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Jun 2023 28

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Prepare to be on the edge of your seat as we bring you an incredible compilation of near-death moments captured on camera! This gripping video showcases heart-stopping incidents that will leave you questioning the limits of human survival. From jaw-dropping accidents to unbelievable escapes, these real-life miracles will astound you.


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    Number 1., with the 🐻 is so, so sad ! He was probably looking for food, and starved to death ,with the bucket over his head😢

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    another girl just trying to kill her friend and after fail she say sorry.im sure she was not jailed for this.like always.waman are toxic.i just went thru many footage like this and girls just dont get any penalty or some money to pay or 2 days in jail for causing her friend serious injuries.
    waman dont have idea how privilege they are.i did not pay a ticket(about 50 dollars) and i was jailed for that 4 days.waman if she would not have money to pay a ticket would get some help from government organisation for sure and her fine would be dismissed.

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    oh nahh she tried to kill her friend

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    How that girl survived is beyond me-the damn tire went over her head.

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    Upsets me so bad when I see people behaving stupidly. I have seen many times people walk down street ( all teens) and they think it is funny to push someone off walk into street full of busy traffic! SMH morons!!

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    How much you wanna bet the girl who pushed her friend into the bus said "ayo it's just a prank."

    I hope she faces serious jail time

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    GTF away from me, b!tch! You are no friend of mine!

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    Ill NEVER understand why that girl pushed her " friend" that is NOT a friend!

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    Friends do not push one or the other into the path of a moving bus, I'm utterly shocked. The rest of the videos were good wow!

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