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He Died & Experienced Hell. What He Saw Will Shock You! The Near-Death Experience of Dominic | NDE

May 2024 16

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In this video: Dominic Morrow, who lived a life of crime, died and went to the gates of hell and back during his near-death experience.
You can find Dominic’s YouTube channel here: @DominicMorrowInc
You can visit Dominic’s website here: www.BlessedtoBeChosen.com
You can email Dominic at TheNarrowPathSociety@gmail.com or BlessedTobeChosen.com7@gmail.com

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    Book Your Free Distant Healing Session with Jamie here:

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    Why is my experience completely different from the one fron this guy is hell completely different from each individual.

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    But we are living in hell on this planet
    And they seek the people of the light to try to still our souls

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    The most important thing if anyone is under attack
    Is to trust god and have no fear

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    To god be the glory

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    I understand his story
    As I was under spiritual attack
    And thank god I had witnesses
    But now I’m recovering now

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    Thank you brother I believe every word of it enjoy every word

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    There's no question of any doubt! This man's word is 100% genuine! It would be impossible to put this much energy an emotion in a story if it was fiction. The lord has been dealing with me for a very long time now. Something told me to watch this video. An I watched every second of it! If anyone doubts the existence of Good an Evil? Just look at the world we in? Look at the levels of sin in our society? Mankind has NO future! I'm 47 now. An I live everyday thankful for every blessing in my life! Lately. ..I've been having daily conversations with Jesus. An I can only hope? I'm currently leading my life an families life, exactly where Jesus wants me to? I know I'm not worthy..however, I spend my days trying to make things right.🙏Forgive me me father for my sins.

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    Father in heaven please show me how to have a relationship with my savior Jesus Christ. I want to come closer to him that saved me from my sins.

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    In the words of Jim Kelly
    You come straight out of a comic book

  12. #12

    Well at least u got some act right now
    Whatever helps you out.

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    You lie for attention and clot! My god say that no one will ho to hell or heaven until judgement day the dead know nothing he said do not add to or take away from his word

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    We are to judge righteously and to expose evil . Whether or not it is a false religion or false teaching. It's to warn those who are deceived by it. CALL IT OUT ,AND YES IM JUDGING BUT IM JUDGING RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT.

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    OK if there god why is the there so much unhappiness the world then

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    I hope he repent from his sins and accept Christ as his Savior. Hell is real

  17. #17

    Ok let me get this straight…A place was created with all of this horror for the damned? A lot of power and effort was put into this. Seems like a waste of power. With that same effort people could have been taught right. Instead we're given vague information, predatory clergy confuse us on a daily basis and we're expected to choose the right one. We are all living on this planet feeling around in the dark looking for a candle that turns out to be dynamite. Torment is considered cruel even by our standards. I'm not convinced that a god would do that. Only people have that train of thought. Evil sadistic people. Can't wait for all of this to be straightened out. Can't wait for the lies to be exposed.

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    It seems like those demons are enjoying themselves immensely, free to indulge in their nefarious urges for all of eternity, giving free rein to their vicious impulses. I thought they were there to receive punishment with no time for anything else, not to be “in charge” of some sort of sadistic holiday camp… "An eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels." means demons will be suffering and be tormented there.

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    It's beautiful

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    Thank you for sharing this information. I think everyone needs to here what he is saying. His testimony is a true blessing and will make someone repent of their sins and follow Jesus.

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    This Man speaks the truth I also had this experience and the earth has dimensions and doorways please give All praise to God

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    This guy has a great story and I think he's doing a lot of good but in my opinion and according to scripture there is reincarnation I don't think it is a common thing therefore I don't believe it happens to us all but there is more than one verse in the Bible that says not only did this seem to be a certain Prophet but it was the same prophet who had been dead for a long time. Forgive me for not knowing chapter and verse but it is there and I also believe there are many credible stories of reincarnation just in our average world now not just Biblical times I'm not saying they are all true and I know the demons have their tricks but I do believe in my discernment there are real examples of reincarnation.

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    Who did a really good job at describing undescribable things. Great job and I think you have saved many Souls with your testimony. God bless you.

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    😮I can believe every word of this young man speaking 🗣️ . I had some crazy dreams where I can smell fell 🫦 fear. But nothing like what he is saying

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    Good Morning Very Happy That I Caught This Video. I've Had Two Experiences With A Vist From The Other Side, The Frist I Was Taken Back To All The Things I'd Ever Done. I Can Still Taste And Smelll Surffer. The Seacond Time I Was Given A View Into The With GOD, Telling Me I Was Needed. That Same Year GOD, Gave Me My Third Child To Raise, My Nephew. WHO IS NOW 30 YEARS OF AGE .
    People Didn't Believe Me And I Was Too Insecure At The Time To Stand Up And Delcare The Truth.
    I Know His Story Could Be As Real As Mind. WOW! I Never Thought I'd Hear My Story Being Told. THANK YOU!!!❤

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