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Luckiest People EVER Caught On Camera !

Nov 2023 27

Caught On Camera !



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    good luck all around

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    where's the lion eating the man

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    who else searched for the lion clip in the thumbnail

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    i can bet that @8:55 a WOMEN was driving the white car 😂

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    That lady with the one inch vertical 😂

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    Not a paraglider, buddy, but a speedrider.

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    I mean wheres the lucky guy escaping the lion 🦁😢

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    Who locked the bear in a dumpster

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    1:38 Akimbo never rided a bike… bikercyclist reaction time is generally higher, because of many factors.

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    9:15 like a boss🫡

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    So where's the lion

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    2:34 he didn't fall oh wait that was a close oN–e

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    This The White Man Scene Attacks In Africa You Are White Man It Then Tell You Is He Even White Lol Said Zack.

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    1:05 in English it's pronounced ter-bin

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    Who says ‘Oh, my gosh!’ in a moment of crisis?

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    Ich habe entdeckt das solche Videos auch gefaked sein können, man sah das Tacho 16 km/h aber der Film erweckte den Eindruck als würde er 160km/h fahren.

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    Thank god for the mute botton

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    Like what amazing reflexes to catch that hockey puck 😵‍💫

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    Nah, sorry, it's up to the bicyclist to pay attention. It's far easier for them to stop then for a moving motor vehicle to stop. Simple physics.

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