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Man Goes to Hell and Sees This Famous False Prophet

Nov 2023 26

What is like or does it even exist? In this interview, Cody shares his NDE experience of dying and going to . He shares the of his near-death experience and talks about seeing a very famous while he was there.

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0:00 – Trailer
1:10 – Going To
30:07 – Coming Back to Life
43:25 – Last Words

Almost False is a dedicated to telling the stories of people who might not have the platform to do so. We do our best to ensure that the stories being told on the are true but it is ultimately your responsibility to judge whether or not that is the case. Any views or opinions expressed by our guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the Almost False . Some of the stories presented might be graphic or contain adult content. Viewers’ discretion is advised.


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    I dont know if this guy is telling the truth, but he seems to be sincere. And, having been in the mormon church for 51 years and having studied the life of JS and can see him in that situation. He was coached by his parents to defraud people out of money from a very young age…they promoted him as a child seer to lead teams of men to dig for hidden treasure. People would hire him to perform ritual digs on their lands. In fact on one of these digs he met his wife Emma. Emma’s father would not consent to the marriage unless JS stopped performing ritual money digs. So JS complied with his father in law and stopped the money digging and started the mormon church. I dont think Joseph’s motivation was to lead people to hell. His motivation was control, authority, power money and sex. His first plural wife was a teenage babysitter he hired named Fanny Algers. He had between 30-40 other wives.

  2. #2

    There is power in the testimony.. NEVER stop telling the truth. You ARE getting something you are storing treasure up in heaven. Stay strong brother 💪🏼

  3. #3

    I am sure he is sincere, Methadone is known to cause hallucinations in some people, overdose on it, and prepare for one heck of a ride. He says impossible, that is simply not true. What is really fun is having 20+ years of theology under your belt and understanding how utterly baseless the hell doctrine is in the scriptures. How there are over 50k errors, contradictions, and logical fallacies in the Christian scriptures, and how original Christianity as they call it these days was wiped out by the so-called Orthodox. I could go on for hours dismantling the whole of the Christian faith but I will not, the bottom line is humans don't know enough nor do we have the perceptive abilities to make any declarations about the existence or nonexistence, nature of, or any other things relating to a Divine.

  4. #4

    The description of the angel really got me. Androgynous, Beautiful, Pure and bathed in golden light however, Lucifer was the angel of music and hearing him mentioned the singing/voice makes me wonder..

  5. #5

    I believe everything this man says.He’s not a pastor &he’s ruff @ the edges He’s just what the younger ppl need to reach them.He can speak to them on their level.God uses All kinds & types to get his word out there.Satan is working as hard &fast as he can Even he can feel there’s not a lot of time left.I would love him to speak to my son.May God put it upon his heart to lead him on to speak to the ppl who need it

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    He cussed!! 😔

  7. #7

    I think i died one day when i od on cocain wen i was 18 but i really cant remember everything but i remember when i woke up i was so happy

  8. #8

    The Bible teaches the beginning of knowledge begins with the fear of God. He is the Judge, just and true. The gates of Heaven are quite narrow. Pray often, repent, and walk the walk every day. Please God. God bless you all!

  9. #9

    There is no hell. That story waas a way to make the church powerful. More powerful then the government. A way to control and manipulate the masses, and to further more keep people unempowered, small, and week,

  10. #10

    He’s so detailed you can tell he’s not lying

  11. #11

    Thank you for sharing your amazing experience. God is amazing

  12. #12

    I can't believe youtube is putting this bullsh1t in my feed

  13. #13

    This guy doesn’t even remember the year this allegedly happened to him. And his description isn’t biblically sound. “The year 2020 or whatever year it was that happened to me” screams “liar”

  14. #14

    Totally sharing, amazing testimony.

  15. #15

    This man did NOT go into Hell!
    Cause he wouldn't be making this claim!

  16. #16

    Thank you Lord for this video 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  17. #17

    Those of us who work with survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse know that Mormanism is Satanism. Many many of the people we serve were brutalized in Satanic rituals performed by mormans. It is part of practicing mormanism.

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  20. #20

    Thank you for your testimony. I believe you. May the Peace of Jesus be with you..

  21. #21

    There is no children in hell. That's a fact. I'm not doubting what he seen, the devil is master of deception.

  22. #22

    Something caught my attention in this whole video. "They were in jail cells with no doors and could walk out anytime"

  23. #23

    Lord, forgive this blasphemy. NO One knows the day or hour. False prophets.

  24. #24

    This world always tries to stop the truth!

  25. #25

    This dude is telling the truth, the way he elaborated his experiences, hell is real repent now for the salvation of our world.

  26. #26

    JS…sounds about right. I appreciate this man's courage. The fact that this man is getting attacked for telling this experience makes it evident that what he seen in the spirit is attacking him in the physical through other people. My wife is a CNA. She's told me plenty stories of some of her residents kicking and fighting before they crossover…and they're supposed to be bed ridden!! And some residents seeing their guardians and loved ones. Well informed vid

  27. #27

    The Christian narrative has so much wrong with it. Not just in the periphery of various claims from different sects, but at the heart of it that’s relatively consistent throughout. It’s just an immoral system that had its day. It’s time this world leave the nonsense of religion behind and grow up.

  28. #28

    That was terrifying! I have to help get the word out there. Jesus is King, and God is our saviour.

  29. #29

    oh man same thing the light came and I woke up ….I woke up in hell and soon as I noticed I was in this fiery place with 3 demons looking at me I screamed jesus name and the light came bright white light and he grabbed me and I woke up …oh man this is real I knew it oh thank you jesus I love you Jesus

  30. #30

    ❤❤❤ Thank you for your bravery sharing your experience! God bless! ❤❤❤

  31. #31

    He not lieing he'll is very real. That place is exactly that the demons run hell.

    Man are ants there we are not made for hell.

  32. #32

    Wow I’m totally blown away by this man’s story have me goosebumps ..thank you

  33. #33

    According to scripture everyone is still asleep! Ecc. 9:5-6, 10

  34. #34

    Great interview, you did a good job interviewing him! He did a great job re-living it, it takes bravery on his end to speak about it! – best regards, Dante

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