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Luckiest People Ever Caught On Camera | Perfect Timing !

Dec 2023 13

We’ve all been lucky at least once in our lives, but not everyone manages to capture that luck on camera! I think it’s a global conspiracy because luck can be transmitted through the screen… and that’s why, just for you, we’ve put together a compilation of the . So hurry and subscribe to the channel and click on the bell to get a full dose of good luck!

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Luis Arc MTB:


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    24Hrs Sabbath!
    I've read my NT Bible covered a cover every month for 6yrs straight. Then last Yr I started Listening to The OT
    The entire Audio Bible is 80Hrs
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    These videos would be great without the garbage commentary.

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    What is wrong with the voice of the narrator? It sounds like he got a potato stuck in his throat.

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    1:08 buying bitcoin isn't based on luck, it's based on understanding monetary theory and market psychology. Try again.

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    My young daughter stepped out into the street; I saw a car approaching fast. I grabbed her by the collar of her dress and pulled her up to the sidewalk just before he would have certainly hit her!

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    6:52 – – Ukrainian helicopter, trying to get not detected by radar.

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    The guy peppered someone’s house down the block probably 😂😂

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    bro had too much fun with its rainin men

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    @ 1:20 the guy coming out of the store like Bro you broke my sidewalk 🤣🤣

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    Not real good. Shit would be like 40lbs

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    "Eita poha meu Deus??"

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    This voiceover is unbearable.

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    Gonna have fear about walking up to a shop and the ground caves away behind me 😮😮😮

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    I would have watched this, if it wasn't for this Dork's commentary.

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    Why do you sound like Kirkland Brand Jim Gaffigan?

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    2:27 bro had the most villian laugh

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    Amazing stuff!!! Thanks! GG Rebimik

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    He shot a fucking pigeon? wtaf?

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    There are rules and right-of-ways on the sea. Barges have right-of-way at all times. Then sailboats. People are just too stupid and incompetent and do not follow right-of-ways.

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    There are rules motorized boats give right of way to wind power boats

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    That gold bar is not real gold.

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    My parents were driving down the road with my brother and I,a tree fell across the road in front of us just missing the front of the car ,my dad went to back up and another tree fell right behind the car just missing the back, dead of winter but luckily one house close by and it was an older couple who let us all in,still grateful till this day!

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    4:35 too bad the lightning missed. surely a darwin award contestant

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    The bear walked away because the guy didn't move and its brain cells say "no no he no move me must run away"

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    The luckiest day of my life was when my second wife left me.

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    texans when they go fishing

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    I almost slipped off of a cliff before. Not sure what stopped me but I just stopped sliding like 3 feet before the edge.

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    What a breathtaking moment of serendipity! These instances remind us of the fragility of life and the power of luck.

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