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I Asked Jesus About UFO’s & Parallel Universes | Near Death Experience NDE

Oct 2023 26

I Asked Jesus About UFO’s & Parallel Universes | Experience

Today we hear from Evelyn. In this well recounted experience she shares of the circumstances leading up to her clinical death and the experiences she had, including an encounter with, the “custodian of the Earth”, Christ.

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This channel features real documented experiences (’s). We collect numerous testimonies of these experiences and then we reproduce them with high quality graphics and imagery to provide the most immersive experience. We believe in and are committed to sharing these experiences with everyone. experiences are a more profound experience than and are often associated with encounters with divine beings and Heaven visits after the moment of clinical death.


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    Bit clickbait-y, no answer to the questions we watched for!

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    Unfortunately, Earth is too many light years away from other galaxies which sustain "humanoid" life to feasibly allow travel to Earth.
    NDE's can be explained scientifically : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fkvtGqIKqw

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    Beautiful and truly wonderful!
    This is the God that I believe in, Yeshua, The Christ, who challenges us, each and everyone, to be honest and responsible and to know, as Paul taught that we look through a glass dimly at this moment not completely realizing the scope or magnitude of reality

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    “ not the Christ in photographs “.

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    Great Great reading….Great job Beautiful Girl.

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    Well after watching every day NDE's stories for years now GRACE to You Tube I got a feeling that we will have a surprise when crossing over that there is a CREATOR/S and not what religions tell us here. We're in for a surprise but each of us will discover it when the time comes. Jesus is GREAT AMEN !

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    Everything she's saying is accurate. There's nothing fake or false about what she's stating. It's exactly what God is – The great I am. We are little ants trying to understand an elephant.

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    Seen things before believe you see god again i ready gods light energy blessings for miracles

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    yes ufó ate teal ther higbh soßce tràvél ñot demin uñkike bibke othrr soec other gid exúst ves ged jeßus chrißt luçér démoñ

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    Aliens are demons. They grape and torture people.

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    aliens are demons

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    You people are part of the problem to day! All you can do is try to find something to argue about! Everyone knows that Jesus Christ was Jewish and not white! So nobody is saying that he is white! So the video is not showing the correct tent of the skin but you negative minded people will always be happy with trying to make people that are positive and trying to spread good vibes look foolish. It is you indeed that are looking like idiots!

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    U dont have to asking him prophet Isa bin Masiah becaused by in the time he will explaining him self 👍👍👍

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    The woman visual used is utterly beautiful.

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    Is this being narrated by the original experiencer?

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    Crisp April breeze ? That’s a script being read . Pure fiction

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    Showing these images of white Jesus ..so hilarious 😆..no white Jesus ..so this is not true

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    What Jesus told her didn't sound like there is a hell as some NDE people claim

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    Your CGI videos to parallel the story are wonderful!

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    Thank you, Jesus!! And thank you, Evelyn, for your heartfelt beautiful witness!!

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    Jesus wasn't white.

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    Their using ai to create the stories and the images

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    You should have asked him about apostrophes…

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    You know I so very much appreciate the sharing of these experiences… I really feel compelled to say that the words "ummm" and "uh" really are not beneficial… it causes the story to "feel " contrived… in love and peace! Thanx!

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    Sounds like a bunch of bullsh*t to me.

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    So you never told us anything really lol you mention aliens and parallel universes and he pats you on the head???? Least informative nde ever tbh

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    It's not "Christ" unless you're Greek The Hebrew word for anointed is mashiach, pronounced maw-shee-akh. Weird how nobody calls the entity that. Jesus isn't even the Greek name, which was Iesus, it's an Anglicized version of a Greek version of the Hebrew name Yeshua, so it isn't even close. That's how little people apparently care about Yeshua Mashiach, they use a completely different name.

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    Fear of the unknown. The unknown spurs uncertainty and fear. The progressive climate digression was predictable decades ago, but the uncertainty prompted us to create deceptive beliefs and avoid taking proactive actions. The fear of the future will increase the closer we get to it.

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    Jesus aka Fake Jesus… The Archons.
    "Satan himself can mascared in an Angel of Light".

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    I thought she said her Mom and Dad died in a plane crash but at the end she said they called her Mom. I believe there is life on other planets and that our souls are eternal lights learning and growing!

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    What about UFOs, parallel universes and aliens, are they real?

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    I haven't even listened to this whole video yet and I will bet that you still won't know if ufo's or aliens exist although we've heard our own government says they do, click bait you will see.

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Beautiful and many thanks for sharing!

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