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Present! – Nancy Rynes' Near-Death Experience

Feb 2024 20

talks about and about her near-death experience.


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    No privacy ! they read our minds and know all about us. Maybe that’s why we keep coming back here. To get a bit of peace. 🤔. Is the other side a control state on steroids?

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    In another interview she said the entity showed her her agreeing to go back to earth on a big screen in the sky…

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    I love the questions this gent is asking!!

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    Thank you so much 🙏💕

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    I loved this!!!

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    Does it not strike anyone else that these NDEs seem "damned" cold and impersonal? Who wants to go to a place where you're not even you anymore? Where you float around in basically nothing and do nothing. This is one of the "driest" NDEs I have ever seen. "She" is "extremely" dry. Ugh. I sure wish there was more to it. It does positively nothing to explain why we're here or what life is ultimately about. She reminds me of the adults in the Charlie Brown cartoons. "Wa wa wa wa wa waaa waaaa… wa waaaaa."

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    We should accept how less we know about what happens after our soul leaves our body. I don’t like to use the word DEATH. 🙏 to those people who bravely come out and tell their experience. The least we can do is show Love Compassion and kindness to the Universe. We all are ONE 🙏 Nancy

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    God will even grant people the experience of heaven, knowing that they will go off on their own and try to mine all of the benefits of the spiritual realm in the same selfish way that humankind has mined the resources of the physical earth. This is why the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so laser sharp when it diagnoses the problem with the human heart – selfish independence. The old fallen adamic nature of humanity is a self-seeking, self-aggrandizing nature that will attempt to capitalize on anything they can get their hands on of God's creation. Very sad. He has allowed us to be born into this world for His purpose of Love and the creation of the Body of Christ.

    Just because someone experiences the realm of the spirit, doesn't somehow automatically sanction independent spiritual exploration. This is dangerous business. Read Robert Monroe's accounts of moving into the second heaven, or the spiritual realm that surrounds the earth. He encounters demons there who attempt to keep his soul in their grasp and prevent him from returning into his body from his astral projection sessions. The Ouija board experiences of spiritual seekers is another example. Google it. Just because you had a spiritual experience doesn't necessitate that you should now become a "spiritual guide." This is so far from the will of God as east is from the west.

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    Nancy has a great presence about her that you feel even through the computer screen. I can tell she’s someone that people are drawn to.

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    At 13:00 this conflicts with the account she gave on Megyn Kelly Today. On the Today show she claimed this was shown to her in a "screen in the sky".

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    Tremendous sharing app

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    She doesnt seem to know to test the spirits. Many demons will be fake. God tells us DO NOT contact or converse with spirit beings while we are here. Focusing on the spirit realm to replace and occupy our time away from God is not appropriate. Spiritualists are deceived all the time by demons. Demon spirits are deceitful and are liars.

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    Wow, she’s so real, thank you for your testimony

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    Your guide would have been a man….and..he would have
    wanted a ham samich from you..as a fee- male

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    Interesting video

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    Thanks for the interview! 🙏 ❤️

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    This is such an amazing interview.Love the way Nancy gives her account and the pertinence of the questions.
    Learn to love yourself,give love, accept love from others, and be grateful for what you have right now.
    I'm going to try and remember that every day of my life on this strange world.
    Thank you both😍😍

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    The Place where she was During NDE is called A'raf there is whole (chapter 7) in holy Quran, What ever she is saying is all there in Quran most of it. Its a place where souls will be kept until day of judgement, And I totally believe her.

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    Strange how the higher beings only communicate with comfortably off westerners.

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    The in between place is actually described in the book if revelations. Its the 4th dimension

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    No mention of Jesus Christ at all Nancy, pardon me if i missed that part but i really believe the devil was playing around with you. Pray to Jesus and get saved forget about Buddha you mentioned in this interview. You are a spiritualist, my advice is look unto Jesus alone and you shall be saved.

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    This is interesting. What do you mean it can be a little dicey?

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    I would like to watch a nde that talks about what happens after death, and not 'near' death. It's like a complete mystery. Do we get eternal liberation after death?

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    I wrote a book in 2010 about the Everythingness of God and you that want can find it at
    http://www.puzzleoflife.net. I guess in the end I wrote it for all of us and it is free to download.
    God is Love and Love is God in all of us and beyond, and not matter how slowly, we one day will become concious of it and then our world with light up like never before and it will be the, Our dream that came true.

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    What are we supposed to do in this life? Who goes to hell?

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    You DO KNOW you are talking with DEMONS don’t you?

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    The purpose of the soul is to become god like and to be who you really are. At that point the soul will no longer need a spirit guide or master to help them. The purpose of the guide is to help you with the process. Why? Bc the soul needs to know where is going next. Sometimes we incarnate in difficult situations to help us grow. Why? Bc the point is for the soul to awakens to it's true nature.

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    Devine Consiousness ? Devine presens? Ultimate source presens? Maybe she wants to say GOD ??

    So, how many years in prison do you get in this world, when you say god?

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    The problem I have with people who get to see and know the true reality and bring that memory back with them is that they all expect us to feel the same way they do to change their lives without having gotten to do so ourselves. Don't get me wrong; I am grateful for what they share. I just have strong bouts of wanting that for myself…especially when I'm hurting extremely badly about being here and putting up with all the crap around us and the lack of control over my very painful emotions.

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    How much is your book?

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    Thank you for sharing your story Nancy. It has helped me in many ways.

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    🙏🏽 thanks for sharing

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    Bless you heart thank you 🙏. Rupert spira , eckhart tolle say same thing that universe is consciousness, oh and Alan Watts . I can hardly believe that I believe it . Love is like the conduit for all of it . One thing I’m really struggling with is my mother and my brother have schizophrenia, all he sees a lot of the time is darkness, and I don’t know how to fully help him . I want to know what to do . I want to walk in the light and help people through the dark , including myself .

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    I am the way, the truth and the life Jesus said this. I need to speak to God not demons.

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    Why. can’t the interviewer let the person talk? It makes it hard to watch when the person we really want to hear is not given the space and time to fully share without being interrupted

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    Why didn't she ask what is the purpose of skeeters?

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    I’m with her, I never believed in a white God

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    When I went to the other side (briefly), I met a girl who I didn't recognize but knew her for what I can only describe as an eternity. Also, the first thing I noticed in this place, was love….tremendous pure love that is a mixture of every kind of love you can imagine here in life. She took my hand and flew me through that blue sky Nancy describes, to a place where my dad was waiting. (He had passed a few years prior).

    I couldn't believe how vibrant, young and happy he was. He died of cancer and looked terrible before he passed, but on the other side he was completely renewed and better. This is a long and personal account, so I'll leave it at that.

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    What a wonderful presentation. Thank you so much Nancy ❤️🙏

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    I love this interview. Nancy is sincere and very believable. After studying NDE's for years, beginning with Raymond Moody's book Life After Life, I am 100% convinced that these experiences are real.

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