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Near Death Experience: She Experienced Hell | NDE

Jul 2024 10
Near Death Experience: She Experienced Hell | NDE

Millions of people have had (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    Vicky's website: http://www.halehoonani.org

    Had to edit out the mention of nyquil of all things, YouTube got mad at me over that one… no idea why.

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    This is one of my favorite NED experiences ever. Thank you for sharing this. Very relatable…..in this world as it is these days.

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    ❤Hello Lee GodBless you and your family

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    Hi everyone I have a question my son died from an overdose an I was told that people who died from that don't go to heaven I'm wondering if someone could tell me if that's true

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    This sounds completely schizophrenic and disorganized.

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    I just don't think i can believe what this man is saying.. No man is going to brush God's teeth.. ok. Just what is this? Jesus can't be near u if u take headache medicine like Tylenol? And who has a headache in heaven while u are in the presence of Jesus the lord of lord's? And winnie the pooh n Christopher.. just no.. this man was deceived..he had to be horribly deceived..

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    Seriously?What is this garbage?Jesus is getting choked by a demon right next to her.This is straight from the pits a hell

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    listening to this .. its eighter God allows lies and deceptions or that lady lies.
    the thing is .. i see to many christian .. being way to full of themself .. they have a way to big ego to acknowledge that they where fooled by this world.
    and people like myself .. who are willing to accept .. that we where tricked even though we so strongly though we knew .. can prove that OBJECTIVLY!
    but only to people who are able and willing to accept that we ALL got lied to .. and who are able see with their own eyes and think for themself .. rather than just
    blindly follow institutions!
    to many NDEs sound like what those people "think to know" because they tap into their own mind andwhy they feel and see there.
    i too at one point thought i "finally knew it all" .. when i was faaar from that.
    i dont think those people are bad people .. and they even think they are doing good .. because they think that they have tapped into "the god conciousness" and it makes them feel good .. and so others too could feel that great if they tap into the same thing.
    but again .. people who know .. know that this lady here was eigher lied to by the spiritual world or she is lying! maybe she even believes her own lies to be true.

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    Worst writting ever, it's disjointed and confusing, also I'm not even sure it's an actual nde.

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    I did not feel the companionship of the Holy Spirit listening to this video at all. This is not authentic. I know this because my discernment tells me so.

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    More UNBIBLICAL nonsense. I don't doubt her experience, I just don't believe it was caused by God.

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    Not quite an NDE…

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    Her story about her NDE was pretty cool to listen to

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    This is what happens when they put drugs in tea. Caffeine is bad for you.

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    This is funny. Like being homeless and being treated like garbage while hearing voices all day talking about the glory of Satan and Lucifer each day. Praise God for the whole breeding addiction on Earth. What a hell this person was in. A whole 5 day period of sickness. Delirious with schooling (which costs money) indicating you have parents and knowledge of mink fur. I guess in the end this helped you personally but not me,. I am on 7 years of aliens attacking me and it is hell. Hearing sick things each day and lied to that all things will work out. The story is poetic as you wrote it a few times first. Will you be writing a book soon. The Reptilians live to lie and serve the insectoids eternally. Perhaps they can experience honey and cinnamon one day as well. Because right now the mission is to tell government officials that they come in peace and showing them miracles while collecting souls for Satan by suicide and violence each day.

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    Reminds me of my nde

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    This is such an interesting NDE and making so much sense for me! Thank you.
    The ones who want to survive, will loose their lifes.

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    You know, I have noticed that I see a lot of Jesus Christ in Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh in us many times. He loves Pooh for Pooh and is always celebrating him just for being him too. That’s how Jesus is with us. He loves us for us no strings attached. We just need to embrace his love as Winnie the Pooh does Christopher Robin.

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    I definitely needed to hear this today.

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    I don’t understand how being rich is a hell…. You would never have to worry about starvation

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    what is up with these voiceover videos? Real testimony first-hand is what we need! haha

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    Not biblical!

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    Sounds more like an insane fever dream.

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    I'm not sure what or how I feel about this one.

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    Hell is everything a light in our souls so its a lie.

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    Do you think it could be our 'Higher Self" (which is a piece of God in our DNA) instead of God Himself?

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    I prefer male pastor s,I'm old fashioned

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    Nancy Evans Bush, MA, is President Emerita, International Association for Near-Death Studies
    and Dr. Bruce Greyson published in a medical journal about 3 common responses to negative NDE's: the turnaround, reductionism, and the long haul. About the 2nd response they write, "Reductionism claims, 'It was only…' As a response to a distressing experience, reductionism has been described as the 'defense [that] allows one to repudiate the meaning of an event which does not fit into a safe categor' and to 'treat the event as if it did not matter.'

    Learning that drug-induced hallucinations include geometric forms, a patient concluded that his second NDE was 'only a drug reaction.' This may be an appropriate conclusion clinically, but the experience remains. Reductionism provides a temporary buffer to mask questions and anxieties, but does nothing to resolve them…reductionist explanations only assign a cause without addressing meaning.

    No evidence supports the conventional assumption that 'good' people get pleasant NDEs and 'bad' people have distressing ones. Saints have reported extremely disturbing NDEs, while felons and suicide attempters have encountered bliss."

    Another medical journal article written by Dr. David San Filippo states, "According to a study performed by Noyes and Slymen, near-death experiences can be classified further into three consciousness constellations of the type of event: mystical, depersonalized, and hyper-alert…The hyper-alert constellation refers to the experiencer's sense that his or her thoughts are sharply defined, vivid, and accelerated.

    Most of the sensory nature of the near-death experience can be induced through drugs or hallucinations but the positive change in the individual's personality and attitudes do not appear to be capable of replication."

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    Those palaces are heaven for some.

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    idk what it is about this one but for some reason doesnt sound like a nde and more like a bad dream or delerius due to fever and the sickness

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    I just don't get it but thank you for sharing your experience I'm sorry you were so sick

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    The song by the Steve Miller Band sums it up, "You know you have to go thorough Hell before you get to Heaven". Well, I am a human being. I experience what it is like to be a human. Which of course flirts with the seven deadly sins (greed is one). I don't try to act perfect or act like I am above all this. That is stress within itself, and dishonest. At times I am granted moments of bliss or maybe glimpses into heaven…by grace. But also the timeless moments are possible by having life experience, and reflecting on what can be learned from experiencing life. Years of experience. So, inevitably, I go back to being a human with all of my faults. I am a collector. I collect antiques. sometimes I am greedy to get that next thing for my collection. I focus on the next acquisition. I focus on being a human and being faulted. It's who I am. It's the world I live in. But in the end, there is no question what will happen. I will return to the Earth and God. There is no question this will happen. The things in my collection were made by others in the past. Now they are in my hands. And in the future, those things will go on after I'm gone.

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    As I heard her words, I could feel prickling from my feet up to the top of my head. The feeling a stress and fear is the hell that tortures many in this life and they take it beyond. Her message was clear to me and I know she was given the gift to communicate God's message in a very authentic language. Thank you for sharing your NDE and inspiring FAITH.

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    Jesus is Lord God Almighty clothed in unsinful humanity and He is the author of "eternal life" to all who trust Him alone for salvation: this means that saving repentance is realizing that you are a sinner deserving of God's just punishment in Hell and turn (repent) from whatever you trusted in before, if indeed you trusted in anything; to trusting in the person and finished work of Christ "alone" for salvation.

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    Love your channel!

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    Well… That's different…

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    I mean no disrespect, but I feel like this could've been a fever hallucination due to how sick she was.

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    demons perish in the presence of jesus ,they could never choke him. it was completed on the cross.

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    Watching later

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    Absolutely fabulous. I had chills the whole way through God bless you and God bless us all🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    The forth circle of hell is just a symbol. It is useful for describing something but that is really it. What was revealed in my mind was simply how distructive, ego-based thoughts work. They could bring about self-made hell just by the act of thinking. Great story. Cheers for narrating.

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    I agree with Tim b.
    This is an interesting story, not an NDE, but one under duress of fever and hallucinations. Perhaps her own feelings of the bad she did in life, and yes, if she strayed from God and Jesus, I can sense her remorse and regret.
    Not the most moving of stories, but to see how one can be susceptible to spiritual attacks when I'll is definitely real. They are pathetic creatures, assaulting us at our weakest.

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    This isn’t an nde. Sorry but sounds like you were just high…

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    "Laughing in someone's face about how ugly they were"…I don't believe this represents how God feels about the people created in His image. When Jesus physically walked this earth he often saw people's lostness and had compassion on them since they were like sheep without a shepherd. There were times He said, "away from me Satan" to followers of His that didn't have the kingdom's goal in mind, but I don't think He would laugh at or mock a person's "ugliness", whether the ugliness is a sinful heart or physically attractiveness.

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