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Sail Life – Insulating the v-berth, part 1

Sep 2022 20
Sail Life – Insulating the v-berth, part 1

I want to add more and also wooden slats in my V-. Once I move aboard the I want to be as comfortable as possible during the long cold winter. In this video, I remove strips of the old to make room for the stringers I’ll be securing the wooden slats to. The ‘MAS epoxies’ products I’ll be using in this series are sponsored by www.blackbearboatingandleisure.com. Head over and check out their products! Don’t forget to tune in for the review of the awesome products the sent me (should be available later next week) 🙂


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    Looking back in time seven years later🤣👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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    Med en silvan tommestok kan det kun blive godt. 😀 Hvordan har isoleringen virket? Og har du et link til, hvor man kan købe de måtter, du bruger? Jeg står nemlig selv og skal isolere en båd, så den er klar til vinter, og vil være sikre på, at de ikke suger vand.

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    Very much, enjoying catching up from the beginning. I am sure this has already been pointed out but English pronunciation of leisure is “lezure” (well close) and the US pronunciation is “leezure” (if that makes sense). In other words, the other way round (though I dare say, with all the US TV we have here, these days it’s changed).

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    Too much talking my friend……

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    This guy has definitely got a real gig going! This is a well thought out advertisement and he's making a fortune aside from the "you tube"videos! It would be interesting to know how much he's being paid as an advertiser for all the products and businesses that he plugs on these videos!

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    It’s all a good “thang” down south here, Mads…loved when you said that, I’m from Georgia, USA!

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    Re-watching these. You know, looking back, it never crossed my mind, but, you're operating the saw the wrong way, and making it harder on yourself because of it. They aren't meant to be jammed in, rather let there to do their work. I just used on to cut a door in half and i'm telling ya, the difference between a soft and consistent approach and the one even i used to think was the "key" where you "lean" on it, is the difference between sky and earth.

    Either way, the oscillating saw is one of the most versatile tools ever brought to us regular folk, heh, i remember being far more busy drooling over the medical variant (a glorious medical grade all stainless body one, shiny, gorgeous tool, expensive too, back in the day, some 10 15 years ago a used one fetched a glorious 2000$, also known as a bone saw, but works great for cutting casts since it doesn't touch skin) than the pain in my leg as they were removing the cast for a refit.

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    The oscillating multi-tool is perfect for this job. I used one to get 30-year old headlining off the inside of my boat. It saved me a week of scraping. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmhQAtj9_ac

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    great idea w the slat mounts

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    Love your vlogs and such a great attitude,  keep making great videos,  Cheers

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    Looks like the start of a potentially messy project!  lol

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    Mads, Having used both MAS and West system in the past the only real difference i fund was $$$$$$. OK West Has the neat self measuring pumps.

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    You might want to consider replacing your companionway hatch boards with tinted plexiglass. You can get it in the same thickness and a glass company can cut it to fit. It makes a huge difference in the feeling of openness below.

    There are companies that make hinged doors for the companionway, but they're pretty expensive.

    I really enjoy the videos and I appreciate how neat and meticulous you are with your projects.

    Hope you get to live aboard soon.

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    Smart of you to do all the "messy" jobs before you move aboard, it`s not much fun living in a construction site. Although I hope you get your house sold soon, so you can follow your dreams further 🙂 Fair winds, from Norwegian liveaboard in Aalborg 🙂

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    Congrats on your milestones! I'm finally caught up on your videos (I moved to Alaska and things were crazy for awhile). Your channel is so inspiring, and I hope you had a great time in the US.

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    Mads; You're getting to be a great shipwright as well as a programmer. Now that you've added an oscillating multi-tool to your collection, could you please post a vid of all the tools you use to make Obelix what she is today, just for us super nerdy fans? Thanks for any consideration!

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    I'm sure, this is going to be an awesome place to sleep!

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    Thumbs up for dog treats!

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    More than 5000 Followers! Congratulations, but this is not surprising to me, because these videos are infomative and very funny as well. (outtakes) Thank you!

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    I've been using mas epoxy for years now and I like it way more then any other epoxy products out there.

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    Mmmmmm. Lemony Fresh😀

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    When you say "Insulation" I hear Sean Connery….Money Penny?

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    I hope you are having fun at any rate!

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    bought a side cutter myself.  They are incredible! (and loud).  I am wiring a house and it makes things go much faster.  I would recommend it to anyone.  It is a unique tool.  By the way, it can hurt you too.  I have a two inch scar on my hand to prove it.

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    Amazing turn around time Mads. Mas epoxies were a big sponsor of the old Latitudes and Attitudes. Look fwd to seeing how it goes.

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    Congrats Mads on the huge milestones! Really enjoy all of your vids! Keep up the good work!!!

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    Mads, your outtakes are almost as great as your finished product!  Vancouver Cove!
    Hey, am I in the Pacific Northwest?  Well, at least I am not using any kids to say that!!!

    Yep, I went there!!! 🙂  Enjoy both channels immensely!  Fair Winds and Following Seas!  doug

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    That old "inshulation" 🙂 looks like vinyl flooring. It will be great with the new stuff and the wood is a great idea.

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    I am so drunk after playin the "drink every time you try to pronounce insulation" game. :p gread vids. Cheerz.

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    Wow, that's a lot of retakes, looks good so far though, can't wait to see how the Mas stuff works out

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