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My Last Breath : a Reason to Return (Near-Death Experience)

May 2023 11
My Last Breath : a Reason to Return (Near-Death Experience)

*Chris Kito* shares the story of his Near- Experience, suffocating to after an allergic reaction to peanuts in a cake at a friends party. During his encounter on the he was visited by his grandfathers and given a message that inspired his return to Life. Chris shares a new purpose the Near- Experience brought to his life and why after many years he wants to finally share his story.

“I’m going to live authentically and I’m going to help people” – Chris

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    Peace & Life Everlasting with Jesus ❤️

    HEAVEN is the dwelling place not only of God, but also of the angelic beings who worship him. John 3:16 ❤

    John 14:6
    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me ❤️

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    I’m in Barrie, Ontario. I heard you. Thank you.

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    Not making the universe but thanking GOD

  4. #4

    Sounds like the Holy Spirit of GOD at work

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    I love listening to these NDE stories. Just had a thought…. 🤔 What if a man murdered his whole family! When he later dies are they coming to him with unconditional love 😍?
    In this case it sounds a bit weird 🤔 but 😂🤣 maybe they are.
    Any ideas?

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    These videos are very well made. Nice work.

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    Thank you❤

  8. #8

    Don't come into agreement with premature death.

  9. #9

    Thank you for sharing your story! Very heart-felt and deeply moving for me to hear and feel!

  10. #10

    These videos are filmed so beautifully. I hope you continue to do more. They are helping me through grief.

  11. #11

    "my father s father passed away we he was…."? At what age did he become parent?

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    WOW what a Beautiful experience, my heart goes out to you sir❤ I've not had near death experience, but, Out of Body Experience, where I Saw myself Sleeping on my bed ,& I Was Clinging On to the Light Fixture On Ceiling, THIS World is Full Of Fascinating occurrence,s X❤

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    May not mean much or anything to you. But tyvm for having the courage to speak openly about your NDE experience. Believe it or not someone..somewhere is gonna be inspired or feel touched by your experience. God bless

  14. #14

    "Can I move the needle a little bit…picking up a piece of garbage…a state of gratitude." Comfort words for me for sure because the world is so darn tough but I have certainly been trying my best – thank you!

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    Thank you for your love your beautiful ❤️

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    Thanks Chris. Glad you are here to tell your story. I for one totally believe you.

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    thank u so. Both my sisters are gone in their late 40's im from long island. i am that person that reaches out to all and have been. in dont sweat the small stuff he teaches his children to clean up parks etc. richard carlson, he passed over years ago a young father. i think of him often. met him and his wife before he exploded on oprah. i am 71, live in massive pain and look. foward to my transition.

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    I don't know what's more scary knowing you die forever or knowing you are eternal you can't die

  20. #20

    What sweet man….❤☺️

  21. #21

    I wish I could go to the other side NOW. I’m ready. I don’t feel like I belong here. I KNOW there is something so much better

  22. #22

    Thank you for sharing ❤

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    Absolutely beautiful story, having one of the toughest moments in my life, your video will get me through the day filled with hope, thank you and remember God loves you, don’t let anyone say otherwise!!

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    These experiences are just mind blowing and it's because it happens outside of our limited minds. Thank you for sharing. You would not belive the ripple effects you are causing right now. That's your purpose that's our purpose to recognize and appreciate the beauty all around us and share unconditional love❤

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    Hello please be honest this is reality or lie or not reality

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    That someone or something you have to thank and give your life to is JESUS CHRIST 🙏

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    I had a NDE and all i saw was black and Gold….that's it no more no less

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    He met god. You can’t get it more simple

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