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MGK – Near Death Experience That Changed My Life (247HH Exclusive)

Apr 2023 20

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Music Bed Produced By: Mike Jaxx and Tha Hydrox
Introductions produced By: Mike Jaxx and Tha Hydrox
MGK sits down with @247HH to talk about a near death experience before a meeting with Bad Boy Records and how he holds that memory to this day. #247HHEXCL


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    This is more like I almost had an nde experience. I was waiting for a story about what it was like when you died….. oh well.

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    Hey that's the meth head that lived down the block from me, he's rich now?

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    He has a LOT of growing up to do. Ignorant to the fact that so many people have been hit from behind while pulled over because ppl are so used to following the car in front of them. Anyway, so immature how he handles the part of caring what happened to the other guy smh. Accidents happen and he sure is far from perfect. He needs Jesus in a bad way. Please pray for him and his followers because a lot are definitely headed down the wrong path!

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    Much love mgk but this story doesn’t make sense?

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    proceeds to get hit by double decker bus

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    Dude what's with your voice?
    It's you but you don't sound like you!

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    This is not an NDE lol. Not moved or impressed!! Freaking Americans

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    this was a disgusting display of ignorance. he was glad the man died because he hit him? he was switching drivers as he was driving within the vehicle with no license to drive and hes mad that a man hit him amd lost his life? Not only is this a disgusting thing to hear but its really just youth ignorant ego he cant even talk about this without using cussing and no dosplay of verbalizing anything about him switching seats without a drivers license while driving with a passenger. as much as I heard it was his fault the accident happened. who is too lazy to pull over and switch drivers? God save us from the ignorance uneducated a spiritually lost…

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    This is probably one of the only instances where I can't support. He had no idea if that man was drunk… anything couldve happened. Seizure, stroke or even just a black and white simply put accident. We all fuck up and have accidents in our lives. Now, if the man was drinking, high or just being reckless then yea no sympathy.

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    Coleson Baker bro I'm not even here to talk to my favorite artist . I've been down this road with my mom dying when I was 14 her name's is Casey. Same name as Coleson's daughter! Her brother was in prison at the time for assault. He had to attend her service because he wasn't allowed around anybody because they thought he was going to have a bad breakdown. He got out a few months after she passed. Was at the absolute greatest point in his life. I'd get out of school, we'd toss the football everyday just talking about shit. He was one of my best friends. I was supposed to be there with him when Hiself along with his girlfriend and my mom's younger sister to go see Thor when it came out. Long time ago. He said he wanted to have a good night but I couldn't come along because they might go to a concert after . He got into a wreck the car landed on top of him and suffocated him. My mom's older sister l a few weeks later commited suicide. Then my grandma passed. Then a best friend who I considered my brother. We'd go and toke after work every night. Please bro I'm here as a person to person type of person. Not because you're famous. We all hurt at sometime in our life. I'm hurting still and it's getting worse. Make a dream come true bro hmu

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    Omg such a baby! 😍

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    Бляяя. Русские. А ты уверен?

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    your near death experience was your rap career buddy

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    Maybe the guy was air drumming, or drumming on his steering wheel….
    Anybody see what I'm getting at? Lol.

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    MGK, thanks for your dedication to the art of professionalism in music and in particular your live performances. True quality. God bless you mightily. By the way, for some reason I had not listened to your music until your song RAP DEVIL…after I heard that then I put it on my playlist. Then as a sampled your catalogue of music it was time to purchase your music and I have. As a metalhead, I still recognize quality music and the band you have with you. Keep with this and when are you going to headline a show in the Northern California area. I did see your show in San Jose with FOB. IT WAS LIT…but the show wasn’t enough! Peace out my friend.

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    he is a good rapper

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    oh hardcore bro😂

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    well he already dead

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    If you notice MBK had a hair transplant

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    Damn, dodged one, but couldn't dodge Killshot


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    Lol was it Killshot by Eminem?

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    He’s dead expirience was after he dissed Sm xD

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    mgk you better not be talking about your own death I will go Tati future baby new favorite song and not scary and not madea you scared me

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    Bruh his profanity 😑

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    you kiss your ma & grandma with that mouth? sheesh 8-p

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    he is a illuminati

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    last part he could not have said any better! MGK really does have a lot of meaning in his lyrics and in the movement. I have followed since 100 words and runnin, love all his music but the purpose behind it is what truly makes it great

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    This wasnt no near death experience.He experienced quantum mechanics at its finest.

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    he doesn't seem very nice..

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    SuBsCriBE to me: I started my journey & have knowhere to go but up. It's all love. 👊👊👊

    – Dan Valdes Music
    King of Hip Hop Rock

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    he my hero his songs saved my life from killing myself and made me a better man thanks kells

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    he talks about this story in his new album #GeneralAdmission

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    he's my idol as well

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