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Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish, Tuna and Sharks! {Catch Clean Cook} The Best Fishing Trip Ever!

May 2024 13

Huge shout out to my bros, Brad Smith ( Gabler and Jason Phillip! here’s to another amazing guys trip!!!!

Hey thanks a ton for stopping by!!! Here are some of my favorite things!

Buena Vista Sportfishing Resort in Ixtapa, Guatemala is amazing!!!

SeaWorx Fishing! they are my new favorite fishing gear!!! insane how good their stuff is!!!

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  1. #1

    Love that you used DORADO.

  2. #2

    Who is doing all the under water shooting….awesome job just awesome Bula From Fiji

  3. #3

    Robert! You gotta try Aloha Shoyu for your next soy sauce! On fresh tuna, it cannot be beat!

  4. #4

    Hi it’s shayne crocker I was wondering what type of drone that is?

  5. #5

    Did you have a couple of margaritas before you started in on that tuna because I’m pretty certain that I heard you say that you could even do that with a Bonita and I would love to see you do that with Bonita and then taste challenge anybody or even just see you eat some of the Bonita because I have to admit I have Not tried it that way, but when I was a young kid in Florida and caught Bonita off the pier and somebody convinced us that if you cooked it a certain way and soaked it in this or that that it was great and we tried soaking it and cooking it. It smelled so fishy that None of us could be inside while it was cooking and I don’t know if anybody even bothered tasting it , but I didn’t as the smell was enough to deter thoughts of tasting it.

  6. #6

    Robert that dish will make you want to slap your brother!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. #7

    The barf dripping off the beard may be one of the grossest things I've ever seen and I've fixed septics, grew up on a farm and have field dressed hundreds of animals.

  8. #8

    Hey Rob I’m a big fan of you.
    Greetings from texas

  9. #9

    Welcome to Guatemala! 🇬🇹
    My beloved Country! ❤

  10. #10

    You have to take a trip and fish in El Salvador

  11. #11

    i loved ur vid ❤❤

  12. #12

    I was down there several years ago and stayed at Casa Vieja. We fished on my buddies boat, Circle Hook with Capt. Eddie Bairez and mate Jose. Absolute blast with world class fishing and accommodations! Can’t wait to go back!

  13. #13

    Deermeat you will be top gun with your videos 🎉

  14. #14

    Been watching your channel since the beginning. Why haven’t you guy’s ever fished the Great Lakes? There is great fishing up there. Specially since your wife is from Wisconsin. Great walleye fishing and steelhead fishing. Each lake has unique fishing. Lake Superior is a deep and cold lake. Giving you new ideas.

  15. #15


  16. #16

    So we all gonna ignore how we’re genuinely watching one of the greatest hunters in history?

  17. #17

    robert please try redmonds real salt from utah

  18. #18

    Robert been a fan for 11 years. Love your video’s. Went to Costa Rica this past year and got some sail fish and a decent size Rooster fish. Was a trip of a lifetime. Hope to meet you one day when I get to Florida. https://youtu.be/Ew5afbIZtOU?si=94gDNHtkJKGntJbU https://youtu.be/Ew5afbIZtOU?si=94gDNHtkJKGntJbU 3:41

  19. #19

    You must dip it in something you like.

  20. #20

    Hi, Robert I'm Wyatt and I'm 12 years old and your biggest fan. I just wanted to let you know next time you consider going to Guatemala you should consider fishing with Gringo sportfishing. Every year I've fished there I've had the best experience of my life, exceeding all my expectations, catching over 20-30 sailfish a day. They also are great with tuna fishing. Keep up the good work. Loving your video's. TGBTG

  21. #21

    😳WOW!!!!! What an awesome video, it's always exciting to watch your amazing fishing🐟 trips.
    I sure wish I can go!!!!😂

  22. #22

    1. I love your channel. 2. I don't want to be a "self righteous prude," but just to suggest you let others know there are many risks involved in eating any uncooked fish! Liver Flukes, and many parasites accompany millions of mostly Asians and sea dwelling people because of consuming uncooked fish and seafood! Then again like the Mountain Men, warm Elk Liver was the ticket! Could somebody pass me another platter of raw oysters! 😅 😂

  23. #23

    I want to go to buena vista lodge with my family one day I’ve been saying it for like 2 years now

  24. #24

    The underwater shots of the bait and boat were awesome

  25. #25

    Mike by the way when he won survivor 43 he donated all of the money to a charity for vets dudes a badass

  26. #26

    Be careful of your backyard, as Chinese is secretly establishing a new China in America, joint by other asian ethnics groups including phillipinos, japs, korean, Laos, cambodian, Laos, Thais, indonesian, etc. Their president's daughter Xi Mingze, has stayed in America secretly in the name of Study, and their former president's daughter and son in law have immigrated to US for decades. All of above are their secret leaders and are fullfilling the missions issued by their chinese leaders. Google, Xi Mingze, Hu Haiqing and Mao Daolin.

  27. #27

    My favorite moment…… Had nothing to do with this ep. It was the change in YOU bro. The change in YOU that came after you LIKE me got dealt the horrid surprise of a STROKE that I feel make us TRULY appreciate that we are still here! I had UNSUBCRIBED to you. But after seeing the changes in you…. I am back in your fold! Just keep doing what you do and thanking Jesus for letting us try again… I hope you have gotten a clean bill of health! Not so much for me but know that fishing has been MY LIFE! And at some point I pray it will be again…

  28. #28

    I absolutely love you. You cherish every moment. I love watching it

  29. #29

    You guys caught amazing fish I hope you like the food from all the fish you caught in your life, the big fish you guys caught was Amzaing and I wish I can caught a big fish like you someday. Your videos are great

  30. #30

    I wish I could do this

  31. #31

    The Ali-Gabler!!!

  32. #32

    the fishing was excellent,blessing

  33. #33

    Epic footage air, land and underwater. Looks like a great trip! Can’t wait to see more

  34. #34

    Who is gonna do the first Florida Invasive Python CCC??? BlueGabe DMFD or Ian TugTrash????

  35. #35

    This is another great video of Dr Lockhart and I can tell you on my Teeter inversion therapy tables my body feels great in only a few minutes stretched out and I hope it works for you too and I highly recommend Tom Brady's tb12 pliability roller and spheres absolute❤https://youtu.be/y3EPRk48vJc?si=UybmJQIP5VJE_eQx

  36. #36

    I thought of you Mr Arrington listening to Dr Lockhart talk about people who have strokes and he proved to me and I invested in Teeter inversion therapy lx9 even though Dr Lockhart devised his own unique one❤ hope this helps you 👍🏻

  37. #37

    I'm wandering if you have a diver in the water while your running the boat at speed and if you do do you have a chase boat

  38. #38

    Wow last year was awesome but this year was way better!! Idk how yall will top this next year lol

  39. #39

    Wow what a good day

  40. #40

    Wish one day i have the opportunity to meet this amazing man! You are amazing and your videos are the best! Great quality and great energy!!! Greetings from Puerto Rico ❤

  41. #41

    Robert you should make a trip up north to the Chesapeake for some monster blue claw crabs. It’s been ages since I went but the monsters we were pulling were 11 to 12 inches point to point. Mabey an idea for a another band of brothers trip.

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