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Joshua Maponga|black conversations|Christianity|Spirituality|African Christianity|Rorisang|Ancestors

Jun 2024 13
Joshua Maponga|black conversations|Christianity|Spirituality|African Christianity|Rorisang|Ancestors

In this video we respond to the notion by Joshua Maponga that Christians are Schizophrenic because they hold to beliefs that are in conflict to the African personality. Bishop Maponga claims that African Christians are afraid of their culture and do not want to acknowledge that praying to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is the same as consulting the dead. so our response is that we don’t pray to Abraham and Jacob. but pray to his God because he is the one true God.


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    I remember this talk but I had to revisit it. In other words Mapongoa is saying that he was schizophrenic at some point in his life. 😂 May he kindly share the psychiatry he used, not that I am interested to consult because in God I live, move and have my being.

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    He is making a mockery of others pain.They don't choose to become like that.They are old without brains and hardless

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    You are on point my brother, be blessed🥰

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    I started watching this channel yesterday, I am falling in love with your content… this is channel is for Christian who are confused who are not sure of their religion, my brother keep up the good work… we will share with out friends and family…

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    I love your content brother🙌🙌 soldier on!

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    And Ethiopia the first official Christian state in Africa.

    Maphonga is in syncretism, he studied theology and using Christian frameworks to merge it to mythical philosophies and mysticism. His history starts with his grandadies but Christianity starts with Adam the federal head of mankind. The school of federalism says we sin because we're sinners and Maphonga school of realism, that you sin because you do the actual sin.

    I say men like Maphonga must keep their heresies and leave Christianity with their own heresies.

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    Maponga, a backslider who hates God, Christ and Christians with a passion.

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    I listen to a Lot Of Pan Or Afrian Awakening Videos. But when you Begin To Refer To An African As Black. I Already Know That You're Confused And There is No Need To Continue. You See Some From China, You say Chinese, India, You say Indian, Russian, etc. I NEVER HEARD ONE INSTANCE IN MY LIFE WHERE THESE PEOPLE WERE CALLED BY COLOUR. So An African Is Too Evil, Too Black, Too Ugly, To Be called Black. Not Until We First Change This. We are Just pretending to Know it all

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    Why response in the absence of Maponga? It appears that you missed the context of everything that Maponga said.

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    You should tell by now that I am following your channel with great interest! I am afraid I don't agree with the statement that suggests that our sister and brother in the studio are schizophrenic simply because they hold two beliefs that are supposedly in conflict with each other. I respectfully disagree, no my brother, there is no case of schizophrenia.

    "Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder characterized by disturbances in thoughts, perceptions, emotions, and behavior. People with schizophrenia may experience hallucinations, delusions, disorganized thinking, and difficulties in social functioning. It typically requires professional diagnosis and treatment."

    On the contrary, it is understandable for them to feel offended and insulted by being labeled as schizophrenic. From my perspective, it seems more appropriate to consider a case of ignorance or naivety, which is distinct from schizophrenia.

    From my personal perspective, I have thoroughly studied and comprehended sacred texts, including Paul's letter to the Galatians, wherein he emphasizes that Jesus is the exclusive means to access his father's kingdom. Although I cannot recall the exact verse, its essence conveys that Jesus enunciated that "The only path to behold my father's Kingdom is through me." The underlying point I wish to highlight is that if my sister and brother have never encountered this scripture and thus remain unaware of its content, their lack of knowledge can be attributed to ignorance rather than schizophrenia.

    This brings us back to the point I made in my previous comment about inadvertently displaying subjectivity. While we may not always agree, it is crucial for us to uphold respect for one another throughout our engagements.

    Confucius (an influential Chinese philosopher who lived during the 6th to 5th century BCE) emphasized the importance of humility and continuous learning, acknowledging that everyone starts with a lack of knowledge and should remain modest in light of their ongoing growth and development. He once said, "Be modest for there was a point in time when you did not know what you know now".

    Peace be with you and your family, brother!

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    Nna sometimes I wonder if the Bible is truly the word of God and who can certainly be sure of that? How can God create the whole human raise and choose the Israelites to be his people what about the rest of us? Especially blacks? So if the Bible is correct then we are not children of God cause we are not Israelites and if Jesus is white according to the Bible or per painting then the Bible was written for white people not for me. Then does it mean those people who died before the Bible are all going to hell cause they didn't know Christ? And I know intelligent Christians are going to try to crush or reason. But God gave me a brain to think not to sit on it. I believe some of the stories of the Bible where plagiarized some are kindergarten stories.

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    First you need to define what is Christianity??? Believing that Jesus is a Christ? Or believe that Jesus is God?
    According to the laws of Moses exodus 20 God doesn't want us to worship anyone other than himself. So according to my understanding Jesus is not God he was a prophet of God like many others before him. Even though out the Bible he never said he was God. People are the one who made him God especially the Roman Catholic so God is only God.

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    Christianity and Islam are are your enslavers religion ,is there any hope for black people.

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    Please, "Africa" is a foreign name. We are 'Alikebulans'!!!!! Research and confirm this.

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    Bhel'elikhulu…Langa lokulunga💕

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    Siyakhohlisana as abantu yaz. This is an example of that fact. Tisk tisk.

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    Our doctors should be humble enough to go to the village and seek what wisdom that could still be there. That's what the major pharma companies do and then they take what they learned and make it into a pill to sell and the make billions of dollars every year

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    6:05 i like that you are brave enough to cover this topic. Just want to make a correction that the europeans didn't actually leave their culture for Christianity but the had a ruling class that decided to integrate their traditional beliefs. The reason there are holidays like Christmas and Easter with concepts you won't find in the bible but origins in roman culture. And certain things like Christmas seen to possibly be mentioned but as a taboo or warning (Jeremiah 10:2-5)

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    I am right here if you want a full interview…

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    The first ship that took our forefathers away to europe and America was named jesus
    Do your research and think critically, stop self deceit and self denial dwelling in false hope. If you say and which African spirituality promotes the most, christianity promotes morality then I agree. Imagine the level of development if we all in Africa practiced African spirituality because all the politicians would have sworn by one God in igbo tradition spirituality called arusi whereby if you dont do as sworn you die

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    Arguing with fully-blown brainwashed Christians is a disaster, just allow people to make their choices. I couldn't waste my time and energy to convince anyone until your world come crashing on you and you're left by your pastors and roque churches to your fate then you'll appreciate when one advices or encourages you to consult african spirituality. Meanwhile the asians have buddah and voodoo to deal with while the middle east got Islam. Then Africans threw theirs away the window

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    You are misrepresenting the man, maponga and projecting a dishonest and uninformed narrative falsely to the man. That’s not right. Listen first, understand and then respond. Don’t attribute what was not said to a person just to help your own situation

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    Great content but I have a question ‘is the term Christianity a Hebrew term or a European term?’

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    I always hear people say Christianity was in Africa before Europe and I ask myself how many Africa do we have coz this one I live in Christianity was not here before Europeans brought it, it is European people whether you like it or not you are worshipping European God which is why he is not working for you as Africans but only as individuals while with the Europeans he helps the whole community just like those in Islam the God of the Arabs only looks out for his own why do we Africans refuse to go back to our own these nations will never take us serious coz we don't take ourselves serious we don't want our own we like to adopt Bishop maponga is so right in deteronomy this madness is mentioned, Jesus christ is a European Lord God Jehovah is European all this has nothing to do with Africa but our people anything that looks like it's removing the white man to the position where he placed himself as the savor they don't like it especially when it even brings out the black man as the savor no no they rather say he has no colour that's how mad my people are Father Yah have mercy

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    Looking forward to more of what this channel has to offer! 🎉

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    Thanks Lwash! Will be waiting for more content.

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    So good friend. Blessings.

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    So good friend. Blessings.

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    You're nailed it man.

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    Wow, this is great brother. Well done

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    Loved this commentary! Looking forward to more of this content

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