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Life After Death / What is a Near Death Experience?

Dec 2023 06
While it might appear to be a bold statement, it is reasonable to conclude that all of the major components that occur during a Near-Death Experience have already been revealed; from the initial out-of-body experience - to the NDEr being told, “It is not your time. You must go back.” Most who have had an NDE describe this otherworldly realm as heaven. And heaven, if it is real, would not likely change over time. So, is there more to learn about this phenomenon? In Crossover Experience, our trio of researchers focuses on the fine details that are often overshadowed by......

I Asked Jesus About UFO’s & Parallel Universes | Near Death Experience NDE

Oct 2023 26
I Asked Jesus About UFO's & Parallel Universes | Near Death Experience NDE Today we hear from Evelyn. In this well recounted experience she shares of the circumstances leading up to her clinical death and the experiences she had, including an encounter with, the "custodian of the Earth", Christ. ****** MUSIC: Licensed Through StoryBlocks (Constellation) VIDEO CLIPS: Licensed Through StoryBlocks Narrated By: Ace Kusama Media ****** Portions of This Video Are Adapted & Inspired (Under Fair Use "Transformative, Creative & Unique/Original Commentary) #nde #neardeathexperience #neardeathexperiences ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This channel features real documented near death experiences (NDE's). We collect numerous testimonies of......

Did Ebenezer Scrooge have a Near-Death Experience?!

Mar 2023 02
Did Ebenezer Scrooge Have A Near-Death Experience?! What do you think? I think, yes. Once you see the elements in his story similar to NDE, you'll understand Scrooge in a new light. My Christmas gift to you. Mystic Chia Salon Sunday at 11 AM ET with guest host David Ulrich. Thanks, David! Zoom Link Here Sundays at 11 AM ET Passcode: mysticchai Meeting Number: 897 5281 6532 Centering Prayer Practice/Teaching Mondays and Wednesdays, YouTube Live 8 AM ET Chakra Yoga and Centering Prayer Practice/Teaching Tuesdays, Zoom, 9 AM ET link at peterpanagore.love Find more at Private sessions. Thanks for your......