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She Crossed Over And Was Told The Reason We Exist | Near Death Experience | NDE

Aug 2023 12

Millions of people have had (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    “Breath and don’t resist.” Sounds like a brainwashing mantra from demons so they can do whatever they want with you.

    Souls here are sold to demons… human trafficking extends to the heavens.

    The one who died, is the real Kelly.

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    this video is so helpful… I will from now on live my life like that …"breath, and don't resist "

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    How could anyone hate your voice, i certainly don't, God Bless you.🌺

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    Love your voice! This was the most beautiful NDE. Tears and goose bumps!❤

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    Lol hate my voice. I was all teared up and then she said that. It made me laugh so hard thank you. I loved Jen's voice maybe even more than the guy

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    The devil is a liar your voice is fantabulous ❤

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    I truly enjoyed listening to this thank you

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    I love your voice Jen its beautiful

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    Your voice is very clear and understandable ❤

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    Amazing Lord's blessing on all of us love you Jesus ✝️❤

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    Such a beautifull soothing voice

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    Such a beautiful NDE experience and message. Thank you for sharing your experience. Thank you Jen for your beautiful narration and your beautiful voice ❤️

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    I’ve been an absolute atheist as I knew all the answers, science had clearly answered all the questions for me, no question! but I’ve seen lots of these posts, I cannot find any scientific answer for these experiences, except you are all making these experiences up, you are hallucinating, or you are all religious fanatics trying to promote god , you are neither of these I’m now quite convinced we can only be energy/ or pure consciousness, “God”seems to be an attempt to explain the inexplicable, it’s the only rational explanation, and it fills in all the gaps, why there is so much hunger, horror, and discord in the world, we are simply here to learn and experience life on earth! it makes absolute sense, I am a convert it has given me comfort to my inner rages and historic mental anxieties. Which have calmed ten fold , thank you all who have contributed, my life is slowly starting to change because of you all, for the better.

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    How could anyone "hate your voice"? You are so good at the narration of these episodes. Thank you for providing the information.

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    Very beautiful NDA and I think your voice is absolutely perfect! It’s so relaxing to listen to and very soothing. I don’t really ever relax and my mind always seems to be spinning so quickly it’s tough to slow it down. Your voice alway my 52 year old body and mind chill out a bit and allows me to focus on the story and the story alone. I wish you would do more with it like podcasts and maybe a meditation video. I love your voice

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    Mind blowing!!!🎉❤

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    Please don't be deceived!
    Everything we see or read must line up with the Word of GOD, the Bible, if it doesn't it is not from GOD! Born again Christians will go to heaven to be with our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST; unsaved people will go to hell. Please get saved: Thank JESUS for paying for your sins on the cross and HIS resurrection on the 3rd day!!! It must come form the bottom of your heart and don't forget, JESUS is GOD, see John 1! Listen to real theologians like Dr. John Ankerberg on NDE's and reincarnation.

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    You have a lovely voice

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    Jen you have a beautiful voice!! Thanks also for a wonderful story!!❤️🙏

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    Thanks so very much Jen for the beautiful narration of Kelly's experience. First, I must comment too that your voice is the most soothing one I have ever heard and you tell the stories with so much passion as if it were your personal experiences. My take home here is that, we are loved in all we do or go through in life. God is love and he who abides in love, abides in God and God in him. God bless you and Leigh for the wonderful job you are doing in bringing hope to people that we live beyond this world.

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    You threw me off with folks hating your voice..
    I love your voice
    Cmon people this is a rude free zone…
    Be kind to everyone everywhere

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    Youtune has muted ur video

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    "What did everyone think"? I think you're a nut, what you did was selfish and that of a coward taking an easy way out. What you don't know is God Almighty will not reward suicide. That act is murdering one pf Gods children, and HE is not happy with those who do that. I don't think you had an experience as stated, but one of lies, you make it sound as if it's okay to take your own life, when in fact it's a sin and those that do will be judged by God.

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    ❤❤❤ Jenn you voice is perfect and beautiful. I actually miss it when you are away. ❤❤ Thank you for fantastic service

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    This is amazing. Every experience is different, but I noticed most of them describe the same type of love. Thanks for the story!

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    "Breath and don't resist" sounds very sinister.

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    This is a typical case of"do not try
    this at home".
    Suicides are judged and punished as murders,for taking the soul that do not belong to them.
    You were extremely lucky!

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    I thought she was going to tell us why we exist. I am very disappointed.

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    ' we are born to prove to God how much we love Him ' ,,,, by loving God and our neighbor ,,,

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    Thanku for this NDE experience. We r loved by our Creator no matter what…
    I am so grateful for this knowledge.
    Peace, love, & joy to all of us…Amen.

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    Beautiful voice

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    You have a beautiful voice thank you for sharing 🌹❤️🌹♥️🌹♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹

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    you are very fortunate you never went down into hades,as some have done.

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    We are here to serve God if we do this we shall serve him on the new earth after judgment day.

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    it takes courage to committ suicide.But only God can take life not us.

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    you never had a diseased mind.

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    im a christian i serve God and follow and accept jesus as my lord a nd saviour.And i know there is life after death.We either return back to Gold or go down into hades.

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    Your voice is great! Screw the haters!

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