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My Thoughts On Jackie Phamotse’s Live On Cults, They Must Never

Mar 2024 21

My Thoughts On Jackie Phamotse’s Live, They Must Never
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    Riches & wealth is mostly linked with voodoo, EVIL, BLACK MAGIC AND THE DARK WORLD

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    Now all this makes sense. Thanks even the bibles said "my people will perish due to lack of knowledge" now we have a knowledge well said and loud and clear. Thanks

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    This irrational wording is problematic: " There is a a rise in Sangomas Thus ziyathwalisa." "Who are they servicing?"
    You have generalised too much in this video. You are not very gifted in organising your thoughts and expressing them concisely. This video is embarrassing. Take a class Owami, you can afford it.

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    I like this chick but i would never date her she is too smart.

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    Your private life is your private life. Not everyone over shares and or have a need to satisfy your curiosity. There's nothing wrong with dating and only dating a man or woman with money. Why do we black women have to settle? Your time shouldn't be free. Working a 9 to 5 isn't going to make you rich, you have to create your own opportunities and create secondary income. Lastly, I respect Hustle. I respect a woman who knows her worth. There will always be Sugar Daddies and Mommies and Sugar Babes-Blessers and Blessees. However, you need to know your worth. You don't have to sell your soul for things.

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    She's speaking nothing but the truth.

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    Some people are such making money because they are corrupt to the core. The bribe for every job or tender.

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    Sisonke: Hands-Off Our Jackie Movement

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    LOL Owamie… Millionaire through Whoring kodwa😂😂😂😂😂 U killed me

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    And another thing people should stop putting their nose entweni ezingabafuni if umuntu ethwele it's fine okwakhe lokho🤗wowubona umbuso wenyoka.😆 as long as engaphazamisi the rest of us nje lento yakhe😂😣

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    And another thing I want to stress is.. even if the person who practice cult still they would go to work normally and everyday so my point is the fact that a person works on daily basis doesn't mean that abathwele remember there is izigubhu and ezinye Zazo kufakwa igazi and ziyingozi so ukuthi muntu uyaya emsebenzini everyday or unebhizinisi ucebile doesn't mean akathwele.. coz this thing can also boost your earnings and make you more rich kuya ngesithwalo osithathile. The only difference is that it is suspicious if you don't work but you always go for shopping outings etc

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    These things have been happening for a very long time. And it's so sad that we turn a blind eye to it. Most of these slay queen are very young mostly are under 30. It's really heart breaking.

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    'Most times, you know it's somebody's grandfather'😂😂😂

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    It's blogging equivalent to Gossip columns?

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    the fact that all these celebrities started to attack her proof who does what she said they do and who does not! as a western raised diaspora I was not aware of such a world, I knew about the witchcraft cults like the Illuminati, Scientology, the kabbalah in the western world but was not aware of things like this in Africa, I am happy that she exposed this because I am looking to move to Africa and I don't want to fell victim to these people, I will for sure protect my self and my house, but I will not engage in such things, because the only road fast money acquired be it via witchcraft or drugs world will only lead you to you're death! and also, while we're talking about this, black people are not the only ones who are doing this, we know for a fact now that all the biggest and riches families in this world be it royalty, nobles or rich trough business are part of some cults, blood money cults, the Illuminati being one of the most famous ones, but there are more out there really secretive cults that go back 1000 of years! what we are seeing being exposed is the cults that they want to be exposed to keep the eyes of curious people away from the real cults! all the world leaders, politicians, lawyers, you name it are part of secret societies, the only reason we know about them is that some former members managed to escape and exposed them!

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    black people do not want to hear the truth, we all know that these things do happen, Jackie certainly did not say that every wealthy black person is involved in occults or black magic so i also don't understand why people who acquired their wealth through legit means are ncinzekaring by what jackie was talking about.

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    Why are people taking what Jackie said out of context!!! SAD!!!

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    i love you so much Owamie i swear people were so pressed the streets are heated

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    Straight shooter Queen Ninja, I love that you tell it like it is. 👏🏾👏🏾

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    After hearing wat Jackie said …really answered my doubts..cz i have a cuzen hu accepted to marry a doctor…" apperently moguy has his own surgeries" so he married my cuzen as a 4th wife…so now heres the story

    Both wives only have first borns….so when they get preg again they miscarry ….they only one …one child!!! N my cuz miscarried twice …and she ended leaving n moved back home…so the guy keeps coming asking her to come back …my cuz refuses ..cz moguy still cheats as well even after this 4 wives..he keeps cheating …thts where my cuz said enof is enof …cz the guy brings nothing but pain ….!!!..so i believe Jackie

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    true !!!! You can't say you're a private person but you keep posting

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