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She Died And Was Shown Terrifying Prophetic Visions | Near Death Experience | NDE

Jul 2023 13

Millions of people have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their stories. If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    I have heard many testimonies regarding this dramatic change of the world, and how it will end, i.e. cease to be the way we know it. – This is due to people dis obeying G's law, by killing innocent children and turning their back on G. – As was made clear to the lady, we have our free agency, and can therefore avoid or alter the outcome. A prophecy, is normally generalized, as people can make changes, and repent. Hiwever, predictions are usually more specific, like the weather forecast, and can be changed so much, that they do not happen at all, or they can happen sooner or later or bang on time.

    I believe, that the US will be flooded and the new East coast will be where the Rocky mountains are, but not until the Eastern seaboard has been cleansed by forest fires, and earth quakes all over San Andreas fault and Cascadia. Salt Lake City, will become an island, with the Temole raised up to become The Mountain of The Lord.

    England will be but a memory, and Scotland a lone island. The coast of Europe will change dramatically, with the Netherlands flooded and the French Riviera under water.

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    I would guess that what Elaine guessed was Kansas City was probably Independence, MO, situated 10 miles east of the centre of Kansas City and thus within the same metropolitan area. Okay, guess which church I belong to after having made such a claim. 😁 That’s right, Salt Lake City has long been considered only temporary in the long perspective of history.

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    Only GOD nd our LORD nd SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST would know, but the way we're behaving it might just happen unless JESUS CHRIST returns B4 then I'm praying HE DOES AMEN 🙏 ❤️

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    I heard another NDE that described nearly the identical events.

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    Wish it mentioned something about Alaska, there’s more than 48 states!

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    The vision of the future are very scary and pray to God to have mercy on us.🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    That confirms the other near death experience, the United States being divided into two by political and natural disasters

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    Yeah, "crack" from Michigan to Mississippi is told by many. I haven't seen any of these so can't confirm

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    Regardless of the countless NDE stories I've heard I have yet seen or heard of any of these individuals doing the work of Humanity or the work of the creator. Hmmm!

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    I love that the native Americans will be teaching the people how to respect the land and through this, the people prospering.

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    I believe that if this nation reaches a certain point of weakness, we would likely be attacked by our enemies long before it got to the point where there was no official government.

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    We are on the precipice of something right now!

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    I Love this 🎼 ❤️💖🥰

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    Just looking at the state if lawlessness in California and Nevada I can see already how the eastern half of the country is basically going to be chaos.

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    I am new to this channel thanks to these amazing people whom have shared their experiences selflessly. This story reminds me of a book "Notes from the Cosmos" by Gordon Michael Scallion. Sending special prayers and Angel blessings to you Lee.

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    This NDE sounds like a fantasy because the native Americans were NOt peaceful and many of them died of starvation…………???? Their spiritual path believed that babies and elders should be let to starve in the winter to keep the young warriors alive…………………………..true fact. This romanticized version of the stone age peoples of North America is very prevalent these days.

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    I fear it could all come true. And I found this mesmerizing and intriguing, to say the least.

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    This all could happen, because of the administration we have in office right now in 2023….I can only pray that Trump or at least someone who cares about the people and this county can get in office, before it's too late.

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    Elaine book was my first NDE. I read it years ago and it touched me deeply. There's a lot more in her book, which was written in the mid-90's. I would highly recommend reading it.

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    Doesn't surprise me if this Prophecy comes after 2075 right after China and United States war which will start in 2063 . The war will last for at least seven years .

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    Yes I do believe what she saw will shortly come to pass. We call that center place Zion and Yes according to the Book of Mormon the native american will have a large part in bringing this tor❤fruition

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    You're starting to see that in Democrat-led cities now.

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    I believe the phrophes stated are a possibility IF the people of the world 🌎 do not wake up spiritually.

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    Sending love to LEE ❤ and all listeners. Thank you for this platform!! It's been very helpful to me making sense of my own NDE several years ago. ❤

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    It sounds like the outcome if we remain idle with the current corrupt government .The ramifications of this evil government & plan for our future will be devastating. The communists leaders will have all they want & need, while the rest starve and live in utter chaos. These globalists must be stopped. We must resist.

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    Thnaks so much fo relating Elaine's experience. I live near Kansas City, and there have been spiritual prophecies about this area being a place of gathering of the Pure in Heart in Jesus Christ. Coming together to live as the New Testament church, caring for and serving one another. The heart of it is in Independence, MO. I believe it possible, as judgments upon this land are surely coming. God bless our preparation.

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    Does anyone know where you can hire someone to off them

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