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Scientific Evidence of the Afterlife

Aug 2023 13

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Dr. has been the foremost authority on Near Death Experiences since the 1970s. His decades of inquiry into the phenomena gives us credible accounts of what people experience when the body dies, but consciousness continues.

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    Stream All Episodes of Legacy with Raymond Moody on Gaia – https://bit.ly/3l4OIbD

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    I have explored this concept of Near Death Experiences for about 4 years. And my take a way is this: death is not to be feared. And when we lay their bodies down, all of our painful memories are left behind. And only memories we take with us is the love.

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    beautifully presented.

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    🥰 what a beautiful soul Raymond Moody, I could have listened to you all day .. wonderful description for a novice thank you 🥰🙏🏼

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    According to Da Vinci, there are there are three types of people. He that is awake, he that is awake but influenceable and he that is still asleep of danger never to reach capability of waking up. Seems to me that it is of vital importance in which state you are before you die or experiencing a near death. When you are wide awake you seem to have choice of "free will" With the other two there seem to be manipulation or even forced to go back involved. Perhaps this would be interesting to research? I mean…i am a believer in the reincarnation trap.

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    I'm hoping that life after death is not a comforting belief or lie, and that nothing happens after we die is an unpleasent truth.

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    I didn’t report my NDE. Best experience of my life. I felt so Amazing, the best natural feeling a Soul can experience. Everything is mental. You don’t talk and no human body. My vision was 360 with Zoom.. God is not Human.

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    TRULY a living legend and one of the reasons I am where I am today in my path of discovery.

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    I still didnt see the..EVIDENCE

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    Dr. Raymond Moody is a maven, a maverick, a gentleman.

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    When we each left Heaven and were born we made an understanding ing with God that we would do His will and until that is done we are condemned to return to Earth to keep our word to Him!, we could be reborn 100-times until that is done and I know that you don't remember what you"re agreement with God was and neither do I, but We must keep our word and do His will, so I am asking all of You right now to please keep asking God what you agreed to do before you were born to do His will and get it done!, again "please keep asking God" what is my purpose here and He will show you through the things that you read and the videos that you see, He will tell You!, Please get this done!,✨

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    Also theres so much more to life. Ive seen many weird things, but also some thing sthat are just odd like I had a babysitter from age 2-5 called Laurance. We moved and I hadnt seen her ever since. So we were at our new place 10 years later and one afternoon I was upstairs with my best friend and mom and the door rang. And I was going down the stairs to open it and thought to myself: its Laurance at the door.

    And theres absolutely no way I could have known this, I just felt it. reminded me what this man said how we feel who is who in the afterlife. Thats what ti made me think off.
    So I opened the door (no glass, couldnt see who was behind it) and it was her. And she asked me if she knew who she was and I said: Yes Laurance I knew you were ringing before I opened.

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    My mothers cousin Got married. They had 2 children together. A few years when the kids were about 4 and 6 i believe, their mom was murdered at work
    The kids two days after death both had the same "dream" where "mommy came to us in bed last night, she was floating over the bed and she told us she is ok and everything is going to be alright"

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    Something that sparks my mind. I do believe this has been studies a small bit. When we "die" our brains release a large amount of DMT. DMT is also know as "The spirit molecule" its what makes Iawaska, and other powerful hallucinogens. It occurs naturally in nature. People who have NDEs, and those who use dmt have very similar experiences. Vivid colors they have never seen, entities, and there is almost always a guiding voice with wisdom or guidance. Always had made me wonder…. I believe when we leave our earth bodies, we start life in our light bodies.

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    Well it seems to me about the near-death experiences that we can access the akashic records and we can an astro travel and then go back to our bodies and wake up because our brain and our consciousness is still at our body in our brain and almost all people have the ability to do it if they can get into a deep enough meditation or a deep sleep flatling and being brought back they get a taste of the akashic records there's no telling that we live on after we die in our spirit body it definitely could just be from the release of chemicals in our own brain helping us do it

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    Can this not be explained by the brain going through convulsions and revisiting what it knows already?

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    It's about time we woke up to this instead of nonsense school malarkey.

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    Thank you 💙 I'm very interested in this subject for various reasons…. I'm always seeking information from others on my journey, and its been great working with so many people, and engaging in wonderful conversations 🌟🌸

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    Mi dad brought me a red Disney fleece shirt for Christmas , mi mom told me ( your dad brought that don't ruin it! Hour later I was run over by a drunk driver ( I saw mi shirt getting cut off) I watched them cut mi shirt off

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    No such thing as afterlife

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    Well if your out your body and you dont get any guidance it will happen depending of you choose to die then or go back but before you go back you get to review your life usually after when you die you do but before birth you can pick what you want

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    Just so you know in some life times you choose to live a way like for example you might create a nde just to be rewoken with the knowledge and love

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    I had a Death Experience, it was Sooo Bliissful that I didn't want to come back, but the Prophet Ezekiel told Me that My Time Wasn't Up, I had to come back to help an Ex Boyfriend I was with at the time, I plady begged to stay, then next thing I new, I was back in my body, & it took a while for Me to get use to having a body again. Thank You for sharing Your Information to the World, Bless You, Blessed Be 😇😇😇

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    Even he says that there isn’t any scientific proof of life after death! When you die you don’t come back; if you come back it means you were not dead. We live, we die and this is it! Weather you like it or not.

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    My NDE I was in a black Void wth is up with that? Was it like hell?

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    "I know of no other Christianity and of no other Gospel than the liberty both of body & mind to exercise the Divine Arts of Imagination
    Imagination the real & eternal World of which this Vegetable Universe is but a faint shadow & in which we shall live in our Eternal or Imaginative Bodies, when these Vegetable Mortal Bodies are no more. The Apostles knew of no other Gospel."
    -William Blake

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    I have dreamed of family members soon after they have recently passed. The first one I saw was my dad. I was 11 at the time and I wasn’t asleep, not a dream. He walked by sat on his chair and smiled at me. I cover my self. I was scared

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    I am also confident we live in an Illusion. Much evidence to it.

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    Just have to love Dr. Raymond Moody! Thank you Sir for all you have done for us!!💙💙

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    Fascinating. Especially life review. A better world I'm ready for-! Outta this insane asylum.

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    What power created this illusion? The Woodstock genius?

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    @danibear i completely understand what you speak of. I also am convinced to believe I remember who I was before being born 050986. Tragically was murdered. Was killed protecting…

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    I believe reincarnation is very much real.

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