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Scientist Clinically Dead For 6 Minutes; Leaves Earth And Is Shown The Afterlife (NDE)

Aug 2023 07

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Dr. Anna Stone had a profound near death experience NDE that took her on a trip to the afterlife, where she shares what she saw on the other side, what she learned, and how it changed her life. She now is a healer and a tarot card reader. You can check out more of Anna at the following links:





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    I freed from alcohol as well

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    I had about 4 or 5 dreams in which I died in, that I remember well. In all of them I felt nothing after dying. I just remember a fog like white colour sorrounding me. I couldn't feel any emotions and I couldn't feel my chest. I just felt like a feather. No pain, no nothing. It was the most comfortable and easy state I have ever been in.

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    Great video! Also loved your 1 hr interview video, thanks for doing that one too.

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    I'll bet there's a book? 💰

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    Awesome testimony thank you . Really good how it helped to heal your past experiences . Wishing you well always God bless .

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    Your NDE recount really affects me — thank you for sharing, 1st time I've ever 'wished' for something to help heal me. Thank you again.

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    One of the most unique and singular experiences I have even heard. Thanks you for adding to the a very important addition to the NDE body of knowledge. God bless you on your new route in life.

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    Just so you know, you don't need all that makeup. Thanks for your story.

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    I have a fear of the inevitable death, but this video has helped me overcome my fear. It makes me believe that there is such a thing as a heaven and Jesus.

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    Thank you for your lovley story, interesting when you say you stoped drinking so quick, I my self was a drinker and 13 of may 2022 I just stopped, no help off any one, so I still feel as if some one is giving me strength to carry on, there is definitely I believe some higher power guiding us. Greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪❤️

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    I think I wouldn't mind being dead. It's the process of getting dead that scares me.

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    To me this helps with my current life in that I can enjoy it with more passion and excitement, knowing that there is far more to come and that we don't really die…

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    WTF with these cut up so much that it is almost every single word? It's uncomfortable how slashed up this is. It sounds like Max Headroom.

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    Great story but I have to say that due to her childhood trauma, she does lack empathy for her daughters and likely has some envy. She was more upset about being judged for drug abuse bc she has a low self esteem and only cares about her desirability.

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    What a great story.. She's a nice person as you can see, and I'm so happy for her.. It's turned out good for her and this helped her.. God bless her..

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    All is One
    All is part of the Creator

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    It is reallyis interesting to hear these things from a scientist.

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    Body dies, not the soul. The soul based on the karmas done in the body takes birth again and again.

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    Undertitles please.

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    I’ve watched about 10+ stories which are amazing, but I have not heard anyone say they’ve met their past pets, which is sad as I loved all my animals more than some humans and they got me through times that were not good over the years. I hope I see them when I get to the other side 🥺

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    I'm am fed up with suffering and no stability in my life what ever I do I'm suffering science I'm born Suffering to the level that I had long term contagious depression because of parents For a child that's means you no life you are not living no love no friends no sense of safety But insted trying to stay alive that's all there is and Idea to became adult gives you panic attacks and cold sweat instead Joyful happy feeling's

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    Are you related to Emma Stone ???

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    privileged, and coddle, white gentile female

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    Makes me wonder if this is true or not like is the brain powerful enough or is the consciousness steps out of the brain is that a soul or energy particle atom that doesn't die not saying super natural more of scientific topic that yet people few experienced and that no afterlife but a atom dimensional realm forever 🤔 maybe

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    My mum had a NDE when she was in her early 20s. She fractured her skull and officially 'died' whilst in the ambulance on the way to the emergency department. She is adamant there is something beyond this life. She ststed she could see us in the ambiance as she rose above us, she felt pressure pushing her back down to her body and a voice telling her it wasn't her time yet. She's positive something happens after the body dies. I am sceptical, but hope so as my partner of nearly 21 years passed away last year, i hope we meet again someday, as i didn't have the strength to join her when i failed on New Year's Day.

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    There is a great story of a young boy, 9/11 and the reincarnation of a New York City fire lieutenant who perished in The North Tower. The full story as told by the boy's mother on (and off) a popular Reincarnation Forum starting in 2007 up to the present day. The books full title, Fire in the Soul: Reincarnation from Antietam to Ground Zero. The author is Jeffrey Keene a retired Asst. Fire Chief.

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    What a blessing! So happy for you 💖

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    I wonder do we ever reach our full potential on earth

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    Finally someone with a recent NDE.

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    You were out of your body. When we are dead, there is no going back, and our organs are useless for transplant, because the heart has stopped beating. Clinically dead is when there is no electrical activity visible in the brain, but usually that is not real death.

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    Man when I listen to these stories and it makes me think I can just off myself, and get told either that was how things were meant to go, welcome, or go home you're not gonna die, and now you have more to learn.

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    Unfortunately, people always tried to explain science with mystical/spiritual explanations. Most likely, this is a biological phenomenon of the dying brain. The brain can remain active up to 15 minutes after clinical death. We are just biological animals, like a horse or cow.

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    Curious how these "scientists" keep referring to seeing in all directions as 360 degree sight/vision rather than omni-directional sight/vision. Omni-directional is elementary school level science and math, or at least it used to be.
    Maybe it's me that doesn't know the difference.
    Now was it an X axis, or an X, Y and Z axis? I'm not claiming to be a scientists, how would I know?

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    This world would be different if everyone had an NDE! Thankyou for sharing!

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    There are conscoisness studies?!?!? 😮😮😮 wow really? Need to google it

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    Will someone please pray for me?

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    I would think after 6 minutes the brain is still active and the synapses are still going even after flatline.

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