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Louisa Peck – The Near-Death Experience of a Hardcore Atheist

Dec 2023 12

Lousia Peck had her near- experience in November of 1982. A rabid atheist, she was on a path of self-destruction that traced back to her alcoholic family. Drinking and infatuation were the two “twin highs” that dominated her broken life — until a near- experience, and Alcoholics Anonymous, helped turn everything around.

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What is an ?
A near-death experience () is typically a profound, life changing, intensely emotional experience that usually occurs during a clinical crisis and has common characteristics and aftereffects. It is not a dream, hallucination, or mental illness (Greyson, 1983). There are no predictive variables to identify who will have an . They happen to people of all ages, religions, socio-economic groups, cultures, educational backgrounds, and belief systems. They occur under a variety of circumstances such as accidents, near-drownings, illnesses, combat, surgical procedures, and childbirth. Following an , experiencers (NDErs) often display some common aftereffects. Research has established a set of common NDE characteristics and long-term aftereffects. Theories used to explain near-death experiences in purely physical terms have been proven inadequate by NDE researchers and others.


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    I always attempt to debunk, so isn't it possible this was a dream?

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    What precludes an Atheist from believing in an afterlife?

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    look, there could be another dimension that we go to. It doesn't have to be God and jesus and heaven and all that stuff . You can still not believe in a god with a big white beard and all that, but still believe that another dimension beyond life exists.

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    Wow, that was one of the most vivid NDE adventures I've ever heard.

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    I like this channel and the NDI stories. Because on a lot of the other channels about NDI. They keep on and on about sooo much other stuff before they actually get to the NDI.🤔😏

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    In my opinion i think it takes more faith to not believe. 😂

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    It takes infinitely more faith to believe that life is a freak accident caused by some cosmic bang than a creation from a divine source. I’m always stunned at the hubris of some scientists who, because they can figure out how something works or why it happens dismiss the work of God.

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    God is light love peace and in Him is no darkness God is real Heaven is real .

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    Not sure about this one
    Seriously burping
    I feel she had an experience not to sure if l would call it a NDE

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    So, you left us in limbo. When did you realize you weren't an atheist anymore?

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    Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you for making me laugh! What an amazing experience you had.

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    I was talked into spending my vacation check on an oz. Of coke so we could sell it for a profit on the construction site where we worked. We also tooted a lot for free. I never really liked the stuff. Kinda like drinking 5 cups of coffee fast. My drug of choice was LSD. That’s when I realised that I was God, and so was everyone else. Never had an NDE.

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    Geloof er niks van gebaseerd op de wijze waarop zij het verteld

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    So nice to know that so called "christians " are totally wrong about going to hell for ever – Thank you Louisa!

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    Hi , I don't really understand your experience in what you conveyed, but as a Christian I know that the Lord approaches those that are approachable, you said you had and have a good heart, that's always a plus with him, I know this as human beings brought into this world, we are all accountable for our actions and choices, and our greatest purpose in life is to know Christ and make him known! We all as believers in him have a mighty Angel and the Holy Spirit is our guild ,teacher, conviction, idk what you truly believe, but I can tell you that you will have tremendous joy and peace being in compliance with the Lord! Hope you are!❤

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    Thank you for sharing.

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    "the deliciousness of that feeling of zooming" ..i so love that. Thank you Louisa for your honesty and openness..so terrific! What an amazing experience for you. God bless you❤🌹

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    You must be born again to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.-John 3:3.Jesus Christ

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    If she is alive now, then she was never dead. The dreams of unconscious persons in health crisis are amusing, and interesting, but irrelevant to any issues of religion. A real atheist knows that. A drunk fatuous college girl with no religion is NOT atheism.

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    SPIRITUAL WISDOM is understanding GOD'S WORD with absolute clarity 🙏..SPIRITUAL WISDOM only comes from the HOLY SPIRIT..Never mankind..
    We must put to death the deeds of the flesh to gain SPIRITUAL WISDOM..Fasting is a great way to start

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    I admire her absolute honesty about who she was and the path she was on. There is a meaningful message here for all of us.

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    This is so unstudied, so real in the retelling that I find it so credible! It’s like a child who tells you their truth…there is no guile. Thank you Louisa for your share!

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    Very interesting NDE story. Thank you for sharing

  26. #26

    Wow. You are very likeable, and a good storyteller. Thanks.

  27. #27

    Why are all these stories so different to one another?

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    It almost reads like you came in as an ant/bug or small mammal. How fascinating, from under the door….tiny!!!!!! ZOOMING TO THE LIGHT!! I have wondered in my years, do we also do the bug reincarnation thing? WE MAY NOT KNOW THAT TILL WE GO HOME AGAIN!

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    Often when i don’t like people I later find out they are atheist. Glad she found a different way.

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    Angels are also often mentioned in Scripture, though the Bible does not associate them with near-death experiences. The word angel in Greek means "messenger," which indicates an angel's role in many biblical passages. For example, Gabriel visited Mary with a message of the birth of Jesus (Luke 1:26-38)

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    Hi Louisa! My last name is Peck as well. My family is from the Sandyhook Newtown area of CT. We also have a strong history of alcoholism/addiction. We just lost my younger and only brother a few days ago on Monday 6-12-23. I’ve been watching a slew of these NDE videos. They have helped me a lot the past few days and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience. Oh… and congrats on that swan dive! Sounds like you nailed it no doubt!!!

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