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The near death experience of David Ditchfield

Feb 2024 29

David Ditchfield explains how his near-death experience happened, and how it has changed his vision of life and death. His website:

With many thanks to Isabel Chiliquinga de Frey for the Spanish subtitles

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    Thankyou sooo much for sharing your story. I wish you lots of love and laughter. Listening to you is like remembering the spirit world. Thanks again.

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    Thanks for tell us your story thanks thanks thanks🙏🏻

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    Thank you for your testimony that helps me my current situation, which my mum is Parkinson disease and also my right eye has glaucoma not good condition. I’m a Christian for 10 years as I keep searching the truth. It’s great to know God showed you unconditional love. I look forward to experiencing one day. ❤

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    Great story – amazing transition David has made🙏

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    My utter fave one xx

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    Could someone explain how one can "start writing music" with out any musical knowledge? I mean no disrespect, I am a simple searcher.

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    Thank you for such an honest, authentic testimony. It makes me feel peaceful and gives me hope. I love your paintings and your music. Thank you.

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    every passion and dream I have chased has been a failure. mostly I have just struggled to have food and shelter my whole life. Now at 55 laying on the couch with cancer, I feel more useless than ever. I would've been content with a small cabin in the woods and a garden. In nature close to God but I couldn't even have that.

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    Wow wonderful story thank you xx💕

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    Just Awesome! Thank you!

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    Inserting hospitals reports, photos etc. Will enhance their stories

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    what a lovely kind guy

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    The part about the orchestra offering to play David’s music he’d written was so awesome!!

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    I've watched all of Anthony's pieces, or so I thought, but somehow I had missed this one. It was exactly the message I needed to hear today. I am so grateful to David for sharing his story and for Anthony Chene to make this content available.

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    I loved this.❤

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    I've been watching a number of these interviews about NDE's and this one is especially resonate with my own experience. I have not experienced an NDE but I do have memories from before birth and a number of deep spiritual experiences throughout my life. The words of this man and his story bring me back to the essence of it all and reinforce my deep understanding of life and spiritual reality. I want to express to everyone involved in this project my heartfelt gratitude.

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    Thank you for sharing your story David. ❤❤. Thank you Anthony.❤❤. So much wisdom and insight gained from your sharing.

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    The experience sounds very much like the experience under the influence of 5-MEO-DMT.

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    Wow!! Thank you for sharing ❤

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    How are you doing now David? Hope you’re doing well mate.

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    Wow – David, love how your authentic essence has come through in art and music – that is the gift of dyslexia and creation, which I am too. Thank you for sharing and a massive thanks to Anthony (addicted to your films).

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