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Plato and the Earliest Recorded Near-Death Experience

Feb 2024 21

In this podcast Eliot and I discuss the earliest known written account of a Near- Experience, which was written by the Greek Philosopher Plato. We talk about Plato, his teacher Socrates, his story of the (known as the Myth of Er) as well as the Ancient Greek beliefs of the Soul and their beliefs about what happens after .

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Where we explore the meaning and purpose of Near-Death Experiences in the modern age. We write about the intersection of spirituality, life-after death, comparative , philosophy, depth psychology, modern culture, and most of all how we can stay connected to the truth that Life doesn’t end when we die.

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    U guys r hella smart i learned much n this one video 😇

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    Why one look young and other look little older, if they are identical twin?? This can tell you so much how external environment can affect your aging.

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    These two men look identical I don’t understand this

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    Someday when humanity is more evolved, I could see the practice of being one with consciousness or spiritual self becoming a part of our educational curriculum!

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    I love this channel, it truly is so inspiring.

    Because of the stories you have chosen to tell,
    because of the hope those stories radiate, and
    because of the love between the two of you, that is so tangible and inspiring
    especially for those of us who have siblings., as well.

    Thank you!

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    I was tripping balls until I heard "my brother" 🤣

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    Thank you gentlemen.

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    Who else thought for a split second it was the same person talking to himself And the thought of them being twins never came to mind?😂

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    It's great getting this college educated presentation of these historic reports. I liked the Jung video too.

    Would like to see a similar video on:
    – The Vision of Drythelm (696ad, England? )
    – Tundal the Irish Knight
    – Vision of Alberic of Monte cassino

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    Are they twins? Same shirt & same hair style/beard. Kinda weird… like seeing double lol

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    Really enjoyed you guys. Your resemblance is so strong, I presume you are twins but maybe not. Great content.

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    Why do you guys like Play-Doh so much?

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    It's interesting to explore other perspectives, but there is only one name I am calling on when I die and that is Jesus Christ. He died for everyone so that they may not perish, but have eternal life! If you live God, follow his commandments, love him with all your heart and love your neighbor as you love yourself. Be baptized to receive the Holy Spirit as your guide when interpreting God's Word and living your day to day lives. Please, I plead with you, put your faith in the one that conquered the grave. If you're reading this, it means you can still make the best decision of your life.

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    I love this conversation. Please do this again. Talk more about this. I had an NDE and this resonates so much. I experienced a lot of what you discussed here. Please continue this discussion.

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    I don’t know if this was a near death experience but here’s my story on when I met god…. On the early morning of Thanksgiving Day of 2020 me and my sister was Sitting in my dads van just talking and looking at the sky and clouds. My sister noticed the clouds were forming a gate almost like heavens gate and I could see the same thing she was seeing. We seen another white cloud a small form almost like a person maybe an angel walk through the gates. After the clouds changed and the sky was just blue. The sun was out but it was not position in front of us to be seen like you know how the sun rise. The sun was risen but behind us. The sky was almost like a blank canvas of blue. As we are still looking at the clouds talking about the gates and angel we just seen we noticed a bright almost orange burning hue getting closer and closer. We were in complete and total shock, we thought the world was ending and a meteor was coming to hit earth because the sun was already risen. So as this orb is growing bigger and bigger me and my sister are completely freaking out. Like we were going nuts because we truly thought it was the end of the world and this meteor or the glowing orange object was going to come in contact with earth. It’s getting closer and closer and at this point me and my sister runs out the van screaming for our dad because we don’t know what is going on. As I’m running up the porch to go in the house I turn around and in a complete instant all the fear I felt, towards dying, went away and this bright blinding white light came over me. It was the orange glowing object that we seen in the sky that touched me. I instantly knew it was God. The feeling and sense of warmth and loving and caring came over me. It was completely different than that of a mothers/woman’s love or a fathers/man’s love. It was God. And he hugged me and I heard this voice say everything is going to be alright. Every fiber in my being instantly broke down and I ran in the room I fell to my knees and started praying. I broke down and started crying hysterically because I couldn’t believe God came to me and told me that everything was going to be okay. It was one of the most reassuring feelings I’ve ever felt in my life. Shortly after, my family, with me my dad and my sister, started to fall apart. We became homeless and have been since that moment. When God came to us that day I’ve never questioned or doubted myself ever again. It truly has been one of the worse times in my life but the reassurance and knowing that was God who came to me and told me everything was going to be alright truly made me change my perspective on life. My perspective on death has also changed and I no longer fear it. I love God and I love this journey I have been on. Im so thankful for that day I will never forget it and I will never stop telling the story. God is real and his love is even more real. It’s truly one of the best feelings in the world I pray everybody can meet him and feel his love.

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    First clip I've seen of these two. Couldn't tell the difference at first but after 10 minutes i can't believe i thought they were the same lol. 😂

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    Fascinating conversation. Thank you for taking the time and effort to create this channel. The NDE videos are so beautiful and wonderfully edited. Watching your Coming Home videos and The Other Side NDE have had such a huge effect on me and my increasing comfort with death. Do you believe that the purpose of suffering and darkness is to elevate the amount of bliss and light available to us? The belief that you can't have one without the other? The balance. I often question, why? Do you wish to share any thoughts on that?

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    Hey, are you guys twins?

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