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Man describes what he saw during near-death experience

Dec 2023 12

Senior Master Sgt. (Ret.) tells about his new memoir, “A Patriot’s Promise.” #CNN #News


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    Nothing about the actual NDE because that would be too disturbing for CNN

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    Very amazing story. Full of courage for his Family.

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    Great interview

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    There was barely anything about his nde 😢

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    What a true American hero! God bless this amazing man and his beautiful family!
    Best CNN interview I’ve ever heard!🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

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    i love thia man. Hw is a Living Saint the kind of person we should all be! God Bless you, Mr Del Toro for your example!

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    Awersome remarcable testimony. Agnst all odds, only your faith in Almighty Healer can keep u gng.
    Wonderful support from his wife and son.

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    May God bless this hero 🙏

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    Salute to him and everyone else for what they do

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    Don’t invade countries and kill innocent people

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    Jake Taper never asked him the details of his near death experience as the title of the video suggested which clearly shows that it was a ploy by CNN to get views which they didn't have to since their corporation is actively promoted by the YouTube algorithm.

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    he has a real NDE but he does not want to share.

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    Buddhism could confirm that the message is correct

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    Lookup hell and nde testimonies on youtube.

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    What a wonderful man❤❤

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    He didn't die, his heart stop beating, and his brain is still on oxygen, his "visions" It's simmilar like "fatamorgana" in desert, your consciousness is not in the heart which is musicle, it's in the brain…

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    My skin crawls when I see CNN anywhere knowing how disgusting 🤮 and vile their network really is.

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    WINGMAN, You are that guy.

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    Very touching story. God bless you sir and Thank you for your service

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    God bless you Mr. Del Taro! So proud of you👍

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    I wonder if anyone here ever considers the experience of others that die on the other side. Just another guy following orders and snuffed out like a faint candle. I wonder if humans as a whole will ever realize that pushing metal through others bodies as conflict resolution causes more harm than good on both sides. Earth is the watery ditch of planets. Lord help us.

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    Incredible! My life has been in darkness for years now and I feel angry with myself for lacking character and discipline to change my life. I look at your story and I can't help feel ashamed for lacking conviction in my endeavors. God bless you Sir and your wonderful family.❤ God Bless You!

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    When he mentioned about Del seeing himself in the mirror for the first time…I felt that. I remember when I woke up from out of a coma after being trapped in a house fire. I was burned a little over 40 percent of my body and when I first saw myself wrapped up like a mummy i started crying. My mom aunt and nurses were standing behind me because I’m sure they knew it wasn’t going to be good…while looking in the mirror I was scared of my own self how I looked but I was even more scared of what my babies would think. My family and the nurses were trying to calm me down and told me it would be ok that I was still beautiful but more importantly be thankful that I was still alive. Even though at that time I didn’t want to be I knew my babies needed me. Its been a long rd but me and my kids are getting there.

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