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He's Studied 1,000+ Near-Death Experiences and Says This Is Why He Believes They Prove the Bible

May 2024 12

John Burke, a pastor and author who has studied and examined over 1,000 accounts of near-death experiences, believes these reports provide -building evidence of God and the . Burke, author of the new book “: Near-Death Experiences, God’s Revelation, and the Love You’ve Always Wanted,” told Digital why he believes these experiences corroborate and detailed what a near-death experience entails.

“It’s when someone clinically dies … their heart stops, they have no brain waves,” Burke said. “And yet either modern medicine or miracle brings them back … minutes later, sometimes it’s hours.” He continued, “And when they come back, they talk about experiencing the life to come, and they talk about how it’s more real than anything they’ve ever experienced in this world.”

Burke said his latest book looks at scores of interviews with people from all over the world who’ve had these clinical near-death experiences. “They are seeing and experiencing the God of ,” he said. “And we’re looking, not only at His love story told throughout history in the , but also his heart and characteristics, the mystery, the majesty of God.”

Burke, though, knows not everyone believes these heaven visitation stories, and explained exactly why he thinks there’s so much skepticism. He said one factor is a failure to understand that “these are testimonies” that shed light on God’s nature. Another is the complexities that come from trying to describe other-worldly experiences using human language. Watch him explain.

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  1. #1

    God is the Light of the heavens and the earth.
    The example of His light is like a niche within which is a lamp,
    The lamp is within glass, the glass as if it were a pearly [white] star,
    Lit from [the oil of] a blessed olive tree,
    Neither of the east nor of the west,
    Whose oil would almost glow even if untouched by fire.
    Light upon light.
    God guides to His light whom He wills.
    And God presents examples for the people,
    and God is Knowing of all things.

  2. #2

    Many NDEs seem to refute Christian theology.

  3. #3

    As a pastor he cannot be neutral…

  4. #4

    Athiests experience this phenomena as much as religious believers where does this leave religion?

  5. #5

    Thank you for sharing this.

  6. #6

    I haven’t had an NDE, but have experienced a vision of sitting at the feet of Jesus, feeling immense love and acceptance. I sobbed at the beauty of it, the feeling was everything. Praise God. If you’re not sure ask God, pray, seek and you will find.

  7. #7

    I don't think NDE's prove the bible – assumption … that the bible is true. It proves the bible and the church are a pack of lies.

  8. #8

    Believe Jesus not “ near death experiences”

  9. #9

    Church age is not meant for signs and visions. I’ve heard people tell near death stories and how the experience was “orgasmic”. That’s demonic of you ask me. None of these people truly died. The Bible says that man is appointed to die ONCE and then the judgment. These NDEs are a strong delusion not based on scripture. Most of the time these people will say they were sent to hell for not doing enough works to save other people, which is anti-scripture also because we are saved by the grace of the cross alone. I’ve already provided two examples why NDEs are demonic. I’ll end with this: just like the Salem witch trials claiming signs and visions of guilty perpetrators, it was ruled that these can’t be trusted. So in the same manner, we can be certain that signs and visions during this day and age cannot be divinely inspired. The last person to receive a vision was Paul the apostle. Anyone else after him that claims a vision from God has gone on to start cults such as Islam, Mormons, and Ellen G White of the 7th day adventists. This can’t be denied. Be careful and don’t fall under strong delusions from angels of light. Read your Bible and discern for yourself. My teacher is pastor Gene Kim from real Bible believers.

  10. #10

    funny how he leaves out the buddhist and other religions that aren't related to Abraham this just tells me it will be whatever you believe

  11. #11

    Do Jews that have near death experiences come back believeing in Christ?

  12. #12

    You can read all the studies you want, but that's jus' based on all their subjective experiences. I can have a near death experience and see Buddha or Muhammad. It probably depends on what's in your mind @ point of death. Not to take away their experiences. I'm sure they believed what they experienced. Who's to say it was from God or not? Since we can't know the mind of GOD. It's all subjective objective.

  13. #13

    I believe the reason so many Christians challenge near death experiences is completely out of fear, and I blame the multitude of religions for that.
    God is bigger than that, far more mysterious, and far more awesome than any of us could ever perceive…..

  14. #14

    He didn't talk about the horrors of hell as experienced by some. Just like heaven, hell is also real.

  15. #15

    I was praying all sleeping. Praying to Jesus. My eyes closed, calling out for answers . I never left the couch , I found myself way out in the heavens absolutely awesome in the distance I could see mass coming towards me. It stopped in front of me. A voice spoke in me and said , there is light at the end of the tunnel, Enoch and special. Then, pulled away. I was out there for some time. In the morning, I looked up Enoch as well. Anyway, a bit later on, I met a new family and went for dinner. She relayed what happened to her. A young man kept trying to introduce her to Jesus. She got angry, cursed God , stopped breathing, left her body , ended up in a swirling mass with brilliant light, and realised there is God there is Jesus. Went back to her body . She gave her life to Jesus. Her young son had an angel visit him and tell him his mother would live. This all happened in front of her family. I saw this while praying she stopped breathing and went in the tunnel of light and got saved
    Two witnesses to the glory of God.

  16. #16

    Exactly hes looking at it through a Christian lens he wants to find answers thst supports his belief

  17. #17

    Should we believe in what someone said

  18. #18
  19. #19

    I felt gods presence in a dream before. Ive seen him in one of my music videos. She sent an angel to me once. Ive died multiple times. I know I sound crazy. But we all learn the truth over time.

  20. #20

    LOL, I love the subtext of… We Christians are right and the others are wrong, no Christians don't have dibs on God, sry…

  21. #21

    Where is the (true) Gospel in all of this ?

  22. #22

    Seems like heresy

  23. #23

    Well, when I code blued on January 1st 2023. My heart stopped, my breathing stopped. I was gone for 4 minute's. I don't remember seeing anything.

  24. #24

    I’m sorry, but the Bible is trashhhhhhh

  25. #25

    See Dr. Jeffrey Long as well…

  26. #26

    How do the NDEs prove the Bible? It's literally different from anything taught in the Bible. Even believers confirm that their experience is different from anything they expected.

  27. #27

    My near-death experience didn't take a long time, but the peace that I felt was perfect. I can't describe how good it felt other than that it was about 100 times better than my best day that I have experienced alive. I didn't see anything, but I knew that I wasn't living, and I knew that everything was going to be okay. After that, I was happy for 3 days, but when I started to think about all of my financial problems, it made me depressed again.

  28. #28

    You would have more people believing if you actually interviewed folks from a non western society who aren't of a wester religion and see what they say happens.

  29. #29

    I search for the stories that aling with what I belief.

  30. #30

    Years ago, I was shot in the heart with a handgun, died, and came back to life. This experience solidified my believe in the existence of God, however, it also made me turn away from the Bible's and the Church's interpretation of spirituality. Sorry if that is not what you want to hear but that is my experience with death and religion.

  31. #31

    I left my bosy while revovering from ailement…saw myself sitting on my body..and came back with shovers n messages in my head "I am in you and you all are in me". I came back as a totally changed person.

  32. #32

    I am suspect of anyone who only focuses on people dying and only going to heaven when Jesus said in Matthew 8 that very few people will make it to heaven.

  33. #33

    I suffered cardiac arrest in 2017, and was dead for a total of 20 minutes. I had an experience myself even though it came back me to later

  34. #34

    Weird thing that Christians believe in God but don't trust Him, from my perspective it is much easier to trust in God than believe in Him. Afterall to be my God, as in the God I would turn to and whose will I would attempt to carry out, he would have to be Trustworthy, even more so than me to myself, which makes me trust Him by default. If you don't trust God you seem to have your Devotion thrusted ahead of you blindly, aiming at the All-Powerful. Personally I think you might want to start building your Faith from something more intimate than power, something that speaks inequivocably to His Will to you because if you go at Faith in this fashion you are really staking your whole Faith and relationship with God on acceptance and gratefulness and it becomes unclear how you would even be able to approach doing His Will or understanding it. That's just how I go about my Faith though, to me granting God his title as All-Powerful seems to need to come after at least one positive attribute actually worthy not even just of praise but of devotion, or my Faith would look to me rather self-serving and disconnected, and if there ever was a Religion where I would expect this aspect of Faith to be self-evident it would be Christianity. Because if you worship for example The Most Compassionate, worst thing you could be doing is you are putting your faith in compassion instead of God but you will still strive to be compassionate and in this way act according to His Will, but if you worship The All-Powerful, worst thing you could be doing is you are worshipping power, and… yikes, the trust issues might actually be a good sign then, trying to get you to clarify to yourself who the heck you are praying to and what kind of will you are striving to act according to.

    If you are worshipping the All-Powerful ask yourself this: Why do you need Him to be All-Powerful? And you'll have your answer on How you need Him to be and who you are willing to do the Will of, power or no power.

  35. #35

    One interesting point that I'd like to make. I am an English teacher, teaching students (mostly from Asia) how to speak English. One of my students is a Christian pastor living in Tokyo, and preparing to come to the U.S. to work here soon. We got on the subject of NDE's about three weeks ago. He said that people in Japan that have these, experience them a bit differently. Instead of the usual white light/tunnel experience that we often hear about, many Japanese experience standing on one side of a river, and then moving across it to the other side of the river. I found that very interesting, almost like God is providing what is comfortable for each person.

  36. #36


  37. #37

    Many NDE is also related to what’s written in Quran… highly recommended to read the Quran.

  38. #38

    Can we confirm if NDE’s are experiences after* the person is pronounced dead, not before? Who’s to say they aren’t hallucinating while they are still semi-conscious, and think that they experienced those visions while they’re “dead.”
    Not trying to debate- just genuinely curious

  39. #39

    I was curious to watch some NDE stories, and I saw that there were some based on religion and some that were not. There were a lot of similarities to the stories that were told either way. Mostly peaceful and comforting out of physical body experiences in the individuals most happy and restful places on Earth that they experienced. Like the man who loved his garden so in his "death state" he was surrounded by wildflowers and trees. Or the woman who spoke extensively about feeling like an oddball her whole life and felt totally loved and and accepted in death. Every story was so personally based on the people they knew and how they left all of the awful things behind. I know when your heart stops beating you are considered "dead", but you are absolutely NOT brain dead. Your brain still works and is doing whatever it can to ease the trauma that you are in. We have studied the brain so much and can understand that when our physical being is suffering major trauma our brain tries to protect us. Your brain can do dissasociation from all of your experiences to ease the physical and emotional trauma that you are going through. When you are having a NDE only your brain works. I think that is the most powerful thing that we can take from these stories. Isn't it amazing what our brains can actually do? It's so powerful in our energy, because in these stories I can see that in each human individual's story just how badly they wanted peace, love, acceptance and, most importantly we want to feel like we are a good person who is just trying our best, even though we're never perfect.

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