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He Died & Was Shown Humanity's Terrifying Future | NDE

May 2024 13

Millions of people have had Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    Why is it a few rich get to decide the destrition of our world?

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    I feel fearful of this world and the evil position the united states of america is in today. It seems just about one person has wrecked our world reputation and the hate has spread all over the world. I'm very afraid for my fellow Americans and the standing of this country, which I have held dear to my heart for decades. Dear Lord, please help us! I pray!

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    I believe that God showed this man something that could happen if we’re not careful. It is a warning. Thank you to him for sharing.

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    Don’t vote that false prophet Trump into office or we are doomed!

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    The older I get ( I will be 69 soon) the more I see how much happier I am trying to live a life my ( our) Heavenly Father would be proud of us because I know
    1. It was we are commanded to do
    2. The nicer I am to others complementing them etc the happier my spirit is
    We never know what the other person on the phone calm is going through that day but telling the lady who works at a Dr office getting authorization for my specialists doctors how important her job is hopefully acknowledging her and what she does will help lift her spirits and get her through a trying day out words & actions or lack of can change a persons day or life! So spread JOY and KINDNESS whenever or wherever you can!!! I’ve never had a NDE but if I do I will not be afraid.
    Has listening to NDE’s made you less fearful of dying? It has me I look forward to HEAVEN living on this earth 🌍 is getting harder every day there is 9:36 so much Hate going on around us everyday everywhere! God bless those who share their experiences with US!!! And a BIG thank you who Bring them to us!! 💕💕🐜🐝

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    On April the 16th I dream that I was hanging out. The streets was filled with young people. Then I was standing in front of a bridge at a port. I saw something blow up in the sky, but no one saw it but me. Then I heard a strange sound. I look over to my left and a Nuclear Bomb went off. I saw the mushroom cloud. We started running towards the Navy ships, and one was on fire. They kept screaming go back, go back. Then I look up and fighter jets was flying over my head. I woke up Shaking.

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    I believe you have the right idea: You are not absolutely sure of what you saw but you feel compelled to share it. So share it far and wide. We will see what he future holds when it arrives. Until then, let us have faith that there is more to this world than sand and flesh. In fact, the world clearly has a design and a Designer. Let us not fear the end. The end is not the end. Let us do our part to bring truth and light into a Dark world.

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    Have issues with God saying “I do not know if you are the messenger the world needs.” Or God talking “Be Not afraid.” The verbiage is very old world. God would speak to you in the best way you can understand it.

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    Believe this 200%. This is how God tries to get some of His messages to the world. I say this because He has gifted me for many years when I speak of things in my poetry and stories that are beyond my experience, to get certain messages out. He also gave me 2 actual experiences where I felt His pure love go right through me, it was beyond word description.

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    You've been putting out some amazing stories Lee. Just wow! This one hits home to me not because I've ever had a near death experience but because i keep having this deep feeling that something bad is going to happen to America.

    It has become clearly obvious over the few decades that I've been an adult and have taken an interest in politics and world events that our government is not serving our interests. We've become compromised. It's clear to me that for a long time now but especially under the Biden Administration. (no im neither Republican nor Democrat) The constant onslaught of illegal immigrants and the toll its taken on our resources throughout American cities along with the hundreds of billions were giving to Ukraine and now Israel to fight wars that have zero to do with our security along with baiting China into a conflict due to our blatant antagonizing by funding Tawain military defense while totally ignoring the needs of Americans proves our current leadership could care less.

    I mean rent and living expenses are going through the roof and they domt blink and eye at our suffering. Even in an election year it would seem as if Biden would at least pretend to care but nope he just keeps ignoring us while weaponizing the power of his office to bring down a political opponent, namely former President Trump. Has it not become clear now to everyone that we are on the brink of something terrifyingly horrific?

    Its almost like they know that there won't even be an election. That's my gut feeling anyway.

    I fear they are trying to force Russia and Chinas hand into a war and I fear our enemies are already hear in large numbers just waiting to be given the word to move after a major attack on cities like NY and D.C. I also fear Biden is complicit and will allow certain defenses to be lowered to allow such an attack, and the motive will be its his duty to allow the long discussed New World Order to rise. An order in which a Satanic darkness will fill the world.

    I pray that i am wromg, but it's been a feeling sturring up in my soul for a while now. Maybe it's Gods judgment on us for straying from him and championing many immoral things. Many great empires have fallen, and others have risen up to replace them. This would be nothing new in the history of mankind.

    We all really need to be praying and doing some real soul searching in my opinion. But who am i but one man?

    God bless you all

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    This NDE is chilling. About 10 days ago, I had a vivid dream very similar to this NDE. I was outdoors in the countryside. It was at dawn, the sun was just rising. I was facing south, the almost rising sun was to my left. A woman was standing to my left, maybe 20 feet away, facing my direction. She was staring into the distance, with a blank expression. After what seemed like a few minutes, some type of bus full of people came up the dirt road and stopped. The driver asked if anyone wanted a ride to a safe place. A shelter of some kind. The woman just stood there motionless. I was like a spectator, but halfway there, so to speak. The bus left in a hurry. I noticed the woman was holding back tears, trying not to cry. I felt a very ominous feeling, extremely ominous. And sensed that something terrible was coming from the east, in the far distance. That’s all I remember.

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    Thank you for telling us. Your visions are consistent with information from current mystics. The message is the same: convert from materialistic lives, reconcile with God, make peace with your neighbours. Please continue to share your testimony. Each heart that changes helps change the collective heart of humanity.

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    I've had a dream 30 yrs ago where I was in a Chinese camp and another in my mid 30s where once again I was in a concentration camp this time Russians I totally believe the lord was giving me a glimpse of the future and I've never forgotten its as clear as yesterday so I believe u God help us all

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    It's very hard to believe some of these. I have no doubt the future of this world will be hell on earth but it's pretty much a given if you read the Bible

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    Unfortunately, many people dont heed the warning, and many will die in their stubbornness.

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    'Hammer of Russia'? Russia is no longer the Soviet Union, this must be a made up story

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    Love your videos. Keep up the great work. Thank you so much.

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    …."I DO NOT KNOW…." I would think GOD the great OMNI of ALL would DEFINITELY KNOW for every reality and possibility. This wasn't GOD. Be it his own mind or a trickster entity or whatever IT IS A FALSEHOOD.


    And something we as humans don't quite get a grasp on is the infinite realities, causalities, paradoxes, multi-dimensional creations and the butterfly effect that infinitely happens in an instant. GOD has access to ALL and it is beyond mortal comprehension. Finite can understand finite to a degree but finite can barely grasp what is INFINITE/ETERNAL.

    Also, GOD's supposed plan according to biblical scholars will happen at GOD's time and nothing can prevent it.

    One should be grateful to know they exist and try to live a good life according to free will. What is good? I guess GOD knows and deep inside the majority of humanity knows what is good, kind, productive, to ensure we as humans continue and our home thrives and not suffers.

    The world was once a bountiful garden wild and untamed and now that garden is very polluted, unmanaged, and turned into a septic contagion.

    And yet, it is just one of an infinite existences left to the free will of its residents. I don't believe GOD would change that…. but I'm not GOD nor is any creation.

    We endure and adapt until we are no more.

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    Because he saw multiple realities the god that was showing him was not the Creator all it accomplish was generating fear

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    Just shows that weakness projected by Joe and Kamala will be our Waterloo

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    This is amazing that God love us so much and he gave HIS warning to this man to tell the people of the world that we are in danger and we must repent and return to THE CREATOR! Believe in HIS SON YESHUA JESUS or else we will not be saved.

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    i prefer your naration vs others telling their story,

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    I had an NDE 6 yrs ago and it put me on a path working with Shamans and Healers around the world. I have spent hundreds of hours in the spirit realm for my own healing , expansion, and remembering. I did Ibogain with a doctor who was helping Navy Seals and it was 16 hours of visions as clear as we see now but with more clarity of all my senses. I had my life review, I went through my families lives, I was in my Akashic Records in the living movie of many lifetimes and deaths, I went through the history of Earth and into future timelines. I was shown China preparing for war, i did not see war but a change in their flag, I saw poisons dropped from planes, I saw thousands wrapped in white plastic on floating barges, I then watched as wallstreet collapsed and shocked the world, I then saw a brief depression and it showed me picking people up off the street handing them multi-colored currency saying we are free everything is ok, humanity was liberated… I know timelines shift but I also have faith in the higher timelines playing out as we wake up and remember who we are on a soul level. We must lead a heart centered life of love and compassion, we must purify our hearts and minds and become pure conduits for God to work through. In all my visions while there will be chaos it always shows a new age for humanity and until Im shown different I will maintain my faith and keep planting seeds and helping others heal and walk the path.

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    Do not stop sharing, I mean that with all sincerity. This world has to make a change and it comes from us. My wife gave me a chilling account of the last days through a vision she had. I can still recall everything. I have a NDE, it is real, everything is real, there is a God and His love is perfect for us. Thank you for your time…

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    False visions. America will never be conquered by outside invaders. If American falls, it will only be from within.

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    There is no reason to be an adversary with China and Russia. They are not the enemy that is why 3/4 of the world is working with them. Thank you Lyndon LaRouche.

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    The BIble clearly states what will happen during the tribulation. Right now, the world has lost it mind due to sin overcoming them. The world needs Jesus!

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    There are several people who have been given a similar vision. China and Russia attack and overrun the USA. The USA eventually pushes them out but the cost is heavy. It lasts 7 years and there is a peace treaty signed afterwards. China experiences tremendous damage during this time.

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    Finally, a tangible warning. When will people understand that the best thing we can do in this life is educate ourselves to understand how our influence as the man on the floor applies!!

    We have SO much to say and it's about making wise choices. how often do I hear people say; well what can i do about it?? I have no influence!! Wrong; WE as humans on this planet have all the influence. God has no influence on what happens…and that's what people forget or dont realice.

    How often do you think that everything can be solved with a prayer to help and eradicate poverty and war and the like. But then…God can't do that, but WE can with wise choices! And if it is difficult to distinguish true from false, THEN we can ask God for help. This is something he can support us with, and not the other things.

    Many countries are ruled by people with power, but why do they have it?? Because we give it away one way or another. It must be stopped. It is time for us humans to take matters into our own hands and find out HOW much influence we actually have through each other. Because only then can you change the course of the battle!!

    So common ground towards peace must be the highest goal!!! Thanks Lee!

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    I’ve also had a near death experience it was nothing like that. I think this one is bogus because it has bias near-death experiences don’t have bias

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    No you need to Tell More! I bless you All but I have Requested more NDE's from God(the All-Being/All-Father) to those who go through such Traumatic Experiences aswell to the Wicked! This is to Accelerate & Ensure Ascension(but the 'Darkness' Fights back like a Desperate Wounded Animal)! We are Meant to Live & Survive to Evolve Beyond what we are now! We are Meant to Overcome Evil & Make this Side(the Whole Universe & Super-Multiverse) like the Otherside(Heaven)! Trillions of Eternities have Passed away as we Failed to Ascend in Alternate Histories Past(Multiverse)! More Later!… …

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    Based off the corrupt supreme justices we have- I can see that future happening.

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    I don't see how Russia and China can do this because America has too many allies.

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