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Blitzo's Voice Actor Near-Death Experience | Helluva Boss

Apr 2024 10
Blitzo's Voice Actor Near-Death Experience | Helluva Boss

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    What is this hotel exactly? One made for rehabilitation of sinners?

    Jokes aside, that must’ve been terrifying, I’ve had a near death experience once, but not as scary as this

  2. #2

    Almost met his character their

  3. #3

    This is a serious story, and it should be terrifying, but my GOD this man was not kidding when he said he had kinship with Blitz, because this is exactly what Blitz would do instead of, you know, complying to not get shot.

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    Bro almost met blitzø fr 💀

  7. #7

    Daym i DIDNT know this

  8. #8

    Why do the kids have KS23’s?

  9. #9

    Bro almost turned into blitzø fr

  10. #10

    I would have reported that kid to the cops

  11. #11

    Hope those little bastards got arrested

  12. #12

    nah brandon rogers in hell = real life blitzo

  13. #13

    Bro Brandon isn’t just Blitzø’s voice actor, I’ve met him and he’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet

  14. #14

    -…In hell probably and go: *Hello, My Name is Blitzø (the o is silent)… "

  15. #15

    My guy bout turned into who he voice acts 😭

  16. #16

    Literally Hazbin Hotel

  17. #17

    He apparently was also somehow involved with the Elisa Lam case, like… part of the team that was trying to prove how she could’ve gotten into the water tank by videoing himself sticking his own head into to the tank

  18. #18

    Why watch this when I can watch the clip where he explains it himself?

  19. #19

    Bro really took "Well christ on a stick. i guess there is a god" on another level

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  21. #21

    There is another world where he does get shot and hire Blitzo to get revenge

  22. #22

    He went to an abandoned hotel and almost got sent to Hazbin Hotel.

  23. #23

    Who the HECK sands there ground when there are 2-5 kids with GUNS. Props to Branden

  24. #24

    bro did not experience a near death situation, It was just Blitz, Moxie, and Milly In disguise ready to kill him until Blitz realizes that If he kills his voice actor, he probably would die too

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