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Dr. Llaila Afrika – Let Food Be Thy Medicine | Exposes Toxic European Culture (Full Video)

Feb 2023 03
Openupyourmind101/ 2016 Dr Llaila O Afrika shares his knowledge, wisdom, advice and educates us on the true (black man's) roots of african history and (food) culture. And exposes the destructive and damaging european and western culture that we have been taught to use and adopt. Misleading us from the origins of africa consequently making us sick and unhealthy. Dr. Afrika shares insight on herbs, if cooking food is beneficial or harmful, the importance of buying and eating organic raw food. Our denatured senses and the science of taste in the human body, cleansing cycles in the human body. Bipolarity of......

Sail Life – Insulating the v-berth, part 1

Sep 2022 20
I want to add more insulation and also wooden slats in my V-berth. Once I move aboard the boat I want to be as comfortable as possible during the long cold winter. In this video, I remove strips of the old insulation to make room for the stringers I'll be securing the wooden slats to. The 'MAS epoxies' products I'll be using in this series are sponsored by www.blackbearboatingandleisure.com. Head over and check out their products! Don't forget to tune in for the review of the awesome products the sent me (should be available later next week) :) source