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May 2024 18

The Alien Gods have developed a brand philosophies that I call “Neo-Mystic Immaterialism.” These include lots the airy-fairy Age cults, Attraction Cults, “The ,” the generation of pussy-whipped -heads.

There is only one commandment in Neo-Mystic Immaterialism: “THOU SHALT NOT THINK NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!”

An earlier expression of this concept is found in the Wiccan Rede, a mantra for many modern-day witches. The Wiccan Rede can be roughly stated as, “Do what you want, but don’t harm anybody because any negativity you put out comes back to you threefold.”

Suffice it to say these Neo-Mystic Immaterialist philosophies are based on authentic spiritual principles, but the way the knowledge is presented leads people into a paranoid, pussy-whipped, obsessive-compulsive mind labyrinth. In short, Neo-Mystic Immaterialism keeps people from reaching their full potential. Just like Christianity, Islam, Judaism.


--CopyRights: https://heruinterface.com/law-of-attraction-cults-the-secret-behind-the-secret/


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    Coughing, drinking in your video and taking a whole minute to get to the point. Not nice to watch. You're not chatting to your friends, if you decide to post a video, try to be a bit more professional. Irrespective of this, interesting topic.

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    Hey man, I get what you are saying. This stuff is dangerous! Reptilians WANT us to buy into this garbage. They want us to be money-driven and have no sympathy for those in need. They want us focused on our own personal gains while caring only for ourselves. Service-to-Self. STS. It even tricks others who know the Truth by blending positive thinking and self-improvement in the mix. MORE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THIS IS BULL!

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