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Man Dies And Finds Out We Are Multi-Dimensional Beings | Near Death Experience | NDE

Dec 2023 14

Millions of people have had (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their stories. If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    Amen Alleluia God bless you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Wow…this is way over my head. I'll have to listen again.

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    When we are done here, where do we go?

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    I have had so many not NDE….But Angel interventions where I should have passed..or been seriously injured…But had an intervention by a unusual circumstance or person that vanished…Such a near drowning experience……A home double sliding glass door coming down and completely shattering all over on top of me while sleeping on a bed and there was not one cut on my body…Falling out of a moving car…Numerous head injuries that required stitches…A high fever where I was hospitalized…But I swore to my parents that they dropped me off in this huge play room with this lady that took care of all the babies in the nursery…She rocked the babies…The rest of the children all played with each other until she rocked you then you woke up in your bed and your parents took you home…I’m not exactly sure 🤷🏻‍♀️🙏🏼♥️

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    Awww May 4th was my parents Anniversary…..My mom passed away when I was 4 years old…..😔…..However My daddy…My primary parent..My BFF…Just recently passed away 2/23/23😔My heart is shattered 💔💔💔But he is giving me so many signs

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    Fascinating, the only thing that bothers me is choosing the family to learn lessons. What about a family that isn't so good, so we choose to face a horrific situation?

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    It’s “way show-er,” not “way-shower”🚿

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    What a great share! I have always been intrigued and a bit jealous of people who can be hypnotized I would LOVE to hear about some of my past lives.

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    I believe that it ties into everyone else's NDE in the sense of complete total peace, harmony & contentment with the blissfulness of pure love in heaven because we all originated from there to begin with.
    Thank You for sharing this with the Public. 👍

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    I love your channel.

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    Very informative. Thanks so much

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    There is so much information in this particular NDY , thank you

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    What does mean multi-dimensional?

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    Wow! What a beautiful picture @ 5:13!

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    How to find Howard's book?

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    Sounds like to me you're worshiping yourself Jesus is real I've had experience with him even before I even before I've died and I asked him I've seen him I know him I know he's real so just say that there's this is all you anyway you have to be careful of the devil fooling and even at death door

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    Thank you for posting these. It’s important.

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    What a mysterious creation of God of our soul and consciousness! What really made them of? Are they made of energy with invisible data of information that only God can see, and we can perceive them. Wow, GOD IS REALLY ALMIGHTY AND ALL-POWERFUL, Who makes all things and beings, visible and invisible. PRAISES BE TO GOD, OUR CREATOR!

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    Ya makes sense. Serial killers souls know what they’re up for here on earth before getting here and hey all will be well and they’ll “learn” from their experience and God will happily take them back into heaven. The new age spirituality “NDE experiences” are a crock of crap IMO. You live one life and you have a chance to find Jesus in that life and do good for people and yourself and God of course. I don’t ever believe these type of stories when it’s all on the new age occult ideas.

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    This has to be the best explanation of an NDE I have ever heard. Thanks for this.

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    It’s called your “higher self”… when he sees himself in 3D and 5D … it’s actually his higher self 10+ D watching it since time does not exist.

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    Why are these greeters or other beings in the spirit world always male never she but a 'he' sounds a bit sexist and why the need for genders at all?

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    Those who die before they die do not die when they die. This is all real but it also can be realized with psychedelics. As a species we must have this understanding for us to survive. Time is short and this realization must be shared as widely as possible.

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    Thanks for this–very, very illuminating!

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    So helpful for those including me with an apprehension of dying

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    Hi there, thank you for your work. I have noticed that all of the people who shared their experiences are very articulate, intellectual, and most probably predominantly from the Western world…. I sometimes wonder about how other people different cultures and ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs…. from places like Africa, India, China…from war-torn countries, places where people such as children die from starvation… when they die, how can they express themselves …would they be as articulate and intellectual in explaining their experiences …and the notion of our spirit guides being their to support us… and where and when does purgatory and hell come into play…

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    So many of these stories confirm the wisdom I have been given by my Inner being Lailah. This is the first time I have read about someone else knowing their IB's name. It was lovely. Thank you so for sharing. I wish I knew who you were so I could check out your books!

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    I so enjoy the visual scenes you provide while narrating. They are nothing short of spectacular. I have to fight off getting distracted by the visual experience, in order to listen to and think about what you are saying. Stunning scenery. Even if you were silent, I would be totally captivated by the scenery. Thank you for another excellent video.

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    May The Fourth Be With You

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    This was so nicely detailed answering very specific questions. I love these types of experiences and how each is custom-made for the individual. This means we each have a unique version of reality that works for us and our mates/friends are supporting us. I often feel I have my very own non-judgmental “inner narrator” making interested comments on what I’m doing at times. It feels like it’s a part of me set aside from “me in my body”. I read Tarot and it supports the idea of us cycling through events in our lives as well as life itself being a cycle we experience (and are actionable in) as we learn what we came here to learn. Thank you!

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    My dad passed 1/16/16 that June 1st, ( my bro 60th bday) my kids had just left for school. I layed back on couch. When I opened my eyes, my dad was standing in front of me, looking 30 yrs old. just staring at me, no expression. All I could do was say or I thought the word wait 5 times and he was gone. I called 2 friends forgetting it was 7am. Left them crazy messages. Its never happened again, but it left me knowing this isnt
    the end…

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    I'm have attacking thoughts they don't go away, I'm doing all most my best to be a good person but they don't stop

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    This would explain the Mandela affect perfectly

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    Amazing thank you so Amen 🤗

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