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She Died And Spent Three Hours With Her Son | Near Death Experience | NDE

Aug 2023 10

Millions of people have had Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    The name of her book is Grief Healed: A Physician's Guide to Dealing with Grief and Thriving

    Jen sent me a link to add, so here it is.


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    Great job 👏 10/10😊

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    Not much beef on the bone here😇☕

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    i was interested in hearing what her and her son talked about. also, if she eventually talked with her 1st husband. just wanted more details in this one.

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    Blessings to y'all! Scary moment but a blessing spiritual experience. 🤗🌺😍🌼💙🌲🌳🌴🌌🌸🐬🏵🕯💕😇

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    Nothing on the 3 hour conversation with her husband..

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    Very interesting story. I wished there was more detailed descriptions of what it looked like.

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    Leigh, and Jen , thank you both for the Channel. I am always so blessed when I can find the time to hear these stories. Yes it does help to untangle everything and Give us all Hope.

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    Glory be to God beautiful story this story help me with my grief I lost my son nine months ago I can wait to talk to him thanks 🙏🏽

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    I hope to see my loved ones, again.

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    I still find it hard to accept when they say they were dead or in Heaven for an exact amount of time. Everyone else says there is no time in Heaven, or at least not like we know it here on earth. I'm glad she got to talk to her son, how wonderful and awesome that would be. I wish she had told us what they talked about or how he died. I'm not sure she was really "in" Heaven, since she didn't describe any of it. This one felt incomplete to me.

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    I lost my oldest child (18)3 yrs ago now. If only I could be this lucky.

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    I recently see ads with lee's old voice

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    Swing and a miss on this one.

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    One day we will meet up with our family in heaven thank you jen❤

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    I totally believe her account. I can't figure out why her family thought she just passed out though. She pooed herself, that's not a pass out symptom.

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    my opinion.. it should be the person, the experiencer that talks not the narrator .. it’s doubtful unlike with randy k etc. it’s believable!

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    I'd like to hear what her son told her…

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    Thank you Miss Jen for another wonderful narration! Im not so sure her story is true, I just can't get past the fact she's a Dr but continues to put herself through the hot shower experience. BUT what i enjoyed was hearing she was able to see and speak with her son.. it was her hearts desire and God granted it.. I know I'm looking forward to seeing my ancestors, pets and friends who've passed before me ❤😊 big hugs everyone from rainy Oklahoma!~Christy

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    I wonder if the NDEs are a continuation of the Christian/Religious story? That we are now witnessing the next chapter being written for the Bible. So many have such great hopes and stories that it would seem possible that God is helping us to let go of the earth existence. I wonder if that is because it is passing away? Thanks.

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    I have a hard time understanding why a doctor doesn't think it's unusual to get weak and / or pass out during a hot shower. I also don't understand how someone so educated doesn't know how to go to a doctor in India, so she just doesn't go instead of finding out. This one just doesn't ring true to me.

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    Knowing that we will meet up again with some loved ones who have passed should help with the grief process when losing them. 😊

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    This one…eh, I dunno. She’s admitted to listening to these for a long time, has one and then isn’t that descriptive about how it actually was. Not sure I put much weight into this.

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    Hi Notification Fam! Hope everyone is having a beautiful Wednesday. It seems like everyone around my personal life is under spiritual attack so any extra prayers are greatly appreciated. I am being pulled in so many directions helping my family right now BUT I am trying to keep in good spirits because we all know when we are able to help our family in love it is our time to shine in the spirit realm! Love you guys.

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