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May 2024 18
The Alien Gods have developed a brand of philosophies that I call "Neo-Mystic Immaterialism." These include lots of the airy-fairy New Age cults, Law of Attraction Cults, "The Secret," and the new generation of pussy-whipped Oprah-heads. There is only one commandment in Neo-Mystic Immaterialism: "THOU SHALT NOT THINK NEGATIVE THOUGHTS!" An earlier expression of this concept is found in the Wiccan Rede, a mantra for many modern-day witches. The Wiccan Rede can be roughly stated as, "Do what you want, but don't harm anybody because any negativity you put out comes back to you threefold." Suffice it to say these......

Nature Boy – Ben Zand in search of the cult leader – BBC Stories

Apr 2024 06
In the jungles of Costa Rica alternative communities have removed themselves from Western life attempting to create their paradise on earth. Ben Zand heads to meet some of these groups, and to search for a controversial cult leader called Nature Boy. Nature Boy runs a group called Melanation and has convinced thousands of people online to follow his message. He’s even convinced people to give him money, and to give up everything they own to live with him in the tropics. But, is paradise really as good as it sounds? source


Feb 2024 06
Here is another episode of NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES and close calls. This time a special episode with animals, climbing and sports. Comment down below what you think about these cases. I hope you enjoyed this video! (captured by gopro , camera) THANKS FOR WATCHING ❤Remember to hit subscribe!❤ 👍👍and please drop a LIKE!👍👍 =============================================== Credits: Outro-music: Music by Tobu (Song name -Dreams) ============================================== Thanks for all the love & support! CautioN Subscribe: (None of these images, music & video clips were created/owned by ME!!!) This video is purely a fan made production and i dont want to infringe copyright. DISCLAIMER:......

Near Death Experience

Jan 2024 20
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Oakland bus driver shares near-death experience

Jul 2023 23
An AC Transit bus driver hit over the head with a hammer talks about his trauma and the ongoing struggle with a passenger. That passenger then pulled the trigger of a pistol on the driver, but the gun did not go off. Subscribe to KTVU's YouTube channel: KTVU delivers the best in-depth reports, interviews and breaking news coverage in the San Francisco Bay Area and California Watch KTVU's newscasts on Download KTVU's news and weather apps for free at Subscribe to KTVU's newsletter at Follow KTVU on Facebook: Follow KTVU on Twitter: Follow KTVU on Instagram: source

GoPro: Cave Explorer’s Near Death Experience

Nov 2022 15
Vereran cave explorer Robbie Schmittner describes his closest brush with death in his 17 years of diving in the caves and sinkholes of the Yucatan. Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from ‪ A very special thanks to: Robbie Schmittner, Toddy Waelde, Guillermo De Anda, Dante Garcia, Bil Phillips, Jim Coke, Jeff Clark, Gosia Pytel, Brian Wiederspan, Jeanna Edgerton, Adair Crow, Maria Noel Zisa, Marty O'Farrell Thank you to the Instituto Nacional de Anthropología e Historia (INAH) for the kind support in the creation and presentation of this project. INAH Researcher – Guillermo de Anda, Ph.D The Quintana Roo Speleological......