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Proof of Life After Death: Hope and a Warning From The Other Side

Feb 2024 19

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: A Warning From The Other Side

You wake up. Sleepiness fades as your eyes slowly open to a bright white light. And it feels warm and familiar; it feels like home. And your whole family is there to meet you.

Your entire life flashes before your eyes, like scenes from a movie. The good. The bad. Even the awful things you’ve done. But everything comes together. It all finally makes sense.

With this enormous weight off your shoulders, the memory of your life starts to fade, just like a dream.

A familiar voice says: “We’re happy you’re here. We missed you. But – you can’t stay.” What? You just got here. You’re getting kicked out already?

The voice says, “They need you. But we’ll see you again when the time is right.” And you know, somehow, the voice is telling the truth.

Suddenly, a burst of red-hot pain rips through your chest. It feels like every single cell in your body is on fire. You can’t breathe.

A scream forces your eyes open. It’s a blood-curdling scream, like an animal being eaten alive. Then you realize: the scream is coming from you.

You’re in a hospital bed surrounded by doctors and nurses. They all take a step back. Stunned. They’re staring at you. But why?

Well – you just came back from the dead.

#NDEs #OBEs #Afterlife

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    Start a business with Shopify today: https://shopify.com/thewhyfiles Thanks Shopify for sponsoring this video!

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    dmt is probably similar to being inside Gojo's domain expansion. haha

  3. #3

    In 2016 i died im depressed i dont know how to get over this i lost one of my best friends witch terreises more then anything please help what can i do

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    As much as I loved this episode, the last bit concerns me. I believe in life after death. I believe in the soul. And I definitely believe that there's NDEs that defy explanation (like people who can describe accurately what was happening down the hall while they were dead on the table).

    But why be so certain that there would be a drop in violent crime or no need for military or the police force? The majority of people already believe in a soul, in some way shape or form, despite "Science's" skepticism. And lots of those people do horrible things. Whether it's because they're throwing their kid out of the house for not conforming to the Church's ideas, or unaliving non-believers because they think they deserve it, or so many terrible things in between. They do these things because they think it's virtuous and right and what their god wants. These people already believe in a soul and hell, and they don't seem to believe or care if that's where they're going to end up.

    People who are in a position to help their fellow human get a leg up but don't aren't going to suddenly change their tune because science shows there's life after death. So many of them already believe that their fortune is blessed by god and that anyone who's not as fortunate wasn't, so they don't deserve help.

    Science proving life after death seems like it's more likely to cause them to double down.

  5. #5

    I love panic attacks. You KNOW you're not dying, but your body is not listening to anything you have to say.

    You know deep breaths will help, but nothing is more difficult during an attack.

    Joy. Bliss.

  6. #6

    i've not ever experienced NDEs or OBEs, but deep inside i know they're true. and scientifically it MUST be true, because of thermodynamics… energy cannot be created or destroyed, so out consciousness must go somewhere when this body dies. and therefore reincarnation must be true as well, because the spark of life must come from somewhere (and that's not to mention people remembering previous lives). we come to this life to experience living for all it's worth, and once you understand that and who/what we are on the other side your life will never be the same. it's impossible to be truly suicidal when you get it.

    gods, i love this stuff.

  7. #7

    'Very few NDE end up in HFIL'
    Well… I assume most people who are sent to the home for infinite losers are beyond redemption

  8. #8

    Cmon… are you saying that 10,000 ish years ago when the Ice age ended abruptly that caused some sort of flood?
    It's not like humans gather by the shores or anything… so if the oceans rose quickly it would be like the entire world flooded.
    Flood Myths are only stories ya conspiracy theorists

  9. #9

    Why does Hecklefish sound like Mort Goldman from Family Guy?

  10. #10

    My aunt has a story…. after she woke up to suffocating on her own acid reflux that basically drowned her .. she was basically dead when they got her on a table . She was dead for 8 minutes. but the doctor wanted to try one last time since he knew my aunt and she came back to life. She later discussed with us her family and even the doctor what she saw and she floated upwards as she heard someones voice calling to her…… and she looked down to see her body… to see the doctors. She heard what they were saying . She recounted word for word what they said in the room and what the doctor did and made him a believer in life after death.

    fast forward 4 years and her youngest daughter , just turned 16 died in a car wreck…. …and fast forward 3 more years we had thanksgiving at her house and my aunt and I were sitting across from each other and my grandmother was sitting at the end of the table…. both of us looked at each other puzzled and amazed at the same time both said "did you see that" at the same time…. we both saw her daughter/my cousin standing behind/over the shoulder of grandma.

    in 2009 my grandmother in her 70's ….she appeared in the grass out the window of my friends apartment just staring in at me ..She looked like her self when she was in her 50's which is how I knew it couldnt really be her outside . then When the 3 i was with turned to look grandma was gone. Something is wrong, I called my mom, no answer, called my aunts house , no answer, but 30 minutes later got a call back from a family member and they were at the hospital and grandma was having an emergency blood transfusion and she coded for a minute and had to be shocked back to life.

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    This was fascinating

  12. #12

    But it could be part of a soul trap

  13. #13

    Hey I wanted to chime in with a friendly comment as a huge supporter of your series. I started catching shorts on social media and decided to check out a full show and was so impressed I think I've watch 2/3rds of your content and absolutely find it amazing! I love how you entertain us with the story and then by the end you get down the hard cold facts pro / cons. Keep up the great work that you and team do and I hope to enjoy many future episodes (especially the one thats long over due about the Anunnaki). I also choose this episode to leave a comment as I myself has had a brush in with a near death on the operation table at age 9 years old. You did a great job covering the facts but noticed you left something out. Most NDE survivors had deja vu / premonition. Like a warning of something to come. I remember in the episode you reference a woman whom was kayaking and drowned for a while and doctors brought her back. I remember seeing a similar story on Netflix series Surviving Death where that same woman was given information about her teenage son passing away at age 18. For me it was foresight of an ex girlfriend I had relationship going bad and why before it happened. While it happened I was crushed. I don't know if it was to help prepare me or to remind me of a greater good. I also get random waves of deja vu / premonition before it happen and the feeling was so unique I would tell others around me and they would be shocked by my premonition and ask how I would know something. Nothing I could ever control or else I'd be rich playing the lottery. it would be small things like making a 1 in a million basketball shot full court away with one hand on the first try. Once it was winning a small gift card at work. I also knew about my 2 daughters and how'd they look (hair colour / personality) before they were born. Just curious if you knew about that along your research or not. Maybe you covered it in the in-depth podcast, but I don't get a lot of spare time being a Dad. Anyways just wanted to share that and say what again how much I love the series keep on doing the great work you and team do!

  14. #14

    I had experienced multiple visions during an 8 day coma after a major car accident that i clearly remember like they happened yesterday.

  15. #15

    Who made the song in the outro? its amazing lyrics and good voice.

  16. #16

    After my first baby, I had a weird dream. It was just like it was pictured in this vid almost! I was getting drug down the hospital hallway by a black cloaked figure towards a really bright light…I wanted to die , but then I thought of my new baby & gasped for air & shot straight up. I felt like I almost gave into whatever this was. Crazy. That was 17 years ago &has always stuck with me. I feel like I could’ve died in my sleep that night had I not thought of my child.

  17. #17

    Died once, when you hear,.. nope, can't get any readings. Eyes wide open, what else can you do??…

  18. #18

    Bottom line there is a God something (earth/life) can't come from nothing and has a creator everything has a grand design it just didn't magically happen.

  19. #19

    "Even though I'm not religious"… yeah, clearly. 😂

  20. #20

    Roadhouse! 😀

  21. #21

    15:05 Is'nt the light a soul trap?

  22. #22

    My mum had a NDE when she was a kid

  23. #23

    Do only black people pass over then?

  24. #24

    What the fuck I just got Banded from The Why Files Discord Because I told some one "I am not a child, don't treat me like one" an before I could say anything else I was banned from all the why files stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the fuck! I was here from the first show, an I get fucking banned because I didn't agree with a MOD. Yea that's real family friendly!!! I can't even message anyone with TheWhyFiles to make a complaint. Someone said "you have to love yourself" I said "not in public, you'll get in trouble" An I get banned for that? I hope no one thinks I'm donating ever again, or buying anything else from the store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. #25

    After the moon harvesting soul's episode I'm not to sure on all this 😂

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