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Man With A 14-years Of Research Into Near Death Experiences Gave His View On Mankind Afterlife

Apr 2023 19

Man With A 14-years Of Research Into Gave His View On Mankind

David Suich is a retired engineer and certified spiritual counselor who founded and operated Steps of Hope Outreach, a nonprofit organization that served orphanages in Nepal, Mexico, and Haiti from 2003
through 2018. During a painful and chronic physical condition that triggered severe depression, he clicked on a YouTube video about an who died momentarily and saw Heaven. This led him on a 14-year
journey of research into including the testimonies of over 1000 people who have
died, seen the , and returned.

Some People dismiss near death experiences (NDE) as dreams or the hallucinations of a dying brain, people generally do not have the same kinds of hallucinations. In contrast, the descriptions of near-death experiences are remarkably consistent across culture and time. Many people do think when they do had their Near , they saw past life regression, out of body experience, angels, heaven, met jesus, and testimony of jesus e.t.c..

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Man With A 14-years Of Research Into Near Death Experiences Gave His View On Mankind Afterlife


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    Regarding Captain Cook's brew, based on your description (haven't looked up yet), included sour kraut, which I believe is also very high in vitamin C content. Perhaps his brew was actually more beneficial (than we realize) to the health of persons at sea for lengthy periods?

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    Hmm… that’s interesting; Because from where I’m standing, Revelation seems to be unfolding exactly as foretold…
    at an alarming rate. 🤔

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    David says we will not destroy ourselves, but it is, unlike his optimism, far from certain his perspective is correct. Something must change so the US doesn't fall apart to civil war… China and Russia MUST start to democraticize, allow their own people to enjoy freedom and stop bullying their neighbors. His future seems wonderful, his vision is so beautiful… I hope so much we get there.

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    Great message, but I am concerned you don't seem to know we don't live a spinning ball floating in space. You must know NASA lies about space and the model of the universe. Millions of square miles of flat water surface doesn't work on the sphere or globe model….this is not a theory because those models are impossible….tell me you are joking or still trust all science

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    I consider Religion as a style of worship which ever one enables you. To grow in Spirit…..

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    If history is any indication? I would say this is very naive. Many NDE talks of the reality of hell. History shows when, man gets to advanced he gets wiped out.

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    Loved your perspective on life and love. I had an N.D.E at 8 months old and recalled it on my 5th birthday. It has had a profound and positive impact on my life and has allowed me to spread love and joy throughout my 53 years. I hope to create an animated film to teach love and forgiveness to inspire the world and to let them all know my secret, that no matter how hard our lives are that there is a happy ending.

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    What's he smoking

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    There are a lot of near death experiences where they end up in hell and are only saved when they call out to the Lord Jesus Christ. The one name that always defeats Satan and evil. Having a personal relationship with Christ is the one sure way to get to heaven.

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    Interesting. Wish there wasn’t a book for sale. Cheers.

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    Nothing is changing for me.

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    Even after death people seem materialistic.

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    I see more dishonesty, more cruelty, and more stupidity, it seems to be growing exponentially, at least here in the USA. The climate is becoming more and more chaotic and we ignore it even though we are in dire peril. I would be beyond surprised if we are able to turn things around in time to stop mass extinction and horrendous suffering. I hope I'm wrong, but all the seeds of self destruction have taken root and our downfall is already happening before our eyes.

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    Thank you very much for your compialation and analysis. I received a vision from a service dog, Katie, who died and that had her and her successor
    Brigit sitting side by side at a gateway to Heaven waiting for me. It was very detailed and amazingly beautiful. I told the story to a friend who died of a stroke and came back and she told me that she saw the same gateway before they sent her back. A few years later someone I had never seen before saw my dog companion Brigit and wanted to meet her. After she did I told her the story of the gateway and the friend who died who saw it too. This woman looked shocked and told me she had a friend who had died and returned and described the same gateway. I tell this to people when I can and to tell them that the Spirit Abides after death. I think this is something I an supposed to do. Some who have friends or companions who have died tell me thank you because it comforts them to know that those they have love who have passed on will be waiting for them when it is their turn. It humbles me and I know my Love for Katie and Brigit is forever, as is their Love for me. So again, thank you for your story.

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    sorry bud, but socialist utopia is NOT coming, and it is disingenuous to push that agenda under the guise of NDE. Everyone who accepts that garbage eventually learns it is incompatible with human nature as well as it stops all advancement. That will never work on this planet until after end times and we're in a state of being where we no longer have unanswered needs…and we're no where near there now. Those riots you refer to were pushed BY the people pushing for socialism, like you are here, and they belong in prison or the grave for what they've done.

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    No one comes to the father but through his son, Jesus Christ

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    I have not had a NDE, but for some reason, I remember seeing me on a hospital table after suffering a severe injury as a child. From what I know I never died.

    Anyway, up to about 5 years ago, I knew when people died. I had vivid dreams are these intense feelings and knew exactly what was going on.

    I truly believe in this!

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    Blockchain and their open source software is already moving us in the direction of cooperation, sharing of knowledge- for free – and consensus building. Once the fiat money is replaced with a hard digital currency worldwide, for all peoples everywhere, the wealth inequalies will melt away and goods will be so much less expensive and homes will not need to skyrocket in price because no one will need their home to store their accumulated savings (value) anymore. Instead, it'll be stored in a hard currency which holds its value over time without ever introducing inflation. Homes will return to their actual utility costs (the price only rises with improvements). It really will be heaven on earth.

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    No "other" that is worshiped, suffered and was crucified for "our" sins…. there shall be no other God before me. Some catholic church's also believe abortion and gay marriage is ok. Yes, times are changing and not for the better. You must have military spending to protect ourselves from those like Hitler. You went WAY off track for me.

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