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She Crossed Over – What She Saw During Her Near Death Experience Will Shock You!

Aug 2023 13

She Crossed Over – What She Saw During Her Near Death Experience Will Shock You!

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Some People dismiss near death experiences () as dreams or the hallucinations of a dying brain, people generally do not have the same kinds of hallucinations. In contrast, the descriptions of near-death experiences are remarkably consistent across culture and time. Many people do think when they do had their Near death Experience, they saw , , angels, , met jesus, and e.t.c..

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She Crossed Over – What She Saw During Her Near Death Experience Will Shock You!


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    "I'm very left brain bla bla bla" another privileged whiteashkenazi female who is so full of herself, goy!

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    Did she study Kinesiology at the university? Did I hear it correctly? (Not very left brain to me.)

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    she does not sound emotionally stable enough to make the whole experience thing sound real, sound like a book promotion instead

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    I have learned this through meditation— that what we experience is for our growth, and that changed the way that I perceive everything and it’s so beautiful. I say that life is like a beautiful song, but more than all of them combined. Thank you for sharing, I love to hear others stories ❤

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    Real things make a difference.

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    The hospital with all the attached monitors had no evidence of death. She went from surgery and was in the recovery room when she apparently came back, not ER, Is this real? And another nde book…

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    🌟 💖 🌟 💙 🌟 💜 🌟 💖 🌟

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    Thanks you sis ⚘⚘⚘

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    Demons causing confusion

  10. #10

    I wonder if you would have decided to come back if you were a poor lonely black woman riddle with sickness and dispair…?

  11. #11

    You cheated…! Got a peak at your future in the blue print of your life, removed the chronical illness from your life and knowing that you are "well off" in your present life, money, house, family, professional and not to mention beautiful, you decided to come back…! It's not fair…😐

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    Thank you 🙏 I’m also guided to inspire consciousness awakening.

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    My pain is your pain.

  14. #14

    The header suggests I'll be shocked by this NDE. No NDE shocks me, it's what I find here in this life that shocks me. The unbelievable cruelty humans inflict on one another and animal life that shocks me. Even my own past behavior shocks me now at 74 years old. How could I have been so mean and indifferent to so many for so long? It's not that way now however and I didn't need an NDE to change, just life experience…

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    She’s such a beautiful lady!

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    Lady I don't care what kind of experience you had your dealing in a deep realm that you have no idea how to control so you better step out of that crap trying to talk to the dead or trying to mediate with the Dead you going to put yourself in a really bad place and open yourself up to all kinds of crazy stuff please stop for your own sake and your family

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    Rare experience

  18. #18

    Curious what were the 4 phrases?

  19. #19

    I had an NDE when I was 12. Maybe one day I’ll make a video, but I gravitate toward these clips because they’re all similar to my experience and all of them have common factors which remind me of that one moment of reality I ever felt reality and joy

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    Thank you for sharing your story – this keeps confirming to me that we lead multiple lifetimes for our soul to continue it's learning, development and growth. I'm curious what the point is beyond that though. Like if your soul has learned all it's needed to learn, do you just stay on the other side or a new dimension of heaven eternally?

    I also understand that spirits clearly do work on the other side and it's interesting to see how God assigns all of that.

    Also, I was wondering what the difference feels when you have a dream and you feel your consciousness in a dream versus a near death experience. To me so far, it sounds like NDE's are far more real and present, where dreams can feel a bit more elusive and hazy.

    Also, the life review is something very aligned with a lot of NDE's I hear about. If we view life as a soul mission and purpose with the good and the bad, then we can accept our lives rather than being so depressed and feeling hopeless. It's easier said then done of course, but NDE's really help hone in this point.

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    0:15 were all a medium and channeller if you learn how to communicate, no one is gifted.

  22. #22

    I have listened to so many NDE’s… hundreds… something is different about her explaining of hers.. more or less the same but different.

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    over produced. I'm a psychic and I see it's all a money grab.

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    Thank you!

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    She sounds kind of fake …..

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    Thanks for sharing

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