:58 – The Brethren
3:20 – Fundamental Church
5:07 – Nuwaubian Nation
6:58 – Church Universal
8:24 – Sarah Edmondson
10:03 – Briell Decker
11:18 – Anna Lebaron
12:13 – Claire Ashman
13:56 – Rebecca Stott
15:33 – Rosemary’s Baby
16:51 – Children of Corn
18:01 – Heriditary
19:46 – Midsommar

Video Edited By:
Jennire Narvaez:

Hosted By:
Lucy McPhee:
Nick Paleolog:


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  1. #1

    Why was the 2nd one the worst;then that would be number 1 right?Commonsense will automatically distinguish this lack of logic.;But it seems to me you spent no time on researching all of these deeply to evaluate them thourly you spent regurgitating Google headlines and you made a video.

  2. #2

    Very interesting video thanks for sharing

  3. #3

    Apart from the killing off the elderly and using innocent people to sacrifice (I'd use criminals/generally horrible people to sacrifice, goes against the 'rule' of needing 'pure, innocent blood' but would be way more practical) I'd join Midsommar's cult, it'd be a perfect community 😀

  4. #4

    Pero el diablo ase el science mas mejor

  5. #5

    I love when you do these!!! I have missed you! How about the Top 10 Farm murders. We had one here in Michigan, just 20 miles away, that they had killed people and put them through the wood chipper and fed to the pigs! The book about it is called Darker Than Night. So many rumors still float around! Love from Michigan

  6. #6

    You are quickly becoming my favorite host!!! Great job. I have a few suggestions as well: Top 10 All Inclusive Resorts that actually lived up to their hype. Top 10 presidents of the USA that were possibly homosexual. Top 10 great hidden dive bars that are really great. Top 10 Zoo's in the USA. Which came first, Chicken or the egg? Also, how does a chicken make an entire egg in one day? Does she have many stages of the eggs inside of her or does it complete in just a day. Top 10 strangest, but popular pets in USA or in world. Just a few….love from Michigan!

  7. #7

    There's no sound

  8. #8

    “Funnest?” Seriously? 🤦‍♀️

  9. #9

    Rosemarys baby is in fact a narration of the real world of global illuminati satanism of wich Roman Polanski revealed in his cult classic horror movie so that is why he had to pay the price of breaking the satanic cide of silence.
    They killed his pregnant wife and it was the NWO puppet and former police informer Charles Manson.

    Midsummer is also a fictionalized version of mixing ancient viking pagan worship and beliefs with archontic "gods" who demanded human sacrifice as a tribute to them.

  10. #10

    Really great job of narrating your part in this segment, Lucy.

  11. #11

    I would rather join the cult of life and Jupiter lol

  12. #12

    Don't forget the strange two movies
    Both movie is a cult like groups of people doing strange stuff, also
    The Wicker

  13. #13
  14. #14

    Trump's Nazis terrorist KKK Cult QAna church pastor's is very very very very dangerous murderous group in the USA and the group wants to over take the USA supreme Court Justice as it already has and the young Republican Congress party and members and the Cult leaders is a group of church pastor's running the young Republican Party and Trump and the supreme Court Justice and Qana is a Nazis Cult working with the young Republican Party Nazis and the USA surpreme court Justice you'll see by the end of 2022 and 2023 especially in 2024-25. Very dangerous murderous people.beware people.

  15. #15

    Are you going to talk about the young Republican Congress party USA and it's state members of
    No abortion
    No GAYs and trans
    No SEX expect old people orgy
    No voting unless it's for the Republican Party
    Nazisms is good
    Nazisism Bible Church pastor's to rule the supreme Court Justice and the Republican Congress party and Trump and it's members
    No comdons for Men
    No UTI for women
    Trump is God
    These are just a few things that they are doing now and it's a Cult, QAna is it's name of the Cult and churches pastor's wants to rule the world and everyone and everything and the USA government.

  16. #16

    Don't forget wokism. There's got to be a happy devil or two behind that. Destruction of human societies, ruination of innocent children, making adults look extremely foolish all the hate for dissenters. No friend of humanity came up with that.

  17. #17

    This just seems like just another cult video, not really a "Cults That Work for the Devil"

  18. #18

    anti-white much?

  19. #19

    Mankind's greatest covert Cult can cause more harm than most can believe. How do you like what's happening to your standard of living & the American "dream"? i want you to know more.

  20. #20

    awesome! Japan will defeat China! yes!

  21. #21

    I enjoy your channel very much. I would like to suggest the top 5 UFO contactees. George Adamski. Cory Goode, Billy Edward Albert Meier, Steven Greer and a few more. Be interesting what you come up with.

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