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Former LGBTQ Members Say Their Changed Lives Prove Homosexuality Isn't Permanent

Jun 2024 27
Former LGBTQ Members Say Their Changed Lives Prove Homosexuality Isn't Permanent

Say Their Changed Lives Prove Isn’t Permanent

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  1. #1

    Their real because God is real. And you need to be afraid of him, as he is the beginning and the end

  2. #2

    So now they are proud of having become straight

  3. #3

    when you find God, anything is possible

  4. #4

    Choices , habits, and prefernces are changeable.

  5. #5

    Looks like conversion therapy is effective

  6. #6

    Christianity is a cult, and that can be cured.

  7. #7
  8. #8

    i really hate to break it to you, but you cannot just change your sexual attractions. all i see within the people in this video is ignorance and rejection towards themselves, and who they are. they are dishonest with themselves and lying to fit a certain agenda and ideology.

  9. #9

    They can't change because people are supporting them

  10. #10


  11. #11

    Glory be to God! I'm happy for these brothers and sisters.

  12. #12

    then its safe to say former heterosexuals means heterosexuality is not permanent.

  13. #13

    a blessing to see this.

  14. #14

    Jesus is lord!!

  15. #15

    Former homosexual 😂

  16. #16

    Then they really weren’t or at least they are bi 🤷‍♂️

  17. #17

    they are bi

  18. #18

    God doesn't actually care who you share a bed with or who you find attractive.

  19. #19

    They don’t want to hear conversion is possible because they want people to live in sin

  20. #20

    it's not illegal, you're free to do whatever you wish, becoming an LGBT is just the same as you can't accept who you truly are. If you still want to be an lgbt, then at least become a normal person, don't become a woke, woke people want to become gods, or even us president

  21. #21

    Nah! You blokes are just in human timeline where people are hateful cult followers so you recoil and adopt to protect yourself 😂

  22. #22

    Homosexuality isnt a sexuality it is a sin and its not permanent if you repent of it

  23. #23

    Stop cheering Bible freaks: these are just bisexuals going practical .. 🤣

  24. #24

    Stop cheering Bible freaks: these are just bisexuals going practicle .. 🤣

  25. #25

    Why has this been taken down? 😢😢

  26. #26

    Stupidest thing ever they were clearly not homos …like come on these are bunch of religious people who are trying their best to mock homosexuality

  27. #27

    Never get sexually aroused by a man??? He later to the game, I’ve never been sexually aroused by a man! 🤣😂🤪😜

  28. #28

    Americans are weird…

  29. #29

    Homosexuality can changed, there’s hope for people. This is good.

  30. #30

    Can i get changed to gay please?

  31. #31

    they are bi they just found it out

  32. #32

    This guy mentions he no longer feels arousal anyone ? What exactly does that mean when there’s a guy he doesn’t feel a sexual arousal ? Like some kind of sexual movement in private area ?

  33. #33

    I don't know for a fact whether I was or not. Psychologists say that sexual orientation is formed in utero, so before people are born. Trauma of any type in childhood rewires the brain. It is far too simplistic to assume all LGBTQIA people were s.a! A certain percentage were, obviously. Just as a certain percentage of hetero people were. Looking for the cause of naturally occurring phenomena has never been a pastime of mine.

  34. #34

    I don't believe they are hetero, they are not acting on, suppressing their natural sexual orientation. Yes, I said natural, as it is for some people.

  35. #35

    It's ok the most high is going to speed up his judgement about this homosexual BS.Those 400 feet flames are not going to be fun

  36. #36

    Baby Fox News🇺🇸❤

    # Pray the Gay Away

    It didn't work out that way, by the way.

    Lincoln, Nebraska🌱

  37. #37

    "Many here are christians who also give god the credit for their radical change"
    Are loons destined to remain loons?

  38. #38

    Of course it is possible, i know a lot of people who did, they get married, have kids and happy. Even tho it was hard at the beginning they say, similar to alcoholic person who tried to sober. Hard but not impossible at all. Try to seek help, it is almost impossible if you try to change alone.

  39. #39

    Talk about being in denial LoL

  40. #40

    Left is losing its mind when it comes to homosexuality.

  41. #41

    No one is born gay. Every opinion every feeling every emotion is learned through experience and society. That is why the gay Agenda so dangerous

  42. #42

    Being gay is a choice and i have gay inclinations so i would know now i wish i was straight i dont like men as they seem like horrible people and it is unnatural anyway

  43. #43

    transgender isn't a sin

  44. #44

    Jesus through the apostle Paul made a distinct prophecy about homosexuality in these end days in Romans 1. All need to read these scripture, take heart and repent.

  45. #45

    Yup. Once you see hows it negative and you get saved by Christ it all goes away.

  46. #46

    Through Jesus Christ Holy Spirit this will happen changed my life

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