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Near Death Experience: I Died And Found Out Why Souls Come To Earth | NDE

Jan 2024 29

Today’s NDE comes from Jay who describes going through a tunnel as an orb of light and having an in depth conversation with an angel about why souls choose to come to Earth.

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Near Death Experience: | NDE

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    I'm hooked onto these videos because I want to leave earth so badly. As soon as my mind is finished with a physical occupation, I am right back to thinking about the afterlife.

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    Attention: Clickbait clickers, know that angels and demons do not have wings and tails.

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    R u. Great miracle avenue?

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    Time is NOT an illusion that we create for ourselves. Everything that is created has a beginning and an end. Time started with God which is clearly started in the beginning of the Bible.
    In the beginning (TIME) God created the heavens (SPACE) and the earth (MATTER)

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    We don't become a ball of light a spirit has a body like humans I hope after he shut up he turned into a full body because that's just sad if not

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    Hi, I just came across this. Nice account of another NDE. I would like to say that we do not need to have NDE'S to experience these things. I went through the seeking stages in life where after being an atheist, to being a born again Christian (as a Seer having full on dreams, visions and encounters) to being shown to leave the place (system) I was in was a very hard lonely road. 5 years after going through the desert experience of letting everything go, that 'urge' to know more came back.
    I then read thousands of books on spiritualistic subjects on the whole history of it all. I then started to meditate ('When you 'pray' go into your closet and shut the door') and went deeper and deeper connecting to and through the so-called spiritual realms speaking to guides, guardians, finding out I myself am an 'Arc-Angel' (yeah, I laughed at that one too!) and a Watcher over Earth (had beautiful encounters with Gaia too) to meeting passed over famous ex scientists who taught me quantum physics, John the beloved about how many times I have been here (slow learner) and even met Yeshua Ben Joseph (funny fellow too!).
    I then met my SELF and walked in Spirit realms ('heaven'} talking and being shown places like a gigantic library (hall of records). I then expanded to BE Everything. I have seen the Crystal web that we are all connected to, and the spiders web (the 'silver cord') that attaches to us from SELF to self (we are never left alone. 'Ask and IT shall be given to you, seek and you shall find').
    Then I had to go deeper, to really exhaust all this stuff. I then met Source ('Father') who told me I am a Sun ('son') 'I and my Father are ONE) I even went through a black whole to come out into a white hole and became a creator (Alice in wonderland has nothing on this!) but something was still not confronted!
    Consciousness! IT! And when I eventually got around to having the conversation with IT, I found out that IT plays this game we are all in called 'Hide and Seek.' We come through the veil to have the 3D experience, but the veil is the forgetfulness, and we are here to reconnect to our SELF (Consciousness) so that IT can be fully integrated here experiencing it all as THE ABSOLUTE. Everything everywhere All as One-ce. We are All Consciousness, All ONE, All connected as Everything already. 'YOU'ARE IT!
    Kindest Regards.

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    Imagine Heaven is all you've known,
    Where everything is perfect, and all is Love.
    Jesus asks if you'd like to love and appreciate your loved ones even more.
    By visiting a world where you'd experience the loss of loved ones.
    First, you may ask what is 'appreciate' and 'loss'.
    Jesus would describe many things you'd learn of in an imperfect world.
    Loss, sorrow, fear, anger, hate, evil, deceit, envy, greed, guilt, shame, anxiety, disappointment, pain, suffering, and tribulation.
    You may ask why the teaching of these things is not sufficient.
    Protesting why anyone would ever want or need to experience such things.
    Jesus would explain that we can only truly learn of them by living them.
    Because through these life trials we will also learn perseverance, courage, strength, triumph, appreciation, gratitude, empathy, and compassion.
    And appreciate the goodness, joy and Love of Heaven all the more.

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    NDE testimonies are credible and can be used for both good and evil. The good in NDE testimonies are those that point to Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us. The evil in NDE testimonies are those that deny Jesus Christ and His truth that is recorded in the Holy Bible. Your sins need to be forgiven by the finished works of Jesus Christ otherwise your ultimate destiny in the afterlife is eternal damnation. Don't be fooled. Evil demonic forces are able to disguise themselves as forces of good.

    John 14:6

    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

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    I Don't like being human !! It is full of disappointment and grief and limitation and endless suffering. The happy moments are almost inexistent, and life isn't worth it especially when we reach a certain age when everything remotely beautiful in our lives, is gone ! I am struggling to understand why spirit chooses to be human, it is very hard on the soul and body.

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    Nowhere in the Bible does it say it is appointed for humans to die more than once and, after that, face judgment. Humans die ONCE. They don't die, go to heaven, and come back. An NDE is supposedly NEAR death. These experiences cannot be verified or substantiated, especially from the Bible, so study it, and you will never be deceived.

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    Thank you for sharing this experience with the world. I had a very short NDE, but enough to know, what is beyond the "earth" life is the deepest amount of peace one can imaging. I did not meet any religious people or messages ( that is a story told by those who fear death).

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    Don't let people discourage you from telling what happened to you or what you believe about you NDE. First, am a Christian. I too have left my body on a few occasions. I won't get into those at this time though. But I want you to know that I have a memory from a time before I came to earth. It was, I believe, before I entered my body in my mother's womb. I recall feeling anxious about a choice I was about to make as I stood before two monitors. I could see two possible lives I would choose from. I distinctly remember feeling that I had to choose the more difficult one. Once that was done, I was laid back on a reclining exam like table. Before me were three beings of light. I could not see their faces. But I knew them. I felt a bit unsure I was ready, but I went on with the plan. I had things to accomplish. I don't know what they were. That's all I remember about it except one thing. I recognized my parents voices in my mother's womb. And then I went to sleep.

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    NDEs are just the simulation trying to convince your consciousness to come back to this miserable place.

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    There is no such thing as an immortal soul. Absolutely nothing about man survives death or is immortal. It is the Devil's original lie still being promoted.

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    NDE's are not the same as dying or actually being dead. As for ''souls wanting to come to Earth''… bosh! Who the eff in their right mind would choose to come here?

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    Souls don’t come back from the dead, but demons do!

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    I believe every word of Jay's NDE and found it to be an enlightening story. Much Love Jay. See you on the other side!

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    My wife is dieing of cancer now.Has only minutes to days left so i sadly comprehend.I would trade places with her after #40 years of marriage if i could.I am a good person and allways worked,but i feel i did'nt do enough for her. =(

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    Another ,”I died and I saw the mysteries of the universe”
    A hallucination that’s it.

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    My goals here on earth?! How do I get a copy of my list. ..

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    So you believe the lie that people have souls. Gen 2:7  And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. Man does not have something called a soul, he is a soul formed of body and spirit.

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    This experience is completely unbiblical. We don't get to choose if we want to go back or move on to something else. If something deviates from scripture, it's invalid.

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    the only church that teaches similar things as what is in this NDE is the large church in Utah. It's the closest thing and parallels closely what you hear in this story.

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    I had an NDE as well when I was 15…and I can definitely say that it is hard for me to stay on earth currently because I remember and experienced the love and light that awaits after this earth-hell hole. My life on earth currently filled with mental illnesses with suicidal thoughts, so it is hard to know that I am missing out by being here. Idk why I came to earth but i guarantee that i will NOT be coming back again😂 Earth sucks & i think we all know that 😂 but yay me for the boldness to come here even though I regret it immensely 😊

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    Everything you said is true. I told a friend that we sign a contract and he didn't believe me. I know that we did! God bless you and have a good day.

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    MY husband had a Out of Body experience when he was 9. He got encephalitis and went into a coma on Good Friday. The doctor said he had done ONE Spinal Tap in WWI. He could not promise it would help but he came out of the coma on Easter Sunday. He remembers being above the bed, above the light fixture and watching them. So I believe 100%

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    Thank you God bless you ❤

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    i pray all my life for help but nothing

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    has anybody see god not just by reading piece of papper

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    This is called the returning resurrection which all spirits must do. Christians return to bring other Christians to the Lord of the Second Advent. Those of other religions go to their counter parts to bring them to Jesus in Paradise. Good conscience people go to those like them and bring them to Jesus. Atheists and selfish people find the same kind of people and put them to trials so they can eventually go to Paradise to await the LSA. Evil people find other evil people and have them go through indemnity so they will also eventually go to Paradise. Eventually, hell will be empty and all spirits of the past, those living now and future generations will be in the Kingdom of Heaven. NO ONE will be left behind. That is God's desire.

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    So you need to "sign a contract" as a glowing orb of light in the spirit world? OK, got it. I hope he had a good Glowing Light Orb Spirit Attorney.

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    I thought I had a dream one night not for sure. I knew I was in heaven and saw jesus. And bright colors. Woke up my hushand said I had a blank look on my face. Got up to use restroom. Layed back down and went to sleep. I have asthma.not sure something happend.

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    Someday, the earth will become the center of God's kingdom. There will be a new heaven and a new earth. This old earth will be destroyed by fire and replaced with a NEW earth. What a great day it will be to see God come back to earth.

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