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How France Became the Muslim World's Most Hated Country in the West

Apr 2024 03

In the battle between Islamist terror and the French principle of secularism there is only one winner: the far-right.

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    I always laugh at the outrage people feel about “indigenous” people but if you’re white and indigenous that doesn’t count.
    White people are indigenous to many countries but folks like to slide on past that. Marxist hate of the west. While the west is where everyone wants to live. It’s a privilege to be allowed in someone’s country, treat it like that

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    you don't miss with our beliefs. we tell everyone that drawing the prophet's picture is an act of disrespecting our beliefs and our religion, which is a thing no one is allowed to miss with. it's your right to talk "why in Islam there is one, two, three…", but it's not your right to disrespect. now, if all non-Muslims allow others to disrespect their beliefs, it's their own choice, but no one dare to miss with mine without getting punished.

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    Why because they asked to follow law of the land?

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    Would you believe the Muslims brought this on them self ?

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    Ban islam

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    Diversity is NOT our strength its our undoing.

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    France should wear it as a badge of honor.

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    Our Western tolerances are being used against us from depraved ideologies like islam! Time to recognize this fact…and act accordingly…

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    …islam is not compatible with Western values…islam likes the idea of ideological slavery…basically zombies…hmm…islam is obviously a sick religion

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    …islam should be categorized as a terrorist ideology…

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    Come on France! More images of the fantasy prophet called muhummed…more criticism of a terrorist ideology called islam…

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    La France est devenue islamophobe à l'extrême 😢😢

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    Im on team true strong and free and we never forget who we are and who we are not.
    Hockey players! We are a team!
    Intelligent Hard working! Beer drinking, back bacon peace making team.
    All the Hozers can Take Off Eh! Team Canada baby! We show up in our national uniform of hockey gear, clean the ice with our opponents and are ready for game day!

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    Most Muslims agree with extremism

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    Islam will quietly conquer the world. Islam don't need knives or guns. They just need modern tolerance.

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    why can't these Muslims be like Hindus (Tamils) and adapt to white culture? Like Rishi Sunak and Vivek Ramaswamy

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    they should keep publishing cartoons every single day.

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    Islam should be banned

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    Nostro said France will play a big role in final battle, which is a COMIN

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    True face of Peace lovers

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    They hate everything non muslim

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    We all must stop buying France products and stop selling our oil and gas to France .

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    Muslims countries finance France 99% with oil gas , if they stop supporting , France will be 3rd world country most poorest country 😂😂

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    France is doing the right thing! Now, the rest of the Western World needs to follow suit.

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    The choice of words made in the title of this video tells a lot. It makes it look like there is something France did wrong.

    "How France Became the Muslim World's Most Hated Country in the West"

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    What's the point of showing the caricatures? Looks like the French are just looking to provoke.

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    Muslim can't evwn tolerate muslim in there country then how coudl we expect that they tolerate other religious people.

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    They should be treated that way return to them to them how they treated countries who help them

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    If your values don't align with the values of the society you have migrated to, feel free to get your a$$ out of there. Period.

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    fyi…as an immigrant to france you are not allowed to work for 2 years. so,there is a lot of loitering and leering at french women who dont cover up. which upsets the real french man. A phrase such as ," we are going to win France and it will be through the belly of our women" is not a reassuring idea…though I did personally hear it. with the advent of the eu many real French have given up in dispair and moved to somewhere less violent for their women,daughters. um…Sweden…a muslim i suppose would find that amusing but I dont. Everywhere there is mayhem there is the muslim. nez pas?

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    Many pro-Palestinian activists' aggressive and violent actions make it very evident that hardcore terrorists from Al-Kayada, the Taliban, Isis, and Boko Haram have invaded the United States, Canada, Australia, and other NATO nations with undocumented immigrants. The thing that disturbs and worries me the most about this is how obviously these political figures were unable to stop acts of violence that endangered public security and safety. In the long run, it might erode public confidence in democratic processes and open the door for one-party dictatorships similar to those in China and Russia.

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    Lol Muslims will destroy France, just like the other Western European nations. This is the dawn of nations such as Poland and Hungary, who had the balls to put their people first.

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    hey guys,im a muslim

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    LMAO! Muslims hate France, but they move there and complain.

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    Islam is dangerous to human civilization…orginal Qur'an is in Arabic and 80 percent muslim around the world don't understand Arabic they follow their scholars and moulvis blindly ,they get brainwashed and completely make them extremist …..the day Muslim will start understanding instead of reading it the actual versus of Qur'an by them selves they will leave muslim and

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    how can he kill someone over a cartoon… what human lives have been reduced to that.. sad

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    as a muslim that murderer wasnt a muslim he is a bastard

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    Lacite is not applied equally and every body knows it.

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    UN Agenda is to destroy all countries with massive welfare immigration

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    I think the Battle of Poitiers in 732 has something to do with this. After all, that French victory over the Muslims was the first serious setback to the possibility of Muslim world domination.

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    That is a title to be proud off actually like the number one country hated by Muslims that’s an accomplishment! Proud of France 🇫🇷

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    "How France Became the Muslim World's Most Hated Country in the West", yet most of the hate comes from muslim migrants that willingly live in France och off France resources. They are the ones terrorizing och destroying the west and countries like France, Germany, Sweden and the UK etc.

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