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She Died And Realized We Create Our Own Existence | Near Death Experience | NDE

Jul 2023 15

Millions of people have had Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their stories. If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    One thing I notice about every NDE video: not one mention of climate change. If that were the existential threat that we faced, if our main purpose here was to save the planet and all that, that message would be front & center of an NDE.

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    Hi Leigh and Jen. I really resonate with this video. I have a rare disease called RSD/CRPS and think music therapy would be amazing. I would never of heard of that type of therapy if it wasn't for channel. Thank you and God bless

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    I am a Born again Christian and I personally have experienced the Lord’s miracles in my life. He is real and Heaven does exist if we believe and live a righteous life we will get there. Matthew 7:13-14.God bless you and thank you for your inspirational story/testimony.❤

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    I am not sure this falls into the NDE realm. The concepts were wonderfully expressed. Gratitude for life’s gift is best delivered to the heart of the giver, sustainer and lover of our life…Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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    She did not say we choose our own existence; she said we can choose our own purpose in life. At least she had that opportunity, that does not mean that we all do. I guess music therapist was taken when the child was born in Africa who is now digging in a cobalt mine for pennies a day.

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    Hi Lee, I know you weren’t so pleased to have your voice commandeered into a bunch of ads you never authorized, but I decided to turn it into a positive. Now, every time I hear your voice on an ad, I take a moment and say a prayer for your recovery, and continued courage. It seems to be several times a week now!

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    why do theyall have different stories…it confuses people of what really happens

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    I picture my Sister who recently died and had the voice of an Angel; Singing praise to her Jehovah God!! Jehovah was the last thought and word from her 👄 lips 👄!!! Goosebumps! Patty you got your God given voice back SING IT LOUD AND PROUD. 😢I miss you so so much. See you in my dreams!

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    This is very interesting. I had an experience that was similar to an NDE when I was suicidal in the lockdowns and didn't want to go on. One evening I was suddenly surrounded by the most incredible love, peace and joy. I remember laughing as it felt so joyful. I looked outside and saw a very bright sunset. I'm not sure how but I felt that it was god/the source who was the bright light with two or three angels either side. Without words they told me that my perceptions about the world and what is happening were accurate, but that everything would be OK. I didn't want the experience to stop, I'm not sure how long it lasted but I've never experienced it before or since.
    My only feedback on this video is that the female narrator (not the brain injury survivor) has too much of a faux smooth robotic voice. I much prefer real authentic voices. Otherwise it was great to hear this woman's experience.

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    Since the truth is that We ARE one, so "we ARE" should be more true and inclusive than "I AM" as it includes both "I" and "You" which are not separated, being the very same entity. I am you, just like you are me… Loving myself I also love you, and vice-versa.

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    What purpose is marrying someone who puts you down time and time again? What do I have to learn from that? When I married him I didn't know he was like that. I pray for an answer. What do I have to learn from someone putting me down? I don't consider marrying him or knowing him a gift. I'm sorry for that.

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    What an amazing story! I was wondering where you are getting all of these stories from? Nderf?

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    their is only yeshua no making reality no reancarnation or pariral universes their is only one reality one heaven one hell and one holy god

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    I love her telling her own story. Such a calm and soothing voice. The feeling was real. Not abrupt and urgent.

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    It's sad to read some comments. Bible warns about Satan APPEARING as a Angel of Light. Also God's word also warns "My people are destroyed by LACK of knowledge". Not knowing Christ & God. But experiencing"peace" & no intervention with Jesus Christ. 🚨 Should raise alarms. The devil can't just lie in our ears. But can also intercept NDE etc. Demons counterfeits every aspect he wants. GOD is NOT all accepting n all that. Why we are intervened by Jesus. The fact most of these experiences claim "God" talked to them. Etc. Is extremely umbilical. We're called to serve Jesus and via proxy we're to warn the world. THE TRUTH. The Holy Spirit does the rest. These NDE sadly are an open door of pure deception. Filling the to be victim they're going to heaven. With a false Peace n such. Let those who can see, see. Let those with an ear listen.

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    I love these being told by the experiencer !♥️

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    Missing Lee I even go back to he's story's just to hear he's voice there's something in hes voice that just makes me feel calm he is a gift from god ❤❤❤❤❤

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    Lee thinking of you and praying

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    Interesting, Life Changing Experience Helen. I to make music, like yourself. However, I am not a music therapist. What frequency and hertz do you use when creating the sounds of your music therapy? Thank you for sharing this experience. I am trying to take a similar path. Learning gratitude and self-love.

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    She found her purpose in one of the most amazing ways that I have heard thus far. I am glad she became a music therapist to heal other people. Remarkable. She is a gift from God.

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    To answer your question, Jen, about if this was an NDE while she was in a coma, I do not think this was an NDE. Rather, I think it was a spiritually transformative experience (STE) – if we need labels and if it helps 🙂 At no point during narration did she claim to have actually died; instead, she experienced a TBI and a coma.

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    Praying that Leigh is recovering well. Thank you Jen for continuing this channel ❤️ 🙏🏼

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    I hope Lee gets better soon,Diane,Holland,Europe,60 years old

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    I'm glad Jan is allowing Voice Speakers To Take Over The Videos Nowadays Sharing Their NDE Experience Making Them Very Realistic

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    Jesus said
    John 14:6

    King James Version

    6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

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    Weird how some people are told they can stay or go back, and other people are told they have to go back and they don't have a choice.

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    Love this one. I’m a musician and have always thought I missed the boat on using my gift to also becoming a music therapist. Can NEVER give up performing, but that’s a form of music therapy as well. So people tell me. 🙂

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    I don't believe she had an NDE but she DID experience something similar and just as profound! My husband was in a major car accident when he was 11 and was also in a coma. He said God took him on a journey around space and showed him the galaxies. He never saw His face but he saw his feet and silver colored sandals as well as his robe, which was the same color.
    He doesn't recall much else, like this woman did, but I do believe her experience was very real.
    Praying for Leigh and his family! We miss you Leigh 🙏❤️

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    Good morning sister jen thank you❤

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    She has a pretty voice, familiar somehow. Makes sense, and I had heard this before that color is sound. I enjoy the authenticity oratory of the experiencer. Hope the headaches vanish forever.

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    As a TBI survivor of (going on) 53 years I congratulate you, Ellen. I was only nine when I had my accident. I well remember all of the “fun” of trying to adapt to the newness of the TBI experience and while I wouldn’t trade any of my experiences for the world I do wish more people could have NDEs so that they can learn the valuable lessons they can teach.

    Take care.

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    Thanks! How do I buy Leigh a coffee?🤔

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    Another wonderful account, thank you. Jen, your question had me thinking that NDE is probably the best acronym and terminology for such experiences, since those who encounter them don't necessarily have to die.

    Some people could just be critically injured, and on a few rare occasions, I've heard it has happened while merely meditating.

    So, regardless as to whether or not her physical body died while in the coma, I absolutely do believe that what she experienced was the afterlife.

    I wish you a wonderful rest of the day and a relaxing evening to follow.

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    You picked a good one Jenn!! (Well, there all good, but this one struck a cord with me, pun intended 😊)
    I was raised in a musical household. It played 24/7 in some form or another. My siblings and I sang in choir, played instruments, and were incouraged to write lyrics or poetry..
    When I was diagnosed with RSD/CRPS 16 years ago I had no clue that music was going to become a huge part of my healing. I enjoy listening to pretty much everything music, from Tibetan munks to alternative. When I feel a flare coming on, my earbuds go in and I lay down with either classical or my favorite group JOURNEY (Steve Perry fan!❤) on low, till I figure out how bad the flare is.. my Mondays are "music Mondays" only after I come to @heavenawaits and listen..
    Music is healing, it can spark memories of times in our past, it can spark anger but it also can bring peace and people together.. music is so many things, just as God is.. it's another thing to remind us that God exists and wants us to be fulfilled while we're here. That's my 2 cents 😊
    Big hugs everyone!~Christy

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    15 years ago I was able to help confirm the faith of other when I was able to survive an NDE of biblical portion. Anyone who has the ability to empathize with the NDE in the narratives lived by others actually helps in a way bring about a fulfilling sense of purpose and prosperity and enjoyment in life. A life lived is lived best when luck and love can enrich the existence of those who enjoy doing life with others and feeling appreciated for the life we live for others also. It is through others our lives started, as every parent had a child and every adult started as a child in some point in time.

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