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Watching My Near Death Experience For The First Time… (*sorry it's emotional)

Mar 2024 21

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    Raleigh that was an amazing story, you recounted it so well and gave such an informative description of the shocking event. It would have been so hard revisiting that video considering the life changing trauma you experienced, your crying is perfectly fine considering the emotions it had awakened in you. Thank you for putting this up, I have always thought I would like to do this but as you say, its an experience you have never had before and now I know what it would be like, good or bad. I love your videos, I learn so much from them – Bless you xx (I'm in Australia by the way and am so embarrassed about the so called trainer who keeps taking his t-shirt off (yuck!), and abuses the most beautiful and precious Arabians.)

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    The parachute pull is more stressful then the fall honestly. I hate it every time because even if it works correctly your just hanging 5K feet above the ground and you have to be sure to follow the instructors directions to make you don’t break your legs.

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    It’s ok to cry 😭

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    So you are a better person now and doing more stuff
    And with this video you got some money 🎉

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    If this isn’t a sign to give your life to Christ I don’t know what is! In your video you say “by the grace of God” that is truly an understatement. It’s a miracle you’re here today and from the bottom of my heart I’m so glad you are. May your journey be a living testament to others of how great and real Jesus Christ is.

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    Talk about exaggerating 🙄🙄🙄

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    Good morning holy moly cotton candy, What a traumatic experience Ive never sky dived and dont want to this is my biggest fear about it, I wont even do a bungy jump cause im scared the rope will snap or my feet will slip out😂,
    I could see it hit you again whislt watching I think your a strong Women to relive it an explain it to us.
    I think you're Instructor had a moment of human error when he released the first shoot thing but did well at trying to correct it an stay calm knowing if he physically freaked out it would be worse for you.
    This would off been a huge lesson for that man to.
    And im so glad you took positives away from your experience.

    Have a blessed rest of your week an weekend ahead.

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    This is next level making a profit out of a traumatic experience.

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    Soooo… I was thinking about doing skydiving for my 30th… I guess not :O

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    Wow, this was intense! Well, at least you got your adrenaline kick, right? 😉 Just joking of course.

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    The only reason he downplayed it is because he didn’t want to make you feel worse and just enjoy the rest of the experience because he knows that’s probably you’re last time going skydiving 😂

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    Fuck dude! I can’t even imagine falling from the sky and thinking ok this is it. Shit!!!!

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    Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing this experience. I’m still debating weather to sky dive or not. I know we shouldn’t live in fear but I’ve already done such cool things in life, I don’t think I want to do it. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I would be as calm as you were in case of an emergency

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    That is effed, girl!!! Amazing thing to live through, and you were blessed so much after!

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    I dont even know you, youtube suggested this and im now cryinggggg, glad you're here ❤

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    praise God you're alive!!!! this sounds horrifying, so thankful you are okay

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    I applaud you on experiencing a very intense exposer therapy. Nobody can explain the true feeling you get from really confronting your life traumas. ❤‍🩹

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    I have many jumps as a solo skydiver. One day jumping I realized that i did not have the balls to say no and join the plane down again when i did not feel it. I jumped and jumped all day. All perfect jumps, but I knew if anything went wrong I was dead. My head was not in the game that day, and i was too covard to say no.
    I never jumped again after that day, and that day scared my mental health. Just the thought of jumping again now a decade later turns on my fight or flight mode..

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    Glad you are safe and sound

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    Your instructor was awesome and so were you for thinking so quickly! Amazing you guys survived! And despite how terrified he was, he still tried to calm you ❤

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    You should have titled the video "My metal ankle saved my life" ….that's the real story…😮

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    Oh wow this looks terrifying 👀

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    Im sorry that you experienced that and I feel you. I had a car crash when I was 17 (I wasn't driving), and we went down the moutain with the car. I remember at this moment not panicking but thinking to myself " fuck this is over, just because of that". I was at the moment more like sad and really disappointed. But later (Im 33 years old), I started to develop a lot of trauma response for other things like taking the plane, when somebody is driving, or even sometimes when Im horse riding. I just got this fear of death that never left and always imagine the worst in my head. Im an anxious person too, and Im in therapy atm to try to think less about it. Thats a long way to go and I think it will never really go away so I hope you can still really enjoy your life and not think too much about things like that. Psychological scars are the worst tbh.

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    You should really consider doing EMDR therapy to help you heal from this traumatic event. I have also experienced a traumatic event and nearly lost my life – EMDR was the best thing I did for myself.

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    🤣🙌 took me about 10 years of mental prep to get on a kiddie rollercoaster in my mid 30’s. That’s how afraid of heights I am. Skydiving, rock climbing, parachuting enthusiasts I think y’all are a different breed. Anyway, after this video I guarantee you I won’t walk up two flights of stairs without a helmet. Girl you are so so blessed. I know I will never die free falling from the sky for fun because of you. And thank you!

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    I’ve always said that I’d go skydiving. I’ve wanted to for YEARSSSSS. But honestly, this video makes me second guess that

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    You should be giving him more credit for saving both of your lives. Dont know why you're blaming this guy for an equivalent malfunction.

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    Loved your story. I'm curious to know if it resolved your need for constant adrenaline rushes (you mentioned you were an adrenaline junkie), especially since you were able to clean up past trauma?

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    I don't know who you are. Your video just popped up and I don't even know why I watched it, but I'm glad i did, and I'm glad you're still with us today.🙏🏾🥹♥️

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    Holy shit… I'm so glad you survived. That was terrifying!

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    If i had her attached to me that close id proby accidently pull my parachute to early also. 100% it threw him off a bit having this bite size beauty stiched to his frontside

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    Microdosing shrooms healed me from my trauma and I wish for then to use Microdosing shrooms to heal more people with trauma.

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    Omg that's crazy you just said your head got really hot, I felt that watching this and wrote that before I even seen you say that.

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    You can definitely see how terrifying this had to have been.This made my face hot and chest hurt just watching. Very scary. ❤

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    I appreciate your trauma but this isn’t an NDE.

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    So happy you survived and were able to find a beautiful silver lining.

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    Ow my God, what a trauma 🙈🙈❤❤

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    I’ve never skydived. I’ve never wanted to skydive and I never will do it. I hate when people who do skydive try to “convince” others to do “just because they did” I feel like there’s a special place waiting in hell for them. There is no reason to need to do it, I’m happy on the ground and if YOU wanna go take that risk (which IMO is a HIGH RISK DECISION and every successful skydive was just based on luck) GOOD FOR YOU 👏 like if you want to jump off the moon and land back on earth, fantastic, I probably won’t even think of you on your way down because I’m busy enjoying life without unnecessary risks. P.S I’m really glad you are “ok” watching the video for me was traumatic. My heart was racing. When you screamed I almost died myself. Never watched a video from you before but girl. You seem amazing 😊❤

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    Hell nah man i woulda died in the air glad you made it out

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    I’m so glad you made it❤

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    You are so strong! I'm sure you will live your life most fully and most beautiful

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    Why I will never do this or anything that is dangerous for adrenaline. I’ll take a chill boring life thank you very much. 😂

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    If i die now …….GOD ? Please make sure my horse is safe 🌎

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    I love my horse ….and no one else 😂🌎💘

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    God loves you. Tomorrow is not promised, and Jesus is coming soon. Turn to Him before it's too late.

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    I like Her Husbands "I Can Fix her Attitude"

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