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God is Energy (NDE)

May 2024 14

A clip from our interview with Bill Letson recounting his Near- Experience


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    Bello bello bellooooo💞🙏💞

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    It is such a relief to find out that God really is love and not this harsh, menacing being that mankind has made him out to be.

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    Praise to you Lord Jesus 💟✝️

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    Pretty sure that was just your brain making a fake delusion. You wouldn’t see god if you weren’t dead. And you weren’t completely dead yet.

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    Hallelujah for our MAJESTIC SUPREME CREATOR🎉🎉🎉🎇🎇🎆🎆🎆🌼🦋♾️❤️

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    God is good and merciful and powerful Amen❤😊

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    Not just Energy, but Awareness AND Energy.

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    You are correct

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    I'm thinking we have to experience knowledge of good and evil to become something greater thanks to Our King of Kings

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    We have a wonderful God, Creator, Being, etc……You can call Him whatever you want, but I'll call Him LOVE!

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    Very similar…. And along with being overcome with love…. I felt no pain.

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    Bill is still my favorite. I can't get enough of his story!

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    AMEN and Thank you Jesus for everything ❤️🙏✝️ I Love you Jesus 👍🙏✝️❣️

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    We don't experience love here😢

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    LMFAO! THIS is what's known as a DMT trip. Your brain, in the milliseconds before you die, releases a chemical called DMT which causes you to hallucinate and have these feelings of euphoria. EVERY mammal on the planet experiences this. It's not mystical, there is NO god, your long dead friends & family AREN'T coming to "transition" you, you're JUST HIGH AS FUCK AND TRIPPING BALLS! Grow up and wake up people, you're wasting the ONE AND ONLY life you'll get because of fairy tale promises of eternity. Life becomes infinitely more precious when you know it's finite and oblivion awaits at the end.

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    ❤ GOD IS GOOD !!!

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    So beautiful GOD Is Love!!!

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    So true… Life is an opportunity to grow Love.
    Loving Invitation From Eternity
    Source Of Unconditional Love 💕
    Live Our Vital Essence

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    🙏✝️🕊️😇❣️ Love You My Sweet Lord…

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    I Love and Miss You, Mitchell. Dad

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