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Near Death Experience On Survivor

Jun 2023 28


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    What season is this. Is this pearl islands Panama

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    What season is this?

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    This is exactly why I don’t like Abi Marie.
    Joe goes down and she celebrates him getting beaten by a 52 year old man in the challenge and the tribe boots him out.
    With Tasha she’s terrified and cuddling up with her.

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    Tasha was visibly exhausted from the sprint/challenge before jumping in and was clinging to the buoy before this video started. I'm glad the medics reacted quickly.

    No comment for the racist folks saying that black people can't swim.

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    She was probably wiped out from the challenge And that's probably why she was having so much trouble

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    not sure why this show keeps putting black people in the ocean.

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    Black people can't swim

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    People need to learn if you can't swim long float on your back

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    Is the blonde haired guy from BONDI BEACH??

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    Black folks cant swim

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    This is not what a Near Death Experience is. This is a near miss. A near death experience happens in a non-Earth realm. Scary for her and the others however.

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    Goofy ahh can't even swim

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    Drowning isn’t just something like If a person can’t swim u can still drown even if u can swim one time I got hella exhausted and I love to swim I went under and my older sister had to drag me out cause I couldn’t move

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    They still need to keep a really close eye on her though because secondary drowning can also happen if she still has water in her lungs

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    I love Jeff so much

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    I know this is a serious situation but I couldn't help but laugh when that guy showed up with his lil snorkel

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    So technically, she’s the real survivor in Survivor… on a serious note, if that ever happens to you, FLOAT. Take a deep breath, and lay on your back BEFORE you’re too exhausted. Wait for help or try again after you’ve regained your strength. I did that in the middle of Lake Superior once when the boat drifted away and I needed to wait until my friend was able to turn it around.

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    In what way was she “near death”?
    She was surrounded by dozens of people, ready to help at a moment’s notice.

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    Near death, my ass. Ridiculous click bait shit 👎🖕

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    I’m sitting here crying 😢

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    That’s why I don’t swim even if I could swim I still wouldn’t in large bodies of water.

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    I almost drowned at a resort in Mexico swimming drunk in the late hours of the night. It was me and my best mate and all of a sudden the sand beneath me fell of a cliff and I lost all footing. I started to panic as I was being sucked out and I tried calling out to my friend while suffocating on water. It was a high pitch gargling sound. I looked over at him and he was way further out than me.

    I accepted my fate surprisingly quickly and an odd calmness overcame me while suffocating and the highlights reel of my life played. I had this tremendous sensation of guilt for dying on my parents wedding holiday.

    By a sheer miracle one of my big toes hooked a piece of coral and it afforded me around 20 seconds of a sort of respite to catch my breath and then I swam as hard as humanly possible to make it to the shore; all while suppressing my friends death screams.

    When I made it to the shore my friend somehow followed soon after and we just lay there gasping staring at each other. We’ve never spoken about it but we both know that we shouldn’t have survived.

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    Almost every single "Victim" I had to rescue as a beach lifeguard was a black person who ventured out too deep, add in her wearing shoes.. I am not surprised by this outcome at all, in fact, she seems like she is a good swimmer by the standards set by most blacks. I get that it is because most never had swim lessons as kids.

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    Happened to me too. I don’t know how to swim. There was an islander lady standing in front of me thankfully and whilst I was underwater I was tapping her leg and managed to get my hand up to her thigh, she pulled my arm up and me.

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    i don’t understand why they film everything, i understand it’s a popular tv show but if someone is actually suffering it’s kind of rude to film them in pain, obviously unless they allowed it to be released afterwards

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    If something like this happens to you, REMEMBER THIS. When we have air in our lungs we WILL be bouyant & we WILL float. As soon as you feel tired or in trouble, roll over to your back & slowly / gently paddle arms to keep yourself face up. Do this as SOON as you get into trouble & regain your energy, your breath & your buoyancy. This takes little to no energy at all & allows you to float instead of swim. Do all you can to prevent taking in water. Once you are taking in water, you are in bad shape because you lose your ability to float, take in sufficient oxygen or call for help. Keep your mouth closed while under water & If you find yourself struggling to get to the surface. Hold your breath & do not release the air from your lungs, go limp, use as little energy as you can & allow your body to float towards the surface. If you are sinking, you NEED to kick, kick & kick & keep your eyes on the sky or the ceiling & do not give up until you break the surface. Do not waste energy using your arms! & Remember to keep your mouth closed & your air trapped in your lungs during the ascent & to then proceed to floating on your back once you do reach the surface. If waves are an issue, you need to Bob up above & under the surface & time your breaths. This should take little energy if you allow the waves to pop you up, try to time the waves & use as little energy as possible & keep your eyes on the sky. If you can avoid panic, you likely can avoid death.

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    Parents, even if you don't have a pool PLEASE get certified in CPR. Those few moments can save your little ones life, I promise you.

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    Tasha, you cant drink the ocean

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    This competition is very exhausting to the competitors. Glad she was ok and they had personel there on the spot to make sure no one lost their lives. Bravo to the staff for doing their job when it mattered the most. BRAVO!

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    Everyone knows “Blacks can’t swim”👨🏿‍🌾🙄….

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    I have to be honest…when I watched this on tv I thought “What an exaggeration. There’s no way she would have drowned with so many people around her”. But watching this clip now and reading all these comments, all I can say is I’m sorry that you went through such a scary experience Tasha. I’m so sorry and I’m so glad you’re okay❤️

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    Tasha husband got money so I doubt she’ll drown anytime soon 💯

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    Before you drown from exhaustion float on your back. That’s why floating is the first part of swim lessons.

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    Obviously no one thinks correctly when they're close to death but if you're ever in this situation try to float on your back the best you can. Listen to your body, especially in water

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    I can't believe that really happened. Rip 😥

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    Οmg that's exactly what happened to me last summer.. I'm swimming my whole life but that can happen if you're not careful. Something happened to me, i was swimming, i got kinda tired and I had something like a panic attack and I couldn't breath almost, my breath was getting for half a second in, if that makes sense, i was struggling for some time, it was kinda windy and the water kept pooling me in and I didn't have control, the worst feeling ever.. you can't breath, the water is strong and nobody can help you.. and I started trying to scream help to my friends outside when I realized it's super hard to keep trying and I have no energy left, but nobody could hear me even if they appear really close. Nobody. I swear the last second of life that has left in me and i was ready to be drowned, magically my feet reached the sand again and I struggled a little bit more and I stepped back to life. I was lucky actually. Horrifying. The water is a super strong force and even if you have experience, you should ALWAYS be careful, have at least one person with you in the warer and never swim when its windy.

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    I’m quite a strong swimmer and never ever swim in the sea. Fuck that

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    We all know their kind can't swim.

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    Holy crap that was actually scary

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