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She Died Horseback Riding; What She Saw In The Afterlife Will Shock You (NDE)

Aug 2023 12

Near-Death Experiencer Lura Ketchledge gives unique insights into the afterlife in her paranormal book series The Near-Death Saga.

🙏 Thank you to Lura who shared her incredible near-death experience NDE with us, and sharing what she saw in the afterlife. 🙏

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    Love these posts. Thank you

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    damn girl. you look AMAZING for 63

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    Everyone has a different experience and not all are happy ones. You can’t tell anyone that this is what happens because it’s individual. You are good people. Take Care

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    When I listen to this life-reviews, all NDE-ers conclude "don't harm others". She said "don't hurt them so much that their life path is disturbed" or something along those lines. And I do believe that if another side/realm exists, this idea of "don't hurt others" is correct.

    But, I cannot help to think of all the PARENTS who sabotage and cripple their children on purpose, so that they will have them under their roof forever, not allowing them to live their lives, but just merely existing and all that just for them to have someone to wipe their 4ss in their old age. I have a father like that and it took me to my late 20s to move out and start living my life. How tragic can it be to have just instances? And how malevolent can these souls be?

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    I feel other peoples pain and joy now. All my life. I thought everyone was like me. Turns out nope. I review my life over and over and over again while alive. Heaven is a real place. Where you went is a transitional place. It's for you to rest.
    No one will believe you.

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    Life is but a SONG

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    I like how this one gets to the point right away without like 10 minutes of backstory

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    To me, and maybe this is confirmation bias, these NDEs ring true with Buddhism. Going back to the Loving Source (Big Mind-it's not an independent God, just the loving source of ALL and Energy of the universe), the importance of thought (Right Thought-part of the Noble Eightfold Path which includes Right Action, Right Understanding, Tight Concentration, etc.) and its impact on yourself and others, the notion of interconnected/Oneness ( we're unique yet inextricably connected to one another), life as we see it in the physical is an illusion (one of the Buddha's big claims). Then, when she started to talk about souls, this deviated from the typical Buddhist viewpoint. And I thought hmmm…but then she said the souls were parts of herself which aligns with Buddhist voices (the controller, the cynic, the optimist, the doubter, etc.) and the many masks we where on a daily basis. And maybe most of all the purpose of life is to experience, love, and learn.

    This is very interesting stuff.

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    thank you for sharing, this is so important. we never get this in church or school or in medical facilities.

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    when at the doctors years ago, he received a call from a patient. I could hear him trying to talk her out of her out of body experience during surgery. He was Christian and wouldn't even open his mind to anything other than his teachings. But I knew.

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    I’m sorry the doctor didn’t believe you and that you had a hard life. Thank you for sharing

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    Thank you ❤

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    What a terrible doctor. Shame on him

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    The tunnel is an Ethernet cable

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    If we aren't religious, how can we make amends or repent for bad decisions and mistakes that we made long ago, that haunt us?

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    You don’t have to get it right, there is no judgment.

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    For me, it is fine when people react in disbelief. But I wish I was surprised at the doctor’s reaction. People can keep their beliefs/disbeliefs to themselves if presented in a critical way. Very easy for doctor to run drug tests. I wouldn’t blame them for doing so if this was me. But to flat out accuse? This happens so often.

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    Hi Laura. I know this was 3 months back so I hope you don't mind me reaching out to you. Thank you for posting what happened to you. It just blew me away!! It touched me so much. I think I was supposed to see it. I was extremely close to both of my g'ma's. They went home when I was 10 and 30. I still talk to them. I'm 65 now and I can't hardly wait to see them again. To feel their embrace and love. I haven't felt love like that since they left 😔 I feel like I'm a empath. And I try to be nice to everyone. But I find myself being very impatient and biting at people. It bothers me. Just like all the chaos in the world right now. I can't watch the news it makes me cry and angry at the same time! I wish I could do something to change it. That's another reason why I want to go home. I can feel it and it doesn't feel good. Am I weird?? Could this be possible?? I have so many questions. Have a blessed day 😊

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    I had a NDE without dying. My father that was passed came into my dream and hugged me, when he did that, I woke up into a different dimension. I felt like I woke up from a dream and that was reality. The amount of love and peace was so overwhelming, we cannot feel that peace and love while alive, it’s just at different level. Since then I got obsessed with listening to NDE’s as I know it is all true! I was just lucky to experience it without dying ❤

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    I’m too much of a coward to end it myself. But if I died, I’d hope I’d finally have peace.

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    What a turd doctor

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    I am so glad you had the experience and came back to life and I just hope that the horse was okay as well

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    Do you think these are just chemicals releasing from your brain?

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    I really don't believe in an after life. I think most of these people posting here are having dreams.

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    Exactly it’s your own review no one’s judging you.. My review was unbelievable so unbelievable I didn’t want to believe my own NDE. I told a few ppl and I stopped. They look at you in a crazy way

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    So after death you do life review and float endlessly with music in the background plus your dead relatives hang around. Well sounds pretty awful to be honest. Do you have free will to skip this, or are you like a prisoner there i wonder.

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    What about when you keep encountering dishonest, selfish people who hurt you? Family who are narcissistic? How do you keep "positive" and keep saying nice things?

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    Please don't take comfort in this woman's story; she made no mention of Jesus Christ, Who died on the cross for our sins. Jesus is God and making Him our Lord and Savior gives us the right to enter Heaven. She went to the Astral Plane (Demonic Realm) where she was deceived by a Fallen Angel pretending to be her grandfather. These condemned angels are masters of deception. The psychic "gift" they gave her will come with a price, unless she repents and makes Jesus her savior❤ Awful that she was told " you'll have a difficult life", she probably believed it.

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    I had an accident and I woke up in 1973 – am I mad, in a coma, or back in time.? Whatever's happened, it's like I've landed on a different planet. Now, maybe if I can work out the reason, I can get home…

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    Really nice NDE.

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    I've had these tunnel experiences while living. Never got to the other side of them though. They just faded out. They are very real and ultra mysterious! I'm still wondering why I would be shown these tunnels while alive and what the purpose was!

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    Thank u

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    "If you haven't had the most ideal life, try to be nicer, try not to damage anybody." This line here tells me it was in her imagination. Abused children aren't experiencing that because they deserve it. People aren't starving to death in 1/3 of the world because they're **sholes. I believe she believes it but this story is not an NDE. Spirit doesn't victim blame.

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    Amazing how all of these stories essentially say Christianity is the only true religion 😂 heaven I saw Jesus nobody sees Buddha or ala

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    It makes me sad that in the afterlive we have no say over our self what so ever!
    Somthing or somebody takes dicisions en theres nothing we can do or say.
    Exampel; the lady got send back en she had no voice in that decision….

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    Is this the real person,or an actor reanacting?

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    Strange she kept saying it want 'Heaven'. Sure sounds like it was.

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