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Did Ebenezer Scrooge have a Near-Death Experience?!

Mar 2023 02

Did Have A Near-Death Experience?! What do you think? I think, yes. Once you see the elements in his story similar to , you’ll understand Scrooge in a new light. My Christmas gift to you.

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    Thank you Peter, for this Christmas gift. Perfect. Always loved the book and many of the movies. Your first screen shot was from my favorite version; the 1951 version starring Alastair Sim. I actually just watched it last night! For me his transformation began with the ghost of Christmas past. He remembered his former self, the one having fun at a Feziwig party. But he was shown something important that he missed. His dying sister’s deathbed request of him to take care of her son. He had walked out of the room just before she asked and subsequently made the same mistake his father had made. That of blaming the son for the death of his beloved sister (in his fathers case his wife). He was overcome with regret for that and was begging her forgiveness.
    Did a fictional character have an NDE? It sure seems like it to me too Peter.
    Merry Christmas to you and ‘God has blessed us, every one!’

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    I can only repeat what others have said. What a beautiful Christmas gift! Thank you!

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    Ahh I forgot to ask. A Christmas in Maine. Or maybe the little white booklet I had and last year I remembered it was written by Tristram Coffin( same as whaling family on Nantucket) I called the Historical Society of Brunswick. They had nothing. eBay had one for $250! Mine was one of hundreds I bought in 1985 – paperback. I Loved THAT Christmas story. Now that is over have a huge sigh of relief. Many tell me they love the holiday. I did too. But as the time goes on It gets more difficult to go through the motions. Everyone seems so lit up. I think ripple effect from Nov 10 is still making me sound a bit off. Sorry everyone.

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    This thought suddenly came to me today and then googled it to see if anyone' else had this realisation, this is profound

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    thank you so much for this, Peter. I've always loved "A Christmas Carol" but never thought of it in terms of a near death experience.

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    very good with wonderful pictures. what is meant by Karmic choice?

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    Merry Christmas to you my brother…

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    This was a well done production. Getting fancy with visual while steady messaging of Christmas Spirit.

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    Grinch got real Bro… https://youtu.be/KWQkSUD24A4
    Hope we could all get patriot miss. for Xmas gift

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    Brilliant Peter 🌞 merry Lovemas to you and yours 🙏

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    A Christmas carol, my favourite book. Happy Christmas to you and yours Peter 🙏🌲🎅.

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    Was Moby Dickens the White Mountain of the Lord ?… that is my actual question for now as I can feel invitation to that Mountain in Matt. 5 5 and Isaiah 55… ?…:-)))))

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    I had previous engagements,but have been waiting all day for this,Peter! Someone corrected me at the gym when I wished them "the happiest of Holidays!",that no, it's Merry Christmas,so I'll wish you what I switched to,"Eide Shabom Mubarek!"("Happy Holidays" in Persian) Hoping for the deepest peace and blessings to you and your family.🎄🕯️🧑‍🎄🕯️🦌🕯️⛄🕯️

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    Have a blessed time with your beautiful family! I love Dickens and your synopsis is very insightful and true. ❤ Thank you for choosing love and staying here, Peter. Merry Christmas!

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    What a lovely gift you've offered us. A change in perception from a timely classic with spiritual application. I'll never see it the same way again. Thank you.

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    Beautiful, Peter. Just wanted to take an opportunity to say thanks for everything, and to wish you and your family all the very best for this season and beyond..

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    This session was indeed a gift Peter. Once again you help me bring myself back to what I need – and a book to repurchase as a beautiful reminder. Thank you – enjoy your blessings this holiday! ❤

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    This was excellent, Peter!

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