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Pilot DIES in Crash & Lands In HEAVEN | Near Death Experience

Feb 2024 23

Near-death experience guest 900 is Captain Dale black, who went to Heaven during his following a horrific plane crash.

Dale’s YouTube Channel

Visiting Heaven: Heavenly Keys to a Life Without Limitations (An Collection)

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    Michael Newton "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls" life changing

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    Very moving, wonderful account. I sometimes lose patience with over-the-top talk of love-love-love .. but I loved how emotional he got about it, very great.

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    It's interesting he says it's only him and God but he takes his dog with him too, since dog is god spelled backwards, so no lie detected.

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    I would like to speak with Jeff too. My assignment on earth is to preach. I need to be on this show too. I have questions. Plz send me the link.I want tell my experience with God

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    JESUS SAID ! NO Man hath ascended up to HEAVEN !

    From "The Gospel [ ACCORDING TO ] John" , in chapter 3, verse 13, Quote; And NO man hath ascended up to HEAVEN, but he that came down from HEAVEN, even The SON of MAN WHICH, ( NOT Who ) is in HEAVEN…

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    JESUS did NOT say that anyone was going to HEAVEN but JESUS SAID; Recorded in "The Gospel [ According To ] John", in chapter 14, verses 1 to 4, Quote; 1. Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me… 2. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you… 3. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also… 4. And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know…

    I, "LIFE The Real Self" ( NOT the human entity ) went to "The Marriage Supper of The Lamb", and as Promised I, "LIFE The Real Self"

    ( N OT The human entity ) now Resides in "The HOUSE of GOD"…

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    God bless you Dale 🙏🏻❤️

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    He said he woke up from coma and was thinking about it but i thought he said he couldnt remember hes still cant remember everything, yet the way he talks he says it in detail so im not sure if i fully believe him but i do believe in god and i have my own beliefs and i do believe in angels and the universe and there is an heaven i was given to believe when we die we are reborn again into another life and continue to have rebirth so not sure if we do that or go to heaven and stay there for eternity i suppose we all have our believes i know i have cheated death many times ive nearly drowned at 11 yrs old in sea i couldnt swim but i swam out ive been in 3 car accidents one my side of car was crushed i survived ,when i was a baby i was in a car accident my aunty covered me and she got injured instead ,then i was in a car 70 miles an hour gear stick came out was going down hill my son was driving he mounted banking straight into a tree we just got whiplash with glass then i was walking behind a stallion he doubled barrelled n hitting me full on in face which should have killed me but i felt nothing but a little numbness in my lips as though there was a barrier or force field in front of me so yeah i believe theres a god and when i die i hope i go to heaven n be with my parents and all the animals ive loved n lost ❤

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    I don’t know why WE ARE Here. And 👁️ don’t think, NO Body does. But I have the notion that we either choose too come here or came back here to continue where we left off in a Previous life or both.

    I am convinced that words like god, evil, government, life, & death etc were all created by invisible beings who are amongst us to control & lead us.

    But our choices are too Learn NOT to lead Others except Ourselves (who may be OTHERS) within our vehicles called a body.

    And since there is no other place that We know of, is where Life like this Exists – Which makes me think that our birth brains are free to learn. One side is to be Creative while the other side is to Learn.

    But it also means that we are in A Prison (called Captivity) where it is EviL to LivE to LEARN when taught by others who are pretending to be our gods.

    But then I also believe that WE are traveling in a Circle that goes round & round & it never Ends to Learn.

    Some of us choose to come back to be who we are while others come back to complete the mission we started – and there are no coincidence (to be who We Are) as “Faith” is a word representing Truth.

    The DeviL spelled backwards has LiveD & so have WE is ME. As the Circle ⭕️ is the answer to the Truth. — that this earth is the original Garden of Eden that has been turned into a laboratory called Hell.

    While G⭕️D is D⭕️G spelt backwards when We point at a Mirror – to see who is barking at others.

    Once the ⭕️ ends – WE will all be United forever and that’s when Heaven means to rest as one = GOD the Creator.

    The proof is the fact that the Devil reverses (Every-thing) because it can’t create (No-thing) while LovE means to EvoL is the PROOF, that WE/ME are all here — to Unite as the ⭕️ never ends until we do.

    W & M are ONE as above will be below.

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    I believe in God, I believe in Jesus Christ , I believe in the Holy Spirit and i believe You, Dale! . I am so glad that you were chosen and saved by God, despise thru this ultimate life experience. You are blessed to be a blessing for others!
    I myself, believe as a chosen one, annointed and saved by God and since i deliberately accept, choose and follow God, I have a new identity and my life is completely transformed.This is a point of no return from darkness to lightness. I am in awe since and still in awe everyday to see what God has done for me. I agree and smile lovingly to everything that you say in this channel, when it comes to the process of getting to know and understand God. It is truly a privilege, a blessing, an unending unfailing faith and love.To me, God is LIFE, TRUTH, LOVE as the Bible says.. Based on these divine foundations , God is literally all i need to live my "heaven on earth" life. I live a surrender life with ease and joy, i totally live in the now, embrace God's blessings every day before my eyes , even every moment of the day. What i do is simple, i just listen, follow and do what the Holy spirit within me leads me !. Thanks so much to Jeff Mara for this great interview.

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    Yessss ❤❤❤❤

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    I love this so much

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    Your testimony is so profound & very inspiring.
    Indeed very encouraging.
    And I believe you 100 percent of the time because of my experiential faith though it is on this earthly realm but it was so vivid & divine.
    And this will not be taken away from me.
    Thank you Lord for the seal of my faith by your Holy Spirit.
    The way Our loving GOD sealed your faith. ❤

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    He said the Doctors thought he had brain trauma like the other two, well the first one got decapitated 🤷‍♂️

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    The Lord downloaded in me, if he turned his face away from the earth for a 🙏 second – this earth WOULD TURN IN ON ITSELF AND INSTANTLY BE DESTROYED!! PRAISE GOD FOR HIS UNFAILING AND UNYIELDING LOVE❤🔥🙏

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    Theres so much Evil around us here.. It's unreal how mich evil is here. It's everywhere here. We need you now more than ever

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    Seek and ye shall find

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    I had a dream just like that light he explains and Jesus sillohoute turned from me, i couldnt see his face, i felt this extreme amount of love, unexplainable feeling of EXTREME love, i nevef felt before, ididnt want if to end when i woke up i cried. No love can ever compare. Im convinced! The best way he explained it. Yes love in every cell of ur being.

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    My Beautiful Puppy was my best friend for 10 years, who went to a better place last week. I looked up to her, and learned so much from her. She was fearless, and I got the honor of her dying in my arms and feeling her heartbeat slowing until that final beat, then she dropped her Beautiful head on my shoulder. When I went to lay her in her blanket I tried to gently close her eyes like the movies, but they stayed open, and the were glowing with happiness. It was like her eyes told me "I did it! I crossed over!" No more pain and suffering. I asked the angels to come and take my baby as she gasped for a couple of minutes, and I could almost feel the angels gathering around and receiving my baby into the next world. I learned a lot about the coward I am and the incredible courage cshe had, it makes me ashamed of myself and so proud of her. Every move I make without her is a painful reminder of how special a gift she was, every moment. I kept telling her that if she ever left me I would cry so so much, and she knew. We went together just a week before to see my big brother's body, and I showed her… so much crying in 3 weeks, so many mixed feelings of good memories and pride, and terrible emptiness every step I take. My heart reaches out to those who left similar comments. I had her blanket on me, and I was burning hot. It was like she was still with me. Thanks for the comments from others. I realize now that we are all part of the same whole, no matter how much we try and pretend we don't need anybody.

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    They were all drugged by the love bomb that the matrix provides to send us back to this hell

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    Beautiful! A few months ago, I remembered that some New Testaments had the words of Jesus printed in red, & I decided that I wanted to read only those words. As it happened, we (two bookworms) had a copy in the house, & it’s been sitting in my night stand, waiting for “the right moment” for me to start reading. Thank you for sharing your story, & for letting me know that the moment is now ❤!

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    Oh give it up please. Sell crazy to the evangelicals.

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    Faith without action is dead : let us repent of dead works – I had many plans but God said "thou fool! TODAY your very life is required of thee.."

    No man knows the day nor the hour, not even the son of God, only The Father ..

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    Thank God Almighty for the precious BLOOD of Jesus Christ our Lord for we who are believers in Christ Jesus have a hope that death cannot take away from us. And thank you guys for your work in edifying our faith.

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    Jeremiah 1:5, John 20:21. Just as Jesus was with his Father in heaven and his Father sent him to earth to save lives, so also you were with your Father in heaven and he sends you to save lives. Like firefighters running into a burning building, he supplies you with safety gear, supplies and a harness. He will not let one of you perish. However, if the one you were sent to save, the children of the "wicked one", who are destined for the lake of fire, leads you astray, they will suffer and die. Do not be deceived, but take them off the cross, set them free so that they do not suffer and die. This is your purpose and God's Grace, John 20:23.

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    God is source and the trilogy is going back to singularly. God is not male or female because God is energy. When we pass from this material experience we go back to singularly. There is the soul contract before coming here to live this material experience. No hell. It's all on perspective. Jesus is just a being that came here to teach us and develop ourselves knowing we are all from source. We all are co creators and when you look into all the teachings you find our true nature and purpose which is you are a powerful creator. Much love ❤ and light ✨️to all.

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    My mom died and came back but did not see or hear any thing

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    Got a book out, Jeff?

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    He said that you don't go to heaven if you don't go through Jesus. He completely lost me there bcs what about all the people that never even heard about Jesus????? Babies? Humans that grew up whith different faiths? It's completely illogical to say such a thing and the credibility of his story dropped like a stone.

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    Amen Amen Amen ❤❤❤

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