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Kim Clark Finds the Tennis Shoe and Proves Near Death Experiences Are Real

Dec 2023 05

This is the smoking gun of the near death world! A patient named Maria, at Harborview Hospital, had a near death experience that she told Kim Clark about. She rose up out of her body, outside the hospital, and looked down and saw a tennis shoe on a ledge. Something that could only be seen from a helicopter’s view of the hospital.

Kim Clark then went to the floor and looked out the window and couldn’t see the tennis shoe. But she reached out the window, and sure enough, there it was, and history was made.

I worked at Harborview Hospital during this period of time. I personally spoke with the Respiratory Therapist who was involved with the resuscitation. She clearly remembered both the patient talking about the tennis shoe and Kim Clark finding it.

Oh, but you say, Where is the tennis shoe? Why can’t Kim produce it? (uh, it’s in her garage somewhere). But even if Kim produced the tennis shoe, then someone would say, “oh, but how do we know it’s the real tennis shoe. Maybe she just bought that tennis shoe”. And if Kim had a videotape of her finding the shoe, and affidavits from the Head of the Hospital that it was in fact the tennis shoe?

Well even that wouldn’t be enough for some people. Well what if we got in a time machine and went back in time and showed those people Kim actually finding the tennis shoe? Oh, that wouldn’t be enough, They would then claim that we went back to an alternative Universe that wasn’t our time line, etc etc etc.
Are you finally getting it? There is no sense in engaging the Skeptics. There is no amount of proof that would make them believe anything.

It is that proves are real. Kim’s story is supported by , and her own integrity.


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