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Sail Life – Insulating the v-berth, part 2

Feb 2024 21
Sail Life – Insulating the v-berth, part 2

Sanding sucks! I finish sanding the inside of the hull in preparation for putting up stringers and wooden slats (called ceiling aboard a ). Thanks to the awesome comments on my previous video I’ve learned that pine is not the best species of wood for this purpose. Thanks, guys! This is a lot of work but I think it’ll make a huge difference when I move aboard the 🙂

The video with my friend Doug:


Cross level laser:


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    Seven years later! Ooooh glorious sanding 🤣👍🏼

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    Absolutely love your channel and are slowly binging our way through your videos. I do have a question regarding the glue and foam removal. A lot of our lining had crumbled off due to age and has basically left the foam/stickiness behind. I'm struggling to get this off and it cloggs our sander. Do you have any products you would recommend to allow it to break down for easier removal before the sand?

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    It's good to see the woodprix has new instructions to save my money and energy to build it.

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    I understand all of your English, though there are some of my fellow North Americans', who's accent I do not understand lol.

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    You can extend the life of your sanding pads by saanding some rubber, like the sole of an old shoe, which will pull out the crud stuck to your sanding material.

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    Does that help?

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    Hi Mad's, always enjoin your vid's, I got a question for you, do you really but really want to put a holding tank under your V-berth? Honestly, I don't think is a good idea, I know in the future your going to have some problems with smell, have you consider a composting toilet? In my opinion it will be much better, consider it before you take all that space under your V-berth which you can use for other things that you may need on your boat. youst my 2cents.

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    I think going with the oak will be better!  🙂  Nice you had some laying around! 🙂

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    I'd say in-shoe-lation but you do not want to take pronunciation tips from an Aussie (especially a Queenslander).

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    Another great project series.  Are we ever done working on our boats??!!??  ☺

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    I LOVE the way you say Insulation! it's neat.

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    As always I enjoyed your upload, hope you feel better soon….. P.S. Your English is excellent… keep the quirks !!

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    You're doing great Mads. Keep up the good work my friend. She's a fine vessel and I Love her look. I think I would do the same designs you are doing. Very clean, simple, and well thought out. I really enjoy your passion you have for her. She is as unique as you are. I hope to meet you both as well as Yokull one day.

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    Love your videos.  Can't wait to see how you like living aboard.  BTW Your english is excellent.  Your second language is better than most of our first language.

    I am curious. What is your background?  Education and profession.  You seem to have excellent mechanical aptitude.  Is your background in engineering?

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    Do I need to change out the pine celing on the sides and overhead on my Nor'Sea? It's only been there since 1978, in cold climate all the way through the tropics.
    Treat it well, and it will be just fine.

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    I love your vids, very informative! Keep up the very, very good work! My sailboat is still in Salem New Jersey. But! once I get it close to home I'm gonna start working on it. It's gonna take much work and your vids really help. The products are effective. I'll be looking to purchase the right products for my refit. I'll be putting vid on YouTube soon. I checked out your blog and I love the before pictures of your sailboat, looks muck like the before pictures of my sailboat. Keep the vids comin!

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    Dude your command of the english language is better then most of my friends in NY

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    Nice effort for not feeling well. Hope you're doing better soon!

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    This may be of interest to you Mads………..

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    Mads, don't worry about your English pronunciation, please! I reckon your English is likely far superior to the detractors Danish!! Being born an Englishman and having lived in many parts of the world your English is fantastic, far better than some who claim it's their native tongue!
    Glad your not using pine… Good for a wood burning stove though. Hope your feeling better and have stopped itching from that fibreglass dust…… Looking forward to the next vid…… Alfy seems to just be doing some sailing….. Don't feel too bad Ha! Ha! 😁👍🍻

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    Hi there enjoying your vids very much. What breed is your dog?

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    Mads a simple and economical way to make backing strips that you can fasten your wooden slats over the insulation is to cut marine grade plywood into strips. If you need to you can laminate layers of thinner ply to make the contour of the hull. After you glue these to the hull sand them smooth and coat them with epoxy or even put a light layer of fiberglass.

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    Really like that laser device, and hope that you feel better soon.

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    Pronunciation police are nitpickers with nothing better to do with their time.  Accents vary between countries sharing a common language, and regionally within nations. If someone understands what you are saying, but feels a need to continually correct your pronunciation, then I would suggest trying my favorite internet pest repellant, BLOCK.

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    Great Video. I am into my 3rd Sander. I had Ryobi and Stanley and burned through both of them. Ryobi is still alive. I actually love my Black and Decker Mouse sander, pick one of those up, I use it far more.  Thanks for the Laser Ideas, I had never thought of that to line things up.

    Feel free to subscribe to my Channel. This next few months I will be doing my Diesel, my Mast, my Plumbing and Electrical. 

    Thanks for Sharing !


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    Right on man, I'm enjoying watching this project. I like the route you decided to go with your stringers. Oak should be a much better choice as well. What do you have for ventilation in the boat? (besides hatches of course) I know that Lolita is pretty well insulated and she drips with water when we run the heater in the winter unless we crack some hatches. (More future projects for me to fix that 🙂

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    SANDING DOES SUCK!!!!!  Refinishing my teak :o( And to make matters worse, somebody saw me doing it and offered to pay me to do theirs. Anything for money to finance the "DREAM", I guess.  Hope your feeling better soon. Thanks for the great videos.

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